10% Price Beat Guarantee


EarDeals strives to provide you with the lowest price on all the major hearing aid brands we stock. We price check the market prices regularly to ensure our website is showing you the best price available. If on the odd chance we are not the lowest price on a stocked hearing aid we will beat the Australian competitor quote by 10%!

Terms and conditions apply.

We will beat prices by 10%

There are a few conditions to this offer, as there are many service providers in the Australian hearing industry. Some will include services such as hearing aid fitting when you purchase a hearing aid from them, others do not provide any such service at all. 

Many hearing aid providers on the web will sell hearing aids that are useless until patients see an Audiologist – resulting in an additional cost often not mentioned on their website. 

This is poor practice and opens you up to extra costs and a range of other risks: The device may simply not be right for you and your type and level of hearing loss. Or you are not even a candidate for a hearing aid due to an underlying medical pathology. 

EarDeals works with a network of hearing clinics across Australia, to ensure you receive an affordable device that fits perfectly and suits your lifestyle 100%. We also offer free hearing aid trials and a 60-day money-back guarantee to make sure you love your hearing aids. At EarDeals, we leave nothing up to chance! 

The EarDeals Price Beat Guarantee 

To obtain the 10% price beat guarantee the following requirements must be met. 

  1. Proof of a written quote 

EarDeals requires a written comparable quote. The quote must be from a registered  Australian company. The services and hearing aid must be equal to the EarDeals services and device. EarDeals reserves the right to decide if the quote matches our products and services. The quote must be no more than three months old. If you are unsure, you can call our hearing aid broker to find out more.

  1. Must be aged 26+

Our price beat guarantee is only available to Australians 26 years of age and older.

If you are under 26 years of age you can obtain fully funded hearing aids through Australian Government support. Hearing Australia is the only company certified to fit hearing aids for Australian citizens under the age of 26. 

If you are over 26 years of age, your best option is self-funding your hearing aid. Hearing services and devices from EarDeals are very affordable: We offer Australia’s lowest prices and a range of financing options.  

  1. Not available in combination with other offers

Our 10% price beat guarantee is not available with any listed sales, promotions, senior discounts or other offers which have already reduced the price of the hearing aid on the EarDeals website.

For example, you cannot add a senior discount to the 10% price-beat guarantee. You can, however, choose which discount offer you prefer to action, should you be eligible for two or more offers. All offers must be claimed at the time of purchase. 

  1. Quoted device must be in stock

For a product that we do not currently stock, EarDeals will match the technology level and style of the hearing device and further beat the price supplied by 10%. EarDeals reserves the right to choose which hearing devices match the supplied quote. For peace of mind, we will let you try the hearing aid for free first, so you know for sure that you love our alternative. 

  1. Hearing aids only

The 10% price beat guarantee applies to “hearing devices” and “hearing aids” only. It does not apply to consumables and accessories of hearing aids. The guarantee does not apply to any other item sold on the EarDeals website that is not a hearing aid.

  1.  EarDeals has the discretion

This is due to the number of non-compliant retailers in the Australian market. The Australian hearing industry is unregulated and for this reason, we choose to have strict guidelines on our device fittings. 

We will not fit a hearing device if your hearing test results do not indicate a hearing loss or your hearing test results show signs of underlying medical pathologies. We reserve the right to exercise a professional duty of care. If our results indicate an alternative method may be in favour of the wearer, we will offer this as the preferred solution. 

Should you wish to gain clarity on this point please call us on 1300 010 064. 

Why So Many Rules? 

These rules are in place for your protection and education. We aim to help those in need of hearing solutions access low and affordable prices. But we will only fit your hearing aids with the support of a qualified Audiologist and in approved and accredited Australian hearing clinics. We want to ensure you get the best price, service and solutions for your hearing. We will not cut corners or simply sell you a device. 

Your Next Step

  1. Make sure that you meet the conditions mentioned above. 
  2. Supply your quote to admin@eardeals.com.au with your contact details. 

Our brokers will contact you shortly to discuss your options and next steps. 

You can call our hearing aid brokers on 1300 010 064 should you have any further questions.

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