Unitron uStream Bluetooth Hearing Aid Accessory


Are you looking for the most discreet connectivity device for your Unitron hearing aids? Well look no further! The Unitron uStream is a Bluetooth accessory that seamlessly connect your Unitron hearing aids to all the audio influencing devices in your life!

Founded from the same principles of the larger uDirect device the uStream provides the same connectivity in a more compact and discrete clip-on housing. The uStream provides the wearer with 4 hours of Bluetooth streaming and may act as an alternative for remote adjustments with volume and program adjustment abilities. It’s advanced features includes an Omni Directional Microphone that sources sound with equal gain from all directions around the microphone. This provides the wearer with a greater awareness of their surroundings and increases their ability to hear in challenging environments such as cafe’s, sporting stadiums or at social gatherings with multiple noise sources within the same area. Thus the result is a complex yet simple assistive listening device for wearers of all abilities and hearing loss types.
Connectivity to:
– Mobile phones / Music playing systems such as iTunes
– Televisions
– Radios
– FM receivers
– MP3 players
– Car audio systems


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