Signia (Siemens) Cellion Hearing Aid Charger Accessory


The Siemens Cellion inductive charger is unique to the Signia Cellion hearing aids. It is a sleek and compact charging unit delivering 24 hours of continuous use. Fast charging is only 4 hours for a full charge, and a 30-minute charge will provide 7 hours of use. The devices house some additional features, for example, LED indicators that display the level of charge at a distance on both hearing aids. The most outstanding feature aside the capability of fast charging is the devices ability to dehumidify the hearing aids – Scroll down to read more!

During the hot months or rainy days, it is not uncommon for moisture to affect the performance or use of the hearing aids. The dehumidifier encourages longevity and maintenance of your device in a simple to use drop-and-go alternative to traditional dehumidifiers, which ultimately don’t charge the hearing aid at the same time. This means that while you sleep your hearing aids are receiving the best possible care available increasing the hearing aids life beyond warranty periods and days of delay when sending the devices off for routine maintenance. The charger is connected via a universal Micro USB cable and is complimented by a standard USB connector for ease at the charging port. The charger boasts an on/off feature that automatically turns off when the charging of the devices is completed. This is believed to further increases the life span of the rechargeable battery. Charging is supported by induction; by simply laying your hearing aids in the cradle they will automatically start charging removing the need for great dexterity to connect leads and cables to the device.


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