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Unitron Moxi Discover Jump R T 9 Hearing Aid


Power Connectivity Telecoil and Bluetooth in a Premium Rechargeable device!

The Unitron Moxi Discover Jump R T hearing aid is the perfect solution for the tech-savvy persons and those with the most active lifestyles. The hearing aid has a Telecoil feature to connect with public audio systems. The device also comes with Direct Bluetooth Connectivity with any mobile device including iPhones and Android devices for streaming phone calls, music and more. All the highest level technology features of the 9 are powered by the device’s lithium-ion batteries integrated inside for regenerating power source. Trial FREE for 60 days!

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Product Description

Hearing Aid Lifestyle Guide: Unitron D Moxi Jump R T 9 Hearing Aid

Large Groups & Background Noise
One-on-one Conversations In Noise
Small Group Settings
Outdoor Capabilities
Quiet Conversations
Hear with clarity in the most challenging listening situations, including conferences and social gatherings where there is background noise. Carry better one-on-one conversations in environments where background noise makes it typically challenging. This includes public venues like restaurants, cafés and pubs. Improved conversations in small group settings and discussions, such as Family BBQ’s or picnics in your local park. Relax and enjoy outdoor sounds. Great for wind reduction on golf courses or afternoon walks along the beach. Clarity in one-on-one conversations at home, in quiet, or at work during meetings.
Warnings & Notifications
Bluetooth Connected Calls
Rechargeable Device
Music Listening
Hearing In The Car
Hear warning sounds such as emergency alarms, doorbells and even kitchen appliances, including microwaves. Answer or reject calls that ring in your hearing aids with the press of a button. Always on the go? Go all day with rechargeable devices. Short and long charges available. Hear music in improved clarity and in more natural processing. Improved hearing in the car with a reduction of road noise and directionality with passenger voices.

Disclaimer: Information above is indicative only. Please request a trial should you wish to determine the effectiveness in context to your personal requirements.

About The Unitron D Moxi Jump R T 9 Hearing Aid Range

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid from the Unitron Discover hearing aid range comes with Telecoil public announcement feature and Direct Bluetooth connectivity for streaming phone calls, music and many other audio sources. The hearing aid is a receiver in the canal type of hearing aid that comes with a built-in rechargeable batteries for power supply.

The Jump R Telecoil hearing aids come with the following features:

  • Telecoil to stream sounds from public audio systems
  • Connects directly with Apple and Android phones via Bluetooth
  • Answer or reject phone call through the device push button
  • Stream phone calls, music and more audio files
  • Hear streamed sounds or phone calls into both ears
  • Easily upgrade to a higher performing technology on the same device
  • Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Overnight charging and partial quick charging option
  • Connects with a mobile apps to control and personalise the device in more difficult to hear environments
  • Stream high-quality stereo sounds using a TV Connector
  • Highest water and dust resistant (IP 68)
  • Available in 10 colour options that match hair and skin tones for greater discreteness

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Price Range

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid is the premium device in the Unitron Discover range. The hearing aids distinct and unique feature in the range is that comes with Telecoil feature. The Moxi Jump R T “9” is the premium or highest level in the discover range. With a built-in rechargeable battery and direct Bluetooth connectivity with any mobile phones the hearing aid offers the most advanced features in the market matched only by the sister brand Phonak with the Marvel Range.

1) Unitron Moxi Jump R T 3 – Telecoil, Bluetooth, Rechargeable
2) Unitron Moxi Jump R T 5 – Telecoil, Bluetooth, Rechargeable
3) Unitron Moxi Jump R T 7 – Telecoil, Bluetooth, Rechargeable
4) Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 – Telecoil, Bluetooth, Rechargeable

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aids and Flex Upgrade

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The patent software from Unitron called FlexUpgrade is a system that allows the patient to experience different levels of sound processing performance with the Moxi Jump R T Discover hearing aid. The software uses the same device and upgrades the internal signal processor into a higher level of technology to better perform in difficult listening situations. The technology provides the wearer with the freedom to choose the best solution to the hearing loss and find the most suitable to the lifestyle in just a price range difference.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Technology

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid from the Unitron Discover range has the premium sound processing technology called SoundNav that precisely identifies the kind of scenario and automatically adjusts the settings to resolve the struggles in noise. The hearing aid also comes with the MediaNav feature that solely processes the streamed sounds from mobile phones, tv sets and other streaming accessories.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The premium noise reduction feature of the Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid is found within the Sound Conductor program that identifies different types of sounds including noises and unimportant sounds. The feature applies automatic volume and signal gain reduction to sounds that are identified as noises whilst the other program enhances and clarifies the speech signals and wanted sounds.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Directionality Features

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid from Unitron Discover range uses the directional microphone and premium localisation program to scan the entire surroundings for speech and important sounds. The hearing technology level has features that emphasise the location of speaking voices to process sound better. The device can focus on any direction from where the sounds are coming from and help the wearer hear even in the most challenging environments.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Amplification Features

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid’s premium amplification feature can be found within the Speech Enhancement program of the device. The program increases the gain in speaking voice signals within the environment whilst reducing the noise background to improve speech understanding and comfort in conversational situations. As the sounds increase gain, the hearing aid technology uses the 20 fine-tuning channels to maintain clarity of amplified sounds and secure speech comprehension even in the noisiest environment.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Connectivity and Accessories Features

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid from the Discover range links with any mobile phones including iPhones and Apple devices as well as Android smartphones and other Bluetooth compatible audio accessories via Direct Bluetooth technology. The hearing aid can stream any type of audio files such as music and incoming phone calls wherein the onboard button is used to accept, reject or end the streamed call. The device can also connect to a TV via TV Connector for high-quality stereo sound and wireless streaming.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aids Charging and Batteries

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aid comes with integrated lithium-ion batteries to regenerate power without disposable batteries found in traditional hearing aids. The hearing aid uses the Moxi Jump R T Charger case as a secondary drying kit; a storage compartment and a charger base to supply up to a whole day of hearing with streaming functionality. The hearing aid takes only a few hours (partial charging option) or in an overnight span to fully charge. The device has an optional power storing accessory called Unitron Power Pack that attaches at the bottom of the case (optional extra) provides an additional wireless power source when on the go and without the need to “plug and charge” from a wall socket. The additional battery provides up to an additional 3-4 days charge on top of the fully charged device that will last a day prior to requiring the charging pack.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Fitting

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Jump R T 9 Moxi hearing aid from the Unitron Discover hearing aid range can attach soft ear canal domes for comfortable and easy wearing. The fit domes are available in varying types and different sizes that match most ear canal shapes. The soft ear canal covers have a shape that blocks too much noise from the listening background whist maintaining a natural feel. The dome shapes and sizes assist with the hearing aid while the wearer is in motion along side the purpose shaped contours of the receiver wires from the hearing aid to the ear canal.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Mobile App Features

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The mobile application called the Remote Plus App from Unitron can connect the smartphone and the Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aids to allow control and record functionalities. The system displays on the mobile phone screen the control knobs and switches to increase the hearing aid volume and change from one program to another feature. The hearing aid application can also keep the record of the listening experiences in real-time situations which can be useful in device adjustment appointments when you visit the clinic and are required to provide feedback about the success of the hearing aid trial.

Unitron Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Unitron Moxi Jump R T 9 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Tinnitus Masker feature from Unitron can be set up on the Moxi Jump R T 9 hearing aids to help the wearer with tinnitus problems relieve the struggles brought by ringing in the ear signals. The feature includes a soft signal as a hearing aid background sound that distracts the wearer from hearing the tinnitus sounds. The process with is conducted by the hearing aid is referred to as masking.



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