Unitron Remote Control 2 Hearing aid Accessory


This device provides the wearer with control over the following features:

  • Volume
  • Programs
  • SmartFocus a real-time control of adaptive speech enhancement and management of noise reduction
  • Battery Status Light
  • Compatible North platform (Prior Unitron technology level)
  • One colour option
  • Large and easy to use buttons

Product Videos

Are you looking for an assistive listening device to enhance the use of your Unitron Hearing aids?

Well look no further than the Unitron Remote Control 2! The latest development from Unitron to control your devices when you need it most.

The Unitron remote control 2 is a highly discreet and simple addition to your hearing aids. The product is easy-to-use and provides the Unitron hearing aid wearer fundamental control of their hearing aids. The device is small and compact and is easily kept out of view in the top pocket of a shirt or within your bag. This allows the wearer the discreet ability to make adjustments out of view and on-the-go without the knowledge of those around them.



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