Seniors Discounts

Ear Deals offers a 5% discount on hearing aids to all seniors cardholders. The 5% discount on hearing aids is subtracted from the Ear Deals price listed on the website at the time of purchase.

The 5% discount does not apply to hearing aid accessories or parts and is not available on hearing aids already on sale or any other price reduction offer at EarDeals. The 5% discount is not applicable to or in addition to any other promotional offer by Ear Deals that reduces the price of the hearing aids listed. 

The discount is designed and available to ensure that all seniors cardholders are entitled to at least a 5% price reduction on hearing aids regardless if a sale is or isn’t in progress on the hearing aid of their choice. The Seniors card discount applies to all private funded hearing aid pairs.

Locations: Where Are Seniors Cards Accepted?

Ear Deals accepts seniors discount cards across all clinics in our network, as well as seniors cards from all Australian states, as long as you visit our hearing clinics:

  • New South Wales Seniors Discount Cards
  • Queensland Seniors Discount Cards
  • Victorian Seniors Discount Cards
  • Western Australia Seniors Discount Cards
  • South Australia Seniors Discount Cards
  • Australian Capital Territory Seniors Discount Cards
  • Tasmania Seniors Discount Cards
  • Northern Territory Seniors Discount Cards

Couple Cards: Seniors Discount

We believe in group discounts! If you and a friend or partner both wish to purchase hearing aids at the same time, EarDeals will reward you with a 10% discount across both pairs of hearing aids (4 hearing aid total). Please be aware the prices on the EarDeals website are for single devices only. The seniors discount is only applicable to two pairs of devices or a total of 4 devices.

This is an extra 5% on top of the 5% discount for individual seniors cardholders. Please be advised to claim the 10% offer, the following terms must be met.

Couple Cards Conditions:

  1. Both individuals are required to have a seniors card.
  2. Both cards must be presented at the time of purchase in either the first or second appointment while both wearers are present.
  3. Cards must be valid.
  4. The discount is stand-alone. The seniors discount can not be applied to any other discount, sale, promotion or otherwise price reduction offer already applied to a hearing aid.
  5. The 5% discount applies to a pair (2 devices) of hearing aids.
  6. The pair discount of 10% applies to a total of four individual hearing aids of any level purchased at the same time. The offer does not apply to two or three hearing aids between two people.

If you would like to discuss your options or have further, require a price with the reduction applied or simply have a question, our friendly brokers are available to chat with you on 1300 010 064. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the contact form below!

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