Unitron uDirect 3 Hearing Aid Accessory


The Unitron uDirect3 Bluetooth system is a must have for any Unitron wearer who is living a busy and versatile lifestyle. Weather you are on the golf course, enjoying a relaxing night at home in front of the television or even on the run through the city making phone calls between meetings the uDirect3 provides you with seamless connectivity to the other devices in your life.

The Unitron uDirect3 Bluetooth System connects wirelessly to your hearing aids and is the vital link between the other products in your life that provide a wireless Bluetooth connection. That right your head phones are a thing of the past with your state of the art hearing aids and UdIRECT3 accessory. Connection does’t stop there with the ability to connect to such devices as:

  • Mobile phones / Music playing systems such as iTunes
  • Televisions
  • Digital radios
  • FM receivers
  • MP3 players
  • Car audio systems

The Unitron uDirect3 Bluetooth System conveniently provides the ability to connect to essential features already within your hearing aids. Providing the wearer a hands free alternative for the wireless transmission of varying audio sources clearly and in a comfortable discrete manner.

Standard Parcel Shipping:

2-3 Business days


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