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Unitron Moxi Dura Pro Tempus Hearing Aid


High-end technology for large hearing losses!

Loves to go places and end up in noisy environments, You got nothing to worry when you have the Moxi Dura hearing aids. The device can recognise speech straight away above all types of noise. Tougher housing, gorgeous lines with a no-nonsense size 13 battery. This aid is the top of durable range Receiver in the Canal Hearing Device.
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Product Description

Hearing Aid Lifestyle Guide: Unitron Moxi Tempus Dura Pro

Large Groups & Background Noise
One-on-one Conversations In Noise
Small Group Settings
Outdoor Capabilities
Quiet Conversations
Hear with clarity in the most challenging listening situations, including conferences and social gatherings where there is background noise. Carry better one-on-one conversations in environments where background noise makes it typically challenging. This includes public venues like restaurants, cafés and pubs. Improved conversations in small group settings and discussions, such as Family BBQ’s or picnics in your local park. Relax and enjoy outdoor sounds. Great for wind reduction on golf courses or afternoon walks along the beach. Clarity in one-on-one conversations at home, in quiet, or at work during meetings.
Warnings & Notifications
Bluetooth Connected Calls
Rechargeable Device
Music Listening
Hearing In The Car
Hear warning sounds such as emergency alarms, doorbells and even kitchen appliances, including microwaves. Answer or reject calls that ring in your hearing aids with the press of a button. Always on the go? Go all day with rechargeable devices. Short and long charges available. Hear music in improved clarity and in more natural processing. Improved hearing in the car with a reduction of road noise and directionality with passenger voices.

Disclaimer: Information above is indicative only. Please request a trial should you wish to determine the effectiveness in context to your personal requirements.

About The Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Range

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aid is the premium level receiver in the canal listening device with the most advanced SoundCore programs in the Tempus technology platform. The hearing instrument is powered by the size 13 batteries and can be linked to the variety of accessories and remote controllers for convenient adjustments of listening settings.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Price Range

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids have the premium technology within the range. The product s is available in four other technological levels which serve less demanding hearing losses.

1) Unitron Moxi Dura 500
2) Unitron Moxi Dura 600
3) Unitron Moxi Dura 700
4) Unitron Moxi Dura 800
5) Unitron Moxi Dura Pro

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids have the premium technology level in the range brought by the most advanced features within the SoundCore system suitable for mild to severe hearing losses. According to your listening needs, the device is also available in four lesser technological levels such as the advanced Moxi Dura 800, the mid-level Moxi Dura 700, the standard upgrade Moxi Dura 600 and the basic technology Moxi Dura 500.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The premium Sound Conductor feature of the Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids has the noise reduction program which simultaneously works with other programs to result in clearer conversations and the best listening experiences. The feature detects the sounds in the environment then determines the noises in order to reduce the focus and leave signal from the background.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Directional Microphones And Features

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Speech Pro system of the Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids have comprehensive directionality programs which enhance speech understanding in noisy environments. These programs include the Speech Locator aimed for immediate localisation functionalities and the SpeechZone2 automatically adjusts in your surroundings to hear speaking voices from any directions with clarity. The Dynamic Spatial Awareness system of the device helps you in locating the non-speech sounds you need to hear in your environment for more natural listening experiences.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Amplification And Amplifier Features

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids have the amplification feature within the Sound Conductor system of the device which primarily highlights the speaking voices and targeted sounds in different environments. The technology uses an intelligent audio signal classifier which determines and amplifies the sounds you need to hear. The feature is modified by your clinician in order to function automatically or the amplification process may be controlled manually via accessories or the push button volume control.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Connectivity Features And Bluetooth

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows you to link your Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids to a different sound transmitting devices like the uStream, the uDirect3, the uTV3 as well as the wireless microphone uMic. The frequency reception technology permits you to control your Moxi Dura Pro’s listening settings for greater comfort and convenience using the Unitron IIC Remote and RemoteControl 2 device.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aids And Hearing Aid Batteries

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids are powered by long-lasting and reliable size 13 batteries for efficient use and functions.  Eardeals.com.au are selling these power cells at an economical price which can be delivered in capital cities within a day and in other parts of Australia for a few days more.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Fitting

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

For secured retention of the Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aid in the ear canal, the universal ear canal domes are ready for fitting to the device. These ear coverings come in single open vent, single closed vent and power double dome choices and each is moulded in small medium and large sizes to fit all types of ear canal anatomy.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Apps And Connectivity

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The uControl App is a software program which can be used to turn your smartphones into a discreet remote controlling device of your Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aid. The application also gives your clinician the overview of the listening environment and the hearing circumstances which you encounter in order to come up with remote modification on your listening settings. The uHear App is created by the Unitron company for self-administered testing of your listening senses.

Unitron Moxi Dura Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus Pro Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Dura Pro hearing aids can be set by your clinician with the Tinnitus Masker program which can help reduce your ringing in the ear problems. The feature has a noise generator which produces subtle sounds added to the background of your listening device to defocus your tinnitus noise.


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