Hearing Aid Warranties

The Australian hearing industry relies on the warranties provided with each hearing aid purchase. Each manufacturer offers a variety of warranties which vary in conditions and the time periods they cover. It is important to understand these warranties to ensure your access to quality hearing health care is realised to its full potential. For example, many people choose to exercise a manufacturer clean and check-up of their hearing aids prior to the warranty period ending.

Warranties between manufacturers vary and if you are trying to decide between two brands, understanding how you are covered can play a large part in the decision-making process. Fact is, hearing aids whilst built with robust housing and the majority have the highest dust and water-resistant ratings, are still delicate devices that require cleaning, humidity control and general maintenance.

Phonak Hearing Aid Warranties

  • 3 Years – Local warranty
  • 1 Year – International warranty

Signia Hearing Aid Warranties

  • 37 Month – Local warranty
  • No international cover

Resound Hearing Aid Warranties

  • 3 Year – International and local warranty

Unitron Hearing Aid Warranties

  • 3 Years – Local & international warranty
  • 1 Year – International warranty

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