Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid


$5,668.00 (Price of Pair)

The form-factor device with Augmented hearing technology from Signia

The Augmented Xperience platform presents the advanced level Signia Styletto AX hearing aid with a beautiful design and amazing sound quality. The device improves speech and surrounding sounds to create an immersive and rich acoustic experience even in noise. The Styletto AX hearing aid has Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app for easy access to remote hearing services and a virtual listening assistant providing guidance and helpful tips.
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About The Styletto AX Hearing Aid Range

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid is the advanced tech level device from Signia AX (Augmented Xperience) platform structured in an ultra-slim and smooth design. The hearing aid is capable of rechargeable power supporting the device’s internal processor, which improves speaking voice signals and enriches the surrounding background acoustics for immersive and complete hearing experiences.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Range

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto AX hearing aid range has three technology devices that correspond to the wearer’s need with a different set of programs and varying levels of capability to adapt to any type of listening environment. The 5AX level is the standard level device.

  1. Signia Styletto 3AX (Essential)
  2. Signia Styletto 5AX (Standard)
  3. Signia Styletto 7AX (Advanced)

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Technology

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Augmented Focus technology within the Signia Styletto AX hearing aids presents the two-processor system that highlights the targeted speaking voice signal whilst enriching the surrounding sounds to create a complete and immersive listening environment. The hearing aid advances the wearer’s sound experiences with greater clarity of sounds and contrast between speech and environmental acoustics.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Styletto 5AX hearing aid from Signia has the advanced level speech and noise management system as the primary noise reduction feature of the device to eliminate the overwhelming effect of the insignificant sounds from the environment. The program helps reduce the wearer’s effort in discerning the important sounds away from the noises within the listening situation.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Directionality Features

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid has directional microphones that map the acoustic environment and locate the important sounds and speech signals within the surroundings. The device mic scans and steers the focus to the area from where the targeted sounds originate, which can be manually controlled to beam the sound gathering capability to the side or the back using the Signia mobile app.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Amplification  Features

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid’s amplification system used to enhance and improve the important sounds and speech signals is achieved through the 16-gain adjustment control and hearing channels which maintains the clarity of audio signals when amplified. The hearing aid also has an extended dynamic range feature that can recognise and process loud audio signals and even soft sound nuances for greater detail in listening experiences.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Connectivity Features and Bluetooth

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid works with different listening accessories such as remote control, tv streamer, and discreet wireless microphone to adjust and share listening settings that link using signal pairing technology. The mobile phone connectivity of the hearing aid uses the Bluetooth protocol system to exchange listening information, stream audio content such as phone calls, music, and more.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Batteries and Power Source

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The advanced level rechargeable device Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid sources power from a lithium-ion battery. The device is fully charged after sitting in the charging case for 4 hours to provide up to 17 hours of usage.

The Styletto AX has two optional charging cases.

  • Styletto AX Charger – portable charging case that stores power to provide up to 4 total charges of the device
  • Dry&Clean Charger – latest technology charging storage that comes with UVC cleaning and drying features

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Accessories

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Styletto 5AX hearing aid from the Signia Augmented Xperience platform can be linked and accessed with the help of listening accessories. The hearing aid programs and functionalities can be optimised through a TV streamer accessory, remote control device, and discrete wireless microphone.

The hearing aid connects to a TV sound transmitter, wireless mic, and a remote-control device.

Signia StreamLine TV – television sound streaming accessory that sends the audio signal into the hearing aids

Signia StreamLine Mic – audio streaming microphone and access point for more Bluetooth enabled mobile devices

miniPocket – discrete remote control that seamlessly manages the hearing aid features and essential settings

Cros device – hearing solution for single-sided deafness to partner with hearing aids and access more features and sound technology

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Colour Choices

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto 5AX hearing aid is an award-winning device available in modern colour choices and state-of-the-art design.

The colour selections of the device are as follows:

  • Black/Fine Gold
  • Black /Graphite
  • Black /Silver
  • Cosmic Blue/ Fine Gold
  • Cosmic Blue /Rose Gold
  • Cosmic Blue / Silver
  • Snow White/ Fine Gold
  • Snow White / Rose Gold
  • Snow White / Silver

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Fitting

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto AX hearing aid receiver unit fits the new standard silicone dome that is easier to attach and quickly fits the device. The use of the silicone dome allows the patient to wear the hearing aid in an instant.

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Mobile Application

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Styletto AX hearing aid accessed through the Signia App mobile application brings comfort and ease of use for the wearer. The mobile app comes with a technology system that can control the essential features of the device as well as programs that allow remote care services.

Remote Control feature –Permits the patient to discreetly modify the hearing aid settings to improve the listening experience.

TeleCare – Remote hearing care system that permits virtual consultation, remote and real-time adjustment, and more beneficial features that improve the patient experience even over a distance

Signia Assistant – Intelligent digital assistant system that acknowledges the wearer’s listening activities, hearing settings preferences, and more

Styletto AX Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Signia Styletto 5AX Hearing Aid

The wearer-patients of the Signia Styletto AX hearing aids who experience discomfort due to ringing or buzzing in the ear can take advantage and benefit from the Signia Tinnitus solution technology. The tinnitus solution is programmed as the background sound of the hearing aids that aims to defocus from the unwanted noise.

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Late 2021

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12 months warranty


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