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Signia (Siemens) Pure 13 Bluetooth 7 Primax (7PX) Hearing Aid


Direct Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, TV’s and MP3 players

The pinnacle of Signia’s research and development in hearing aid technology can found in the Pure 13 BT 7PX! This device is packed with Signia’s cornerstone technologies as well as Bluetooth capabilities for smartphone, TV and MP3 direct streaming. Perfect for the busy worker or those who live an active social life and require near-perfect hearing and support with phone use. Call EarDeals today to start a free, 30-day trial.
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Product Description

About the Brand

The premium-level Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX is powered with the broadest use of Bluetooth together with the highest tech binaural programs available.The Pure 13 BT 7PX is made special for iPhones with the My Control App which can be used for direct streaming and functionality control of your listening settings as well as the revolutionary iPhone Motion Sensor. The remote-control device MiniPocket is still as useful in the most difficult listening environment.

Hearing aid: Upgrades

The premium Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has two other technological options. The 5PX technology is the advanced level whilst the 3PX has the standard technology in the range.

1)     Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 3PX
2)     Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 5PX
3)     Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX

Your Environment

If you are wearing the new Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX in noisy environments such as a busy workplace or jogging you can have better hearing experiences. The Pure 13 BT 7PX is specially made for iPhones with the new My Control App along with the iPhone Motion Sensor which incorporates unobtrusive environmental sounds which are necessary while you are in motion. The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has the automatic and manual environmental features which reduce noise from the background and focuses on the sounds you need to hear. Even in complex surroundings, your hearing senses are in tune with the programs like EchoShield (removes sound reflections), Telecoil (public audio system streaming) and the binaural eWindScreen (reduce wind sounds).

Technology Levels

The Pure 13 BT 3PX has the standard programs to serve the basic hearing needs whilst the 5PX technology of Pure 13 BT is packed with advanced listening features for moderate hearing assistance. The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has the premium technology with the increased range of functionalities suited for the most complex hearing problems and aids in difficult hearing situations.

Noise Reduction

The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX technology level has the most advanced noise reduction program which automatically decreases the noise from your surroundings whilst clarifying the targeted sounds you need to hear. The product level has 20 compression controls that are useful in managing noise in different types of environments. The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX’s mini receivers in the ear canals can be fitted with the variety of sizes Click Sleeves (cover domes).


The front directionality functions of the two microphones on the Signia Siemens 7PX hearing device automatically gathers the sounds in the foreground direction then emphasises on the signals with the narrow directionality. Through binaural fitting of the Pure 13 BT 7PX, the device may have the Spatial SpeechFocus wherein you can listen and focus on the speaking voices you need to hear that may come in any directions. The premium SpeechMaster program in the Pure 13 BT 7PX hearing aid isolates the targeted sound you need to concentrate on away from the noise of the environment and then clarifies the signals for the finest hearing experiences.


The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has the automatic and premium SpeechMaster feature that helps in the amplification process of the sounds you need to hear away from the background noises of our surroundings. The Pure 13 BT 7PX has 48 hearing channels which are useful in clarifying the amplified sounds you need to hear in any kind of situations for the finest hearing experiences.


The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX’s high tech binaural programs which are mobilised through the HD e2e 3.0 connectivity. The Bluetooth low energy connectivity is used for the Apple iPhones’ specialised features and applications with My Control App (including Streamline TV device). The MiniPocket remote controller is used for discreet control of your Pure 13 BT 7PX.  The Telecare 2.0 hearing care is supported by the telelink technology which connects your hearing aid to your clinician and back to your smartphone.

Remote Hearing Care

The Telecare 2.0 is a hearing care interface for the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX which connects to your clinicians’ portal system and to your smartphone. The program uses the telelink connectivity to gather the environmental overview and then sends it the portal for the assessment of your Pure 13 BT 7PX’s hearing settings, remotely from the clinic, you can receive the adjustment prescriptions of your hearing care clinician through the My Hearing App on your smartphone. The My Control App for Apple iPhones personalises your hearing protection over time by coming up with sound memory settings of the environments you commonly encounter.


The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX technology has the most advanced environmental features which function automatically and may also be adjusted manually. To seamlessly adapt to your environment, the process of reducing noise from the background and the amplification and clarification of the sounds you want to hear can be modified. The sounds from your surroundings are gathered through the directional microphones in the Pure 13 BT 7PX hearing aid and it automatically focuses on your front directions or the targeted sounds from any directions through the Spatial SpeechFocus (binaural fitting).


Because of the compact design, the device does not support charging ports but the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX assures energy-efficient features and programs. The Pure 13 BT 7PX product level is power supplied by the compact size 13a batteries. These batteries can be purchased from the Eardeals.com.au at a low price and can be delivered to your home (capital cities) in just a day or 2-3 days in rural parts of Australia.


The Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has a seamless connectivity to Apple iPhones and to different accessories like the Streamline TV and the miniPocket remote control. The link between these devices and mobile phones is aimed to support your hearing care and for convenient streaming sounds.

First, the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX has an exclusive connection to Apple iPhones through the My Control App for features and setting direct adjustments. The Streamline TV device uses the software application for seamless streaming smart TV sounds.

Second, the remote control MiniPocket may function as a discreet controller and can be used in modifying the listening programs and specifications of your Pure 13 BT 7PX.

The accessories featured on this page is also available for purchase at the Eardeals.com.au. Your hearing care clinician will help you in managing your chosen devices.


There are the variety of colour choices for the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX that is suitable for different skin tones and hair colours.

Light Shades: Silver, Pearl White, Beige, Grey, Dark Champagne, Golden Blonde
Dark shade: Black, Sandy Brown, Deep Brown, Dark Granite, Granite

How to Use

Placed behind the ears, the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX and the mini receiver in the ear canals are connected by a thin clear tube to appear unnoticeable. The hearing device has a rocker switch which can be reached by hands for immediate modification of program settings. Rated IP67 for reliability, the Pure 13 BT 7PX is fully protected from dust and can even withstand accidental submerging to water. The digital component of your hearing aid is adjusted by your clinician, and on the same day of fitting, the mini receiver of the Pure 13 BT 7PX can be fitted with easy attach click sleeves for instant use. For convenience and control, the hearing aid can be connected to different accessories and applications especially with the Apple iPhones.

Fit Domes

The mini receiver of the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX hearing aid can be fitted with the soft silicone cover called Click Sleeves. These coverings are well-shaped to ensure strong retention and to naturally fit in all types of ear canals. The Click Sleeves comes in open vent and closed vent options that also bring varying noise cancellation capacity and both are introduced in small, medium and large sizes.

Smartphone App

The My Control Application is the software program which seamlessly connects your Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX and the Apple iPhones. The software supports the iPhone motion sensor which is helpful in hearing while on the move and the program also permits adjustments in your listening features. To accomplish the Telecare 2.0 promise, the My Hearing App on your smartphone serves as your receiving portal for your remote hearing care requirements.

Tinnitus Therapy

The Notch therapy is the approach used by the Signia Siemens Pure 13 BT 7PX to resolve Tinnitus difficulties.  The therapy program adds natural sounding noises to your hearing aids’ background sounds where the tinnitus is and will pleasantly combine over a period of exposure. The approach is clinically proven to remove the most common ringing in the ear problems. To suppress the kind of tinnitus you have with the help of your Pure 13 BT 7PX, your clinician can adjust the settings of the Notch Therapy for your relief and comfort.


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