Brokering a Better Price

Unlike other hearing clinics across Australia, we have specialist hearing aid brokers on our team. Many of them have decades of experience in hearing health care, and some are hearing aid wearers themselves.
The education of our brokers is paramount to your successful hearing aid fitting. We are constantly training with manufacturers as well as our internal staff on all the latest devices and features. Our brokers have often tested the latest hearing aid technology themselves, so they have first-hand experience with the hearing devices they discuss with you.

We Compare Hearing Aid Prices And Find Your Perfect Match

With direct access to a global network and all major manufacturers, EarDeals brokers can find the best hearing aid prices for you. Just like a great mortgage broker, who can get you a better home loan rate for the same house, our hearing aid brokers can secure better hearing aid prices than our competitors.

On the odd chance that we can’t find the cheapest price for you and you have a quote that meets the terms and conditions of our price-beat guarantee, we will beat the quoted price by 10%. 

Visit our 10% Price Beat Guarantee page for more information!

Why is EarDeals cheaper than anyone else?

EarDeals has broken away from traditional hearing aid retailers who bundle their hearing services whilst charging higher prices for their hearing aids to cover their costs.

The fact is this model is now outdated and the reason is that modern hearing aids are now more automatic, remotely adjusted by the wearer (smartphone apps) and even carry smart artificial intelligence programming that assists you to make great hearing aid adjustments without the need to go to your hearing clinic. Because of this, far fewer adjustment appointments are required. EarDeals saves you money by not charging you for appointments you don’t need.

EarDeals has simply removed all the unnecessary appointments you may be paying for and offers a pay-as-you-go model. That’s not all, our fitting services are free, that’s right! By using EarDeals you will be offered a free comprehensive hearing test, free hearing aid fitting and two free hearing aid adjustments. If and should you need any further appointments these will be charged at our standard hourly rate. The result? Well, cost savings of course! You are only paying for what you need and this simple fact could be saving you thousands!

Our brokers are trained across all the major manufactures. The reason for this is simple. To be the best hearing aid brokers we need to know the top hearing aid brands. The hearing aids we currently sell have the best hearing aid technology and the largest variety of features across the industry. 

The brands we offer also have the largest variety of hearing aid styles, providing you with greater choice. This choice is underpinned by the fact EarDeals is independent and not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. This allows us the flexibility to offer the best devices on the market at the most affordable prices. 

A large part of our brokering process is ensuring that you have a happy, transparent and caring hearing aid journey. Your satisfaction is what helps our business grow. The more help we provide you, the better the outcome – this is the basis for good hearing aid brokering and quality service.

Get a better deal on hearing aids with EarDeals

Simply give us a call and ask to speak with a hearing aid broker. You can call our brokers on 1300 010 064 to discuss all things hearing aids, servicing, assistance and price. The broker will then determine where you are in your hearing aid journey.

This will be established through a few questions. Here are some examples:

  • Have you ever had a hearing test?
  • When was your last hearing test?
  • Have you got your hearing test results?
  • What hearing aids appeal to you?

Our brokers will then determine how far along the journey you may be and provide you with tailored support based on your needs. If you know the brand and the device you would like to purchase, that is also fine. We can supply you with a quote or book you in for your test and fitting.

Do I need to have a hearing test with EarDeals?

The short answer is yes – even if you’ve already had one somewhere else. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you any extra money.

The reason why we test every person is because of a largely unregulated Australian hearing industry. Many low-cost hearing providers are known to cut corners. This includes the quality of their hearing tests and the type of tests performed. 

Additionally, a hearing aid is only as good as the professional fitting the device. If a hearing aid is poorly fit, you will suffer the consequences in the long run. This may be the reason you have called our broker, simply to obtain a second opinion.

Why should I trust EarDeals with my hearing aid fitting?

  • Accreditation

We are one of a handful of accredited Australian hearing care providers. It is the only type of quality and safety accreditation designed for local hearing companies. Our accreditation ensures that you are fully supported and reassured of the service we offer, particularly in an otherwise unregulated hearing industry.

  • 5+ Years in Business and Growing

We have been in business for over five years and continue to grow. In 2019, we had only three clinics, two in Sydney and one in Brisbane. We have since expanded to over ten clinics across Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

  • Free Hearing Aid Trials

Our services are set up so you can “try us” before buying from us. For starters, we offer free hearing aid trials. As part of a hearing aid trial, you will have a free hearing test with one of our qualified Audiologists, followed by the fitting of your hearing aid of choice and of course, testing the hearing aid at home.  These three factors provide you with the reassurance that you’ve made the right choice – or alternatively, give you the chance to change your mind. 

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all hearing aid purchases. If you find that you are not happy with the devices after the trial period has ended, you can still hand them back within two months after purchase.

Hearing Aid Warranties

We have industry-standard hearing aid warranties that will cover you for up to three years. Warranty terms and conditions vary depending on hearing aid manufacturers. You must take note of these hearing aid warranties as they provide an indication for when it’s time to service your hearing aids.

For example, you should have your hearing aids professionally cleaned and serviced by the manufacturer before the hearing aid warranty expires. This service is usually free of charge.

If you have a specific question regarding warranties please contact our hearing aid brokers on 1300 010 064 or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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