Signia (Siemens) easyPocket Hearing Aid Accessory


The Signia easyPocket is a simple, high-quality remote control with an emphasis on easy handling.

The devices intuitive design places a selection of essential hearing aid features in the palm of your hand. Large buttons and an easy to read digital screen provides the user the ultimate control of their listening environment. Additional features include a key-lock which protects the user’s settings against accidental knocks and changes to settings; perfect for those in care or those who wish to have their controls set and left. The display Indicates a variety of important attributes of the product which include: change of listening programs, volume, a current device status bar, alarm, battery level, contact data and mute option.The large buttons allow for simple program changes with the lifting or dropping of volumes accessible. A standby mode supports long battery life. The Signia easyPocket is discrete, conveniently hidden in a top pocket or handbag.