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10% off EarDeals Listed Hearing Aid Prices

Not Available with Existing Promotions or Sales


Ear Deals offers a big 10% discount on hearing aids to all senior card holders. The 10% discount for seniors hearing aids is subtracted from the Ear Deals website listed price at the time of purchase. The 10% discount does not apply to hearing aid accessories and is not available on hearing aids under sale. The 10% discount is not applicable with any other promotion offer by Ear Deals in Sydney, Parramatta or Brisbane.

Locations | Where are the Seniors Cards are Accepted?

Ear Deals accepts seniors discount cards across all clinics in our network as well as seniors cards from all Australian states, as long as you visit our hearing clinics in Sydney and Brisbane.

  • New South Wales Seniors Discount Cards
  • Queensland Seniors Discount Cards
  • Victorian Seniors Discount Cards
  • Western Australia Seniors Discount Cards
  • South Australia Seniors Discount Cards
  • Australian Capital Territory Seniors Discount Cards
  • Tasmania Seniors Discount Cards
  • Northern Territory Seniors Discount Cards

Couple Cards | Seniors Discount

We believe in group discounts! If you and a friend or partner both wish to purchase hearing aids at the same time, EarDeals will reward a 15% discount across both pairs of hearing aids. This is an extra 5% on top of the already big 10% discount for individual seniors card holders. Please be advised that both individuals are required to have the seniors cards to obtain the 15% discount. Cards must be presented at the time of purchase in either the first or second appointment while both wearers are together.

Note: See disclaimer at bottom of page for full set of terms and conditions.

Seniors Discount – Quick Table Guide

The below is a quick guide which will allow you to match the approximate price of a hearing aid and determine the approximate end price with the use of your Seniors Discount Card.

Seniors Discount (15%)
















Hearing Aid Cost
















Seniors Discount Total
















Grand Total 
















When will my Seniors Discount Card Reduce the Price?

Prices on the EarDeals website with no “promotional price” or “Sale” prices are discounted by the 10% Seniors Discount Card. Example below:

Note: See disclaimer at bottom of page for full set of terms and conditions.


Discount hearing aid with seniors card example

Prices That are NOT Accepted With a Seniors Discount Card

Prices on the EarDeals website under Sale section or with the words “Sale” or Promotional wording attached are not capable of being reduced by the Seniors Discount Card. The Seniors Discount is not applicable to any hearing aids already on sale or in promoton. Should you wish to obtain clarity please call (02) 9133 7899 or (07) 4445 2828.

Note: See disclaimer at bottom of page for full set of terms and conditions.

Example below of a non-accepted hearing aid price:


seniors discount card hearing aids

Seniors Discount Card Links

Queensland: Click Here

New South Wales: Click Here

Victoria: Click Here

Western Australia: Click Here

Northern Territory: Click Here

Tasmania: Click Here

Australian Capital Territory: Click Here

The Next Step

Claiming with your Seniors Discount Card

Simple call your closest EarDeals hearing aid clinic and book a FREE comprehensive hearing test. The discount will be applied at the point of purchase and when the validated seniors card is presented. This will be either in the first or second appointment at EarDeals.

Brisbane Ear Deals: (07) 4445 2828

Parramatta Ear Deals: (02) 9133 7899

Sydney Ear Deals: (02) 9133 7899

Terms & Conditions 

Seniors discount card must be presented at the time of purchase and the discount cannot be claimed as a refund following the purchase date or be claimed at a later point in time. 10% discount is applicable only to non-discounted devices. Devices labelled on sale or on discount or words of the same effect are not included in the seniors offer. To claim the 15% discount for couples, both couples must present their seniors cards on the day of purchase. To claim the offer the seniors discount for couples can be presented on alternative days however must be presented on the purchase day of each respective wearer. This offer is not to be claimed in connection with any other offer. A maximum discount of 10% for singles or 15% for couples is only applicable. This offer only includes hearing aid devices and does not include accessories, batteries, hearing aid parts, services, CROS devices or any other device or service other than a hearing aid.


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