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Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus Hearing Aid


    Say hello to hands-free phone calls!

    • Bluetooth hearing aid
    • Hands-free mobile phone calls on any smartphone
    • Hear calls ringing directly through your hearing aids
    • Click-button “accept & reject call” (hands-free)
    • Make personal adjustments through the app
    • 12 colours with hair and skin tones
    • High IP 68 rated, water and dust resistance
    • Long lasting battery power
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    Product Launch: Annie - Moxi All and All-R

    Product Description


    Product Name

    Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus

    Bluetooth Hearing Aid

    Types of hearing aid:

    • About the Brand
    The Moxi All 500 Tempus receiver-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid is the new member of the award-winning product range from Unitron. The product directly connects to any mobile phone without any additional accessory needed.

    • Bluetooth hearing aid
    • Hands-free mobile phone calls on any smartphone
    • Hear calls ringing directly through your hearing aids
    • Click-button “accept & reject call” (hands-free)
    • No extra streamers required for phone uses
    • Flexible upgrades on all levels of technology
    • 12 colours with hair and skin tones
    • Amazing sound quality – best in conversation
    • High IP 68 rated, water and dust resistance
    • Long lasting battery power
    • 12 colour choices
    • Cheap hearing aid prices

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Upgrades
    The Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus is the essential hearing aid technology of the entire product line. The hearing aid has four program upgrades which are available and can be easily set up through Flex Upgrade system should you wish to upgrade within the same hearing aid at a later date.

    1) Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus – Bluetooth
    2) Unitron Moxi All 600 Tempus – Bluetooth
    3) Unitron Moxi All 700 Tempus – Bluetooth
    4) Unitron Moxi All 800 Tempus – Bluetooth
    5) Unitron Moxi All Pro Tempus – Bluetooth

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Flex Upgrade
    With patient preference, the clinician can easily upgrade your choice of hearing technology level of Unitron Moxi All with the use of the Flex Upgrade System in the clinic. Due to the processing chip found within the hearing aid itself, the upgrade is easily and quickly updated from the essential 500 level to all levels above from 600 to the pro advanced technology level.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Technology Level
    When comparing other essential hearing aids in the world against the Moxi All 500 Tempus it’s difficult to make comparisons in the same price bracket. Unitron typically reserves its latest technological advancements, such as Bluetooth to its higher technology ranges and of course they carry the hefty price tag. However, this time around Unitron has gone one step further and provided a class-leading hands-free hearing aid technology available in a cheap hearing aid within the essential level. This is a great product for those seeking assistance with their hearing loss at an affordable price.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Noise Reduction
    The Sound Conductor feature of the Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aid function is the noise reduction program that decreases unwanted signals and clarifies difficult listening environment for the wearer. The Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus is a class leader in this technology type, also boasting significant clarity in noise, providing the wearer with additional assistance in understanding speech in a noisy complex environments such as a busy restraint or on a busy street.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Directionality
    The essential directionality feature of the Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aid comes in the Pinna Effect program and an adaptive localisation system. The directionality programs of the aid allow the wearer to experience how the ear naturally perceives sound from different directions. This type of technology provides the wearer with greater spatial awareness in complex or noisy environments.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Amplification
    The amplification technology of the Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aids function within the Sound Conductor system that selects the sound signals which need to be intensified above the noise of the environment. This basically means you only hear what you want to hear as the hearing aid filters the most desirable sounds.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Connectivity
    The Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aid uses Bluetooth connectivity to link with any type of mobile phones even farther than 30 feet or 10 meters away. This connectivity also permits automatic voice transmission through the hearing aids to your mobile phone allowing for un-interrupted calls at the press of a button on your hearing aids. You simply leave your smartphone within 10 meters and click a button on the back of the hearing aids to answer an incoming call, which rings through the hearing aids. At the press of a button on the back of the aid, you can simply end the call. This feature uses Bluetooth connectivity the same as in your car or when connecting your phone wirelessly to a speaker or TV. The product also connects to TV, laptop and stereo set via Airstream technology from the TV Connector device.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Charging
    The traditional size 13 zinc-air batteries are used to power up the Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aids. EarDeals clients who purchase hearing aids receive a free years supply of batteries. The products batteries are affordable at Eardeals online and can be delivered to your house after purchasing in a matter of minutes.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Fit Domes
    The Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aids can attach an open vent or closed vent domes, as well as power vent domes. The domes are designed to suit various ear canal sizes; the silicone domes come in large, medium and small designs.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Smartphone App
    The Remote Plus App is a smartphone application that connects the Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aids with any smartphones for real-time feedback to the clinician and also has personalised setting adjustments for difficult listening situations. The outcome is a more customised fitting to the wearers hearing loss, which is reflected by device data of the wearer’s lifestyle and commonly visited noisy environments.

    Types of hearing aid:

    • Tinnitus Therapy
    The Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus hearing aids have a Tinnitus therapy feature for the ringing, buzzing or clicking in the ear symptoms of Tinnitus. The technology used is called the Tinnitus Masker which is a noise generator that creates a sound signal that will defocus the hearing senses away from the symptoms.
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    Moxi All-R

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    Hands Free Phone Calls

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    Directional Microphones


    Hands-Free Calls

    Yes, Direct through Bluetooth to smartphones

    Call Accept / Reject Button

    Yes – Back of device (10m radius from phone)

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