Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid


$5,514.00 (Price of Pair)

The latest innovation in hearing aid technology today can all be found within the Signia Styletto X device! You get to hear in clear rich sound even when in motion via the patent Acoustic Motion Sensor features in the premium level 7X device. The hearing aid is a Bluetooth enabled technology in a modern form of hearing device which allows you to take hands-free phone call streaming and more. The rechargeable capability of the device is made even more portable and powerful with the charger case being able to charge wirelessly through QI charging technology that only requires the unit to lay on top of a charging pad, no wires and cords needed! It gets really exciting, call us now and we will tell you more!
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About The Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid 

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X slim-formed rechargeable type of receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid from Signia comes with the acoustic motion sensor technology, which brings crystal clear sound in every type of listening situation, even when the wearer is on the move.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Upgrades

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X premium hearing aid is the top-level device of the slim-RIC range from the Signia Xperience technology platform.

  • Signia Styletto 3X Hearing Aid
  • Signia Styletto 5X Hearing Aid
  • Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Technology

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Styletto Signia 7X premium level hearing aid has the most advanced platform range technology that includes the acoustic motion sensor to help personalise and improve the listening experience, especially when the wearer is in the motion of movement.

The hearing aid comes with the patented technology called the Own Voice Processing system, to reduce the overpowering effect of the wearer’s own voice when engaged in conversations.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Feature

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Styletto 7X hearing aid from the Signia Xperience runs an inherent noise reduction program within the YourSound platform technology, that works along with other features to effectively decrease noise signals.

The device also comes with the most advanced adaptive environmental program that tones down breeze noise via the eWindScreen technology and the OVP system which eliminates the overpowering effects of the wearers own voice when engaged in the conversational listening setup.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Directionality Feature

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Styletto 7X hearing aid from the Signia Xperience platform has the directionality program called the Spatial SpeechFocus technology, which can manually control the beam of the microphone gathering sounds from the front, back, left or right.

The program helps the wearer to focus on the location of the sounds for better listening experiences. The device also comes with the Acoustic Motion Sensor and Dynamic Soundscape Processing system which adjusts the hearing aid programs to improve sound perception from any direction even when the wearer is in motion.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Amplification Feature

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The amplification process of the Signia Styletto 7X hearing aids uses and optimises the 48 signal processing channels and controls within the device, to clarify the gain and sound adjustments.

The premium level device has an extended bandwidth that helps recognise high-frequency speech and sounds, aside from the Speech Clarity program, which is a system that improves speaking voice signals.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Connectivity Features and Bluetooth

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid comes with top-performing Bluetooth connectivity which allows the wearer to experience true hands-free phone calling and audio streaming.

The device can directly accept phone calls and receive audio files from iPhones, iPads, and iPods whilst the Android and other smartphone systems require a streaming accessory called the StreamLine Mic to allow Bluetooth features and functionalities.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Telehealth and Remote Services

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid can be set up with the Telecare program to allow a hassle-free and immediately accessible remote hearing care system. The program works with the mobile application called the Signia App which comes with a portion to store data, chat messages, video calls and perform remote setting adjustments in real-time.

The wearer may log the hearing experience or immediately report the difficulty in hearing, which the clinician aligns the settings of the device and sends adjustments in an instant over the mobile app.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Batteries and Power Source

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid is one of the best on-the-go hearing aid solutions, as the device houses the top-performing battery and latest rechargeable technology in the industry today.

The hearing aid uses lithium-ion batteries that charge via a compact and portable charging case with the QI wireless technology that allows the accessory to charge by placing over a charging pad.

Charging capabilities:

  • 4 hours – fully charged
  • 30 mins – 5 hours of use / 3 hours use with streaming

Full charged Styletto X provides:

  • 19 hours use without streaming
  • 16 hours use with 5 hours of streaming

*The Styletto charger accessory can deliver up to 3 days of convenient use without the need to charge the case.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Accessories

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid uses a charger kit accessory which comes with a portable charger case and a pad for power-up. The charger case and the charging pad supports QI wireless power-up allows easy charging of the accessory for the wearer’s convenience.

The device as an ultra-slim aid that does not have physically accessible buttons, can connect with the miniPocket remote control accessory or link with the Signia App control feature to access and manage the device settings.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Colours Choices

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Styletto 7X hearing aid from the Signia Xperience platform houses the top-performing hearing technology and completes the package of a high-tech device with an ultra-slim design and the most modern-looking colour selections.

The device colours are as follows:

  • Snow White casing with Rose Gold plate
  • Cosmic Blue casing with Rose Gold plate
  • Black casing with silver plate
  • White
  • Black

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Mobile Application Access 

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid can be supported and integrated with the Signia App that can be installed on the wearer’s smartphone. The hearing program interface houses a variety of audiological features, control ability, connectivity access, remote hearing care and the Signia Assistant program.

The hearing system can discreetly manage the connectivity of the device, control the volume level, settings, and programs for better personalisation. For remote hearing care, the app can log and report the listening experiences for administering better modification, guided by the hearing care professional all done over the phone via chat or video call.

The Signia Assistant segment of the app acts as a virtual hearing aid support that can be accessed anytime.

Styletto Xperience Hearing Aid Tinnitus Therapy

Signia Styletto 7X Hearing Aid

The wearer of the Signia Styletto 7X hearing aid who experiences an involuntary perception of buzzing tone or ringing in the ear may take advantage of Signia’s Tinnitus therapy program which can be set up by the hearing aid professional.

The program adds a type of subtle noise to the hearing aid background, which aims to defocus the wearer from hearing the tinnitus signals.

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