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Would you buy a car without test driving it? Buy a family home without inspecting it first? The answer is probably no. So, why would hearing aids be any different? At Ear Deals, we offer free hearing aid trials with all potential hearing aid purchases.

We want you to be 100% comfortable in your purchase decision. It only makes sense that a device that is so integral to your everyday communication and overall well being, is thoroughly tested before you commit.

The Top 10 Reasons To Try a Hearing Aid Before You Buy It

Don’t be fooled by clever sales tactics or pressured into making a choice because you went to a hearing aid provider owned by a large hearing aid manufacturer. The biggest hurdle for Aussies looking for affordable and reliable hearing aids, is the lack of transparency and information, which makes it difficult to make informed decisions.

Don’t short change yourself because you didn’t know what services were available on the Australian hearing aid market. We hope the below points help you get started! If you have any questions, give our friendly hearing aid brokers a call 1300 010 064! They’re happy to help – obligation-free and without charge!

  1. Physical Comfort

Simply put, some hearing aids are more comfortable than others and some take longer to get used to wearing. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that the hearing device is comfortable so you can wear it for longer periods of time. In the best case, you soon forget that you’re wearing hearing aids at all. This will allow you to concentrate hearing new and amplified sounds and engaging in meaningful conversations.

  1. Sound Comfort

 Every hearing aid sounds different, that is a fact. Each manufacturer strives for the holy grail of hearing aids, aiming for more natural sounds with each iteration of their most popular ranges. Many are close to achieving that goal, however, the subtle differences between some manufacturers are cause for many hearing aid wearers to have a clear preference for one brand over the other.

  1. Features and Differences

There are many unique benefits to each brand. The market leaders always try to distinguish themselves as the superior choice. Good examples of this are Phonak and ReSound. Both offer Bluetooth capabilities for Apple and Android devices without the need to purchase an additional accessory. Many other brands do not offer direct support for Android devices. When choosing a hearing aid, your EarDeals Audiologist will help you narrow down your selection criteria or you can call our Hearing Aid Brokers on 1300 010 064 and ask prior to booking your appointment.

  1. Lifestyle match

Believe it or not, your lifestyle plays a large role in choosing the right hearing aid. A variety of new hearing aid features are designed around lifestyles choices and how or where you would use your hearing aid.
In recent years, manufacturers increasingly focussed on hearing aid technology that links hearing aids with entertainment and communication devices. Examples include mobile phones and Bluetooth connectivity, which gives you the ability to take calls on the go.

Hearing aid charger cases are now providing wearers with more flexibility and the freedom to charge their devices when and where they want. Some cases hold up to four additional charges before they have to be recharged. Trialling these features is easy and allows you to understand how wearing hearing aids will support your lifestyle demands – no matter how active or social you are.

  1. Budget match

Hearing aids, once they are worn, provide new wearers with a surprising amount of insight. It isn’t uncommon for people to suddenly hear sounds they had long forgotten about. Many do not realise the true extent of their hearing loss. As a result, the initial hearing aid budget often has to be revised once the first pair of hearing aids is being tested.
This can go either way: You may only need a lower level hearing aid because your hearing isn’t as poor as you suspected. Or, you don’t mind spending a little more for a hearing aid that provides you with richer sound experiences than a cheaper hearing aid could.
At EarDeals, we have had many clients go either direction. We’re certain that we can help you find a hearing aid that perfectly matches your needs, too.

  1. Hearing Loss Match

Within each range of hearing aids you’ll find a number of technology levels. These technology levels are defined by the software programs on the processing chip of the hearing aid. As you go higher in software level, you are unlocking more features designed to help filter and process sound. You will also be receiving more help with your hearing loss. If you have a larger degree of loss, the higher you should go in these technology levels to reach a satisfactory outcome.

  1. Service Quality

One of the most important factors in selecting a hearing aid is not the hearing aid itself, but the person undertaking the hearing aid fitting. You might ask why this matters. In fact, in most countries of the world, it does not, as they usually have stricter regulations.
However, the Australian hearing aid distribution sector is not regulated. Whilst the quality of healthcare in Australia is high, hearing aid fittings are often driven by companies that want to maximise their profits and willingly risk poorer outcomes. Poor training, a lack of investment in equipment and relaxed quality assurance processes have made way for more hearing aid fittings in shorter time periods.
For this reason, we brought EarDeals to life. Our reputation is dependent on high-quality outcomes and reliably offering the most affordable hearing aid prices in Australia. So, you can trust that both our processes and outcomes are of the highest possible standard.

  1. The Right Choice

The Australian hearing industry is dominated by large manufacturer owned clinic networks. These business models are vertically integrated. They rely on the hearing aid manufacturer and sell their devices through these retail outlets. For you, this means that they are often limited by the choice of device they can offer.

  1. Maybe you are not ready just yet?

Some people find that following a hearing aid trial, they simply are not ready to commit to wearing a hearing aid. This is also okay. The concept of quality hearing aid fitting is to improve the quality of hearing for those with hearing loss and in turn their overall quality of life.
It is important to note that there are many benefits to wearing a hearing device outside of simply being able to hear. Many EarDeals clients report improvements in relationships, communication with loved ones, lower anxiety levels as well as feeling more motivated and in some instances, feeling less depressed.
Hearing and being able to effectively communicate can have a lasting effect in many avenues of life. A hearing aid trial may just unlock some of these results for you.

  1. Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus often goes hand in hand with hearing loss. If you are suffering from Tinnitus, you may find a hearing aid trial to be the logical consideration. Whilst addressing any existing hearing loss, modern hearing aids can also mask the sounds caused by your Tinnitus.
It is important to note that many manufacturers have additional options for those suffering from Tinnitus. This can include free therapy apps and software programs within the hearing aids themselves. Many manufacturers have the ability to address Tinnitus through their hearing aid features in unique ways.

Start Your Hearing Aid Trial Today

For the many reasons stated above, a hearing aid trial is the best place to start your journey to better hearing. If nothing more than for peace of mind and knowing that the decision you have made to address your hearing is based on first-hand experience.

EarDeals only works with university-qualified Audiologists with a minimum of five years of specific experience in hearing aid fitting. Each EarDeals Audiologist is chosen on merit and strict selection criteria. After all, for our business to thrive, your hearing journey must be seamless, supported and empowering.

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