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Location overview: Sydney Hearing aid Clinic

Our EarDeals hearing aid clinic is conveniently located in Sydney CBD opposite the Queen Victoria building and arcade and approximately 60m from the exit of Town Hall Station. The hearing aid clinic will soon feel the great accessibility benefits of the Sydney light rail network with a proposed stop close to the clinic entry at Town Hall with the track passing our front door!

Located in the recently built Event Cinemas at 478 George Street Sydney the clinic boasts a modern feel and the facilities you would expect, from a brand new building. With three large lifts, the hearing aid clinic has easy and convenient access for wheelchairs and people who may have mobility restrictions. The Hearing aid clinic is located on the third floor with a designated reception and waiting area that is serviced by easy access to tea and coffee as well as male and female bathrooms.

Our State of the art hearing aid clinic:

No expense has been spared during the construction and establishment of the EarDeals hearing aid clinic. The hearing aid clinical room is large enough for comfortable wheelchair entry and provides plenty of room for family or friends who may travel with you for support during your appointments. EarDeals provides a very high level of clinical testing with all internal equipment recently purchased, with matching calibration certifications regularly performed on all equipment to ensure the highest level of accuracy in all hearing test scenarios. Our hearing aid clinic has a purpose-built soundproof room with easy accessibility for those with wheelchair or mobility restraints. Our hearing aid clinic ensures a regular inspection and noise calibration of our brand new state of the art soundproof room to ensure that the hearing test is performed with the highest accuracy every time. No matter if you are simply calling in for a quick test or a comprehensive hearing test you will have free access to this high level of testing equipment guided by our hearing specialist. EarDeals does not conduct hearing tests on non-calibrated equipment or devices not approved by our registered bodies or industry regulators in our hearing aid clinic.

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Travelling to the Sydney hearing aid clinic:

Train transport to your hearing aid clinic:

The easiest and often cheapest way to access the EarDeals hearing aid clinic is by train. Conveniently located approximately 60m from Sydney Town Hall Station; Sydney’s most centrally located CBD station, the hearing aid clinic is serviced by all train lines that support the entire city. Additionally located on the city circle line access via additional modes of transport is even greater such as ferries and bus and soon the Sydney light rail.

Car transport to the EarDeals hearing aid clinic:

If you are travelling by car to the EarDeals Sydney hearing aid clinic, there is an easy drop-off and pick-up locations available. The most convenient and safe drop-off location is that of the Hilton Hotel 30 meters from the Eardeals Sydney hearing clinic entry. The Hilton hotel is located between George Street Sydney and Pitt Street Sydney with an underpass that goes directly under the building with the ability to stop and exit the vehicle. There are standby lanes available for those with mobility issues that require a little more time to exit the car safely.

Parking: Additionally, those wishing to park near the Sydney hearing aid clinic have a variety of parking options available in the area. The most convenient is that of the Secure paid parking option at the Sydney Hilton located in the underpass accessed by the 259 Pitt Street entry into the Hilton Hotel. Rates for parking vary. Parking is available 24 hours a day. A link to the paid parking option for parking rates from Secure parking is available below:

Link to the Secure parking website

Taxi transport to the EarDeals hearing aid clinic:

If you are travelling by one of Sydney’s taxi services access to the Sydney hearing aid clinic is very easy. Simply ask your taxi driver to drop you off at the Hilton Hotel opposite the Town Hall Station (259 Pitt Street) The taxi driver will be able to conveniently pull into a taxi lane at the Hilton Hotel and allow you plenty of time to safely exit and pay for the service. An easy walk from the Hilton Hotel to George Street and the glass door for 478 George Street is before the Flight Centre. When returning home, you can walk 30m to the Hilton Hotel from the EarDeals hearing aid clinic and take a taxi from the taxi line that is available at the Hilton Hotel underpass.

Uber rideshare transport to the EarDeals hearing aid clinic:

If you are travelling by the Uber rideshare service access to the Sydney hearing aid clinic is just the same as travelling by taxi. Simply set your drop-off point at the Sydney Hilton Hotel at (259 Pitt Street, Sydney) and you will have the ability to exit the vehicle safely in many areas to do so. To return home simply walk 30 meters to the Hilton Hotel and set your rideshare app to the Hilton Hotel and the driver will be directed through the underpass to your location.

Flying and transport to the EarDeals hearing aid clinic:

You may find this hard to believe but in many parts of Australia, the price of hearing aids for precisely the same device varies dramatically. Due to our very cheap hearing aid prices, EarDeals has many remote clients who have flown to the Sydney hearing aid clinic to purchase hearing aids then. For these hearing aid appointments, we tend to recommend brands with great telehealth options. This means we can remotely adjust and assist you from home if you have an internet connection. Our manufacturers stipulate that every hearing aid purchase requires at least one face-to-face appointment in the Sydney hearing aid clinic. EarDeals supports this process as many physical examinations as well as hearing tests need to be performed in person before a hearing aid fitting. As such if you plan on flying into Sydney to access our cheap hearing aid prices at the Sydney hearing aid clinic, please make contact first. Our hearing specialist will then have time to organise some hearing aids in a broad hearing aid range to then have the highest chance of fitting you on the same day and within budget. The extensive hearing aid range will ensure you leave with the best possible outcome on the day. All the same service benefits apply in our hearing aid clinic and should you not be 100% happy within 30 days EarDeals will happily refund your purchase once the hearing aids are returned through the mail in perfect working order reducing your need to visit the clinic a second time.

How to travel from the airport to the Sydney hearing aid clinic:

Travelling from the Sydney Domestic Airport is very easy and only takes approximately 20 -25 mins. Simply follow the Sydney train line signs in the terminal and jump on the train line that heads to Sydney City. You will pass through many stations and arrive at Town Hall Station on exactly the same train from the Airport. Simply walk upstairs to the street level and you will be within 70m of the Hilton Hotel and the Sydney hearing aid clinic. Walk to the Hilton Hotel and the building next door is 478 George Street (between Hilton and Flight Centre). Access the building from the ground floor (glass door is between the Hilton and Flight centre and ride the lifts to level 3). A video below shows you the process of an appointment and will give you great directions to the Sydney hearing aid clinic.

Ferry transport to the EarDeals hearing aid clinic:

If catching the ferry to Circular Quay is your usual route to the centre of Sydney, then access to the clinic is going to get much easy. Currently a 15-minute walk up George Street from the ferry terminal the entire route will soon have the option of a new Sydney light rail tram from the ferry stop all the way to the clinic door with a Sydney light rail stop designated for Town Hall. This will provide those who use the ferries a great option. At current EarDeals has many clients who use the ferries to access our cheap hearing aids and services and some either walk or catch a taxi from the ferry terminal to the Hilton Hotel and simply exit the vehicle safely and walk 30 meters to the clinic door.

We hope the above has helped you with your travel plans. Should you need any extra assistance please call 1300 010 064, and we can help you on the day if you get lost or send our hearing specialist Annie down to the street level if she is available to assist you.

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