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A banner image split into two parts separated by an enlarged image of the Signia styletto hearing aid on its charging case. The right image shows a man on his phone whilst the left side shows a logo of Canstar award and the three colour choices of the Styletto hearing aids.

Signia Siemens Styletto Nx Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Signia Styletto 3NxUltra Slim Structure

Pair Device Price $4,420.00

Includes Wireless Charging Case

Signia Styletto 5NxUltra Slim Structure

Pair Device Price $6,060.00

Includes Wireless Charging Case

Signia Styletto 7NxUltra Slim Structure

Pair Device Price $7,480.00

Includes Wireless Charging Case

Launch Date: Late 2018

Signia Siemens Styletto Nx Features

The Signia Styletto Nx hearing aid range, is the new slimline receiver in the canal hearing aid on the Signia NX platform. For a full understanding of the Signia Styletto select from the technology ranges below so view both prices and the devices greater details.

  • Part of the Canstar Blue winning device range
  • Three levels of technology and prices
  • Charging case provides 4 days of charge (16 hours per day)
  • Full charge in three hours
  • IP 68 water and dust resistance – highest available
  • Own Voice processing (OVP) – Reduces the wearer’s voice to avoid distractions
  • Speech understanding even in loud environments
  • Most natural sounding speech
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Thinnest and most compact design
  • Full charge in three hours
  • Mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Tinnitus therapy options
  • Three stylish colour combinations

Charging Options – Signia Styletto

30 Minute Quick Charge = 5 Hours Use

3 Hours (Full Charge) = 19 Hours Use

4 Days Of Charge – Charging Case

16 Hours Wearing Per Day

Signia Siemens Styletto Nx Hearing Device Brochure

Download Signia Siemens Styletto Nx Brochure

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