Buying Devices Online

In Australia the leading manufacturers of Hearing aids do not allow retailers to “sell online”. These brands provide strict guidelines to retailers with the means of ensuring their products are fitted correctly by trained clinicians face-to-face at some point during the sales process.

Some retailers online allow the purchase process prior to the consultation. However, you are required to attend a clinic to be fitted. At EarDeals we don’t encourage this process online as we believe the best decisions are made when fully informed. This includes a qualified clinician as an important part of your decision making process. If your hearing has not changed and you already have hearing aids and are simply upgrading, you will most likely rely less on the clinician to make your decisions.

At EarDeals it’s simpler, cheaper, still giving you peace of mind.

Simply select the product you require “click purchase,” and you will be directed through to the booking page at our clinic. No purchase of a hearing device is necessary before your hearing test.

At EarDeals we use our online store to help you get started on the road to better hearing. All batteries and accessories are available to purchase directly online.

Advantage of online hearing aid selection

Know the price before you book an appointment

Many retailers rely on the fact that most hearing aid candidates don’t know the hearing aids or the brands before an appointment. This allows them to choose hearing aids for you without understanding your needs or financial situation. EarDeals will listen and offer all prices up front online and in clinic.

Find the best price quickly

Searching online is the easiest way of understanding the product that best suits your needs. We ask the questions, and we listen to your answers. This allows you to enter the appointment with more knowledge to make better decisions for your health.

Price Beat Guarantee

EarDeals will help you to shop around on price, obtain quotes and make informed decisions in your own time. Additionally, if you need the advice or support of a loved one this may be done in the privacy of your own home.

The Future

There is no doubt there will be some significant changes in the way that hearing aids are sold and fitted in the future. Already trends in online hearing aid sales are changing; so why not be serviced by a progressive and forward thinking organisation.

Better Communication

At EarDeals we have online conversations with our clients in the privacy of their own home. You can contact EarDeals through the website LiveChat. You can access valuable information on your account, order hearing aid batteries from your arm chair or simply book another appointment. At EarDeals our clinicians can even conduct minor adjustments remotely on some hearing aid brands if you have an internet connection!

Greater Choice

Online retailers can list more products on a website than any shelf in and clinic!

Device Reviews

At EarDeals, reviews are great resources for you to compare and select products. We encourage all our clients to assist our future clients by reviewing our service and the hearing device they have chosen.


Because you can book an appointment online and conduct the majority of your paperwork online, the administration process is quicker and allows EarDeals to focus on what matters most, you and your hearing aid fitting and tuning outcome.


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