Benefits of speaking with a hearing aid broker

There are numerous factors to consider when you are looking for assistance with your hearing health:

  • The location of the hearing provider
  • The qualifications that the provider holds
  • The clinic’s hours of business
  • The services that are on offer
  • The product range that the provider has to offer
  • The price range of the hearing aids

After these considerations are made, you then enter the part of your journey that can be a little more difficult: Choosing from the big six major manufacturers of hearing aids. Below is a list of things you will need to decide on when choosing a hearing aid. 

Our free hearing aid brokers are trained to assist you in narrowing down all the options so you can make a more informed decision for your health. Our brokers are free to use and are waiting to assist you. Call 1300 010 064 to speak to one of our brokers.

  • Hearing aid brands: There are 6 major global manufacturers to choose from.
  • Hearing aid style: Some brands have up to five hearing aid design styles.
  • Hearing aid range: All brands have multiple hearing aid ranges.
  • Hearing aid software levels: All brands have up to four software levels per device.
  • Hearing aid features: Rechargeable, Bluetooth (Android/ Apple), telecoil and many more.
  • Colours: Most hearing aids have five or more colour options.

Use a Broker to Get The Lowest Prices Possible!

The price of hearing aids is a major factor in determining the performance level of a hearing aid and how it will assist your lifestyle. Prices can vary with different hearing aids for many reasons such as features, technology levels and age of the hearing aids since release.

There are generally four categories that the hearing aids are grouped in: Premium, Advanced, Standard and Essential. Depending on your needs and requirements, these levels will play a major role in determining how your budget matches the lifestyle demands of your hearing needs. 

Our hearing aid brokers can help determine where you fall on the spectrum of these technologies or software levels so you know how the price will impact your budget. By working with a hearing aid broker during this process you will be able to reach the most competitive price and harness our buying power to your benefit.

Hearing Aid Choices and Easy Comparisons

Dealing with an independent audiologist, your first appointment will be a free consultation. There is a wide variety and choice of the leading hearing aid manufacturers that are marketed worldwide. 

Types of hearing aids that are on offer are in-the-ear hearing aids, invisible hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids or open fit hearing aids. Technology is superseded on a yearly basis for the hearing aids on the market, which also adds to the level of complexity as most brands phase out older stock over time. 

This is a common trap for hearing aid buyers. In the past, our clients have been offered older hearing aids and have been told that those hearing aids are the latest from that particular brand. This is obviously not the case. There is a reason for this and that is because the cost of the older devices to buy drops and the margin remains the same over time. 

For this reason, even big brand hearing aid retailers will exercise this approach to make money. The details are often lost in the fine print or not mentioned. Our hearing aid brokers can explain the timelines of hearing aid releases, so you know what is the latest hearing aid for each brand and where you stand.

Try Us Before You Buy From Us

Our hearing aid brokers are part of our free service for those seeking new hearing aids. As a result, by working with the broker that is assigned to you, you will be able to experience first-hand the approach EarDeals takes to service your needs. 

Although this is step one of your journey it is one of the most important. You can also then access our free comprehensive hearing test and meet our university trained and highly experienced audiologists.

Transparency of The Hearing Aid Market

Our hearing aid brokers are not owned, managed or influenced by hearing aid manufacturers. EarDeals is 100% independent and so is the advice we provide to assist you in making the best decisions. 

Many of our brokers actually have hearing losses and test the latest hearing aids themselves so they are better informed to help you. This is a key difference in how we serve you.

Refined Hearing Aid Services and Support

In traditional hearing clinics, the Audiologist has always been the knowledge source of the brands of hearing aids and their features. This means that an appointment is booked to see them.  

That appointment will, in most cases, only be an hour long. Extra time to discuss features of the hearing aids and the brands is limited and so most people leave feeling as if they have not received enough time or have been overloaded with information and are often confused. Our brokers remove these feelings, as they are not time-dependent.  Our brokers are capable of moving at your pace, as you decide on the right hearing aid either by phone or email prior to stepping foot into our hearing clinics.

Applications and Eligibility: Free Government Hearing Aids

If you are an eligible pensioner or DVA cardholder you can access the free services of the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program. This provides you with the option of full coverage for your hearing test, fitting and ongoing support. 

To access this program our brokers will help you to apply over the phone in five minutes. Call 1300 010 064 to start the process!

More Access to The Right Hearing Aid Information

Our brokers are resource-rich. We have brochures, links, videos and more all about the hearing aids you may be interested in. If you are struggling to decide on a hearing aid, pick up the phone and have a chat with our hearing aid brokers. 

They will be able to help you narrow down what hearing aid may be right for you and provide you with additional information to read and explore the options presented to you. This information can be sent via email or regular post mail. We have plenty of resources for you.

Hearing Aid Sales, Deals and Promotions

Looking for a great deal or promotion? We love a good sale as much as the next person. Check out our hearing aids currently on sale or download our free hearing aid buyers guide.

Your Questions Answered Sooner

There are two options in finding any information that you require in a quick and easy manner. Call one of our independent brokers, on 1300 010 064, or email us at Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you the assistance that is needed to answer all of your questions.

Faster Answers to Hearing Aid Questions!

Our brokers are only a phone or email away! We are here to assist you with any hearing health questions that will arise during your new journey. Give us a call at 1300 010 064 or email us at

You will be guided from your initial consultation to assisting you with the decision of what hearing aids would be suitable for your hearing loss.

Online Hearing Aid Quotes

Our EarDeals brokers can assist you with a quotation for the relevant hearing aid that you are interested in. If you have already been quoted or know the hearing aid you would like please contact our broker to arrange a formal quote. 

If you are still in the process of researching the right hearing aid and come to a conclusion, our brokers can assist you with arranging a quote and discussing any further details or clarities about the hearing aid that you wish to discuss. Please give us a call on 1300 010 064.

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