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Signia (Siemens) Cellion 2 Primax (2PX) Hearing Aid


Rechargeable and small and with 24 hours of continuous streaming!

The Signa Cellion PX has long been considered a staple in the Signia receiver in the canal range. Perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of ordering and changing batteries or for those who struggle with “fiddly components”. The easy to use charger device boasts simple charging with energy lights for battery status.
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Cleaning the receiver of a Signia -Siemens receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid

Product Description

About the Brand

The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px is the first hearing aid in the world which uses the revolutionary inductive charging process for power supply. The receiver in the canal product is the essential entry level with the Primax and programs which can be managed by linking with different listening accessories to ensure comfort and better hearing senses.

Hearing aid: Upgrades

There are three upgrades for the essential level Signia Siemens Cellion 2px according to the capacity in audio processing.

1)    Signia Siemens Cellion 2px
2)    Signia Siemens Cellion 3px
3)    Signia Siemens Cellion 5px
4)    Signia Siemens Cellion 7px

Your Environment

You can have confidence in every conversation always when you wear Signia Siemens Cellion 2px with the hearing device’s lithium-ion batteries. The product has the Primax technology and programs to help you hear speaking voices in a more clearer sense. The connectivity with accessories and the telecoil feature allows you to get a natural way of hearing your surroundings.

Technology Levels

The essential level of technology Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing aid is most suitable for the mild to moderate hearing losses with less demand in listening. The product has upgrades for upper hearing needs which includes the Cellion 3px, 5px and 7px.

Noise Reduction

The SpeechMaster system of the Signia Siemens Cellion 2px essential hearing aid has the feature that reduces the noise of the listening environment you engage into. The program is accompanied by other feature to decrease the focus on sounds that are not necessary for your conversations.


The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing aid has the essential technology of the directionality program within the SpeechMaster system. The two directional microphones are utilised by the features to collect sounds from your surroundings.


The amplification program of the Signia Siemens Cellion 2px essential hearing aid is found within the Primax system called SpeechMaster. The process intensifies the signals you focus on to have a better reception of the sound.


The connectivity features of the Signia Siemens Cellion 2px essential listening devices include the wireless e2e 3.0 for aid-to-aid sound processing and the frequency link technology for remote controlling accessories and other Bluetooth enabled gadgets for audio streaming.

Remote Hearing Care

The Telecare 2.0 is the system used by your hearing care professional in orders to assess remotely from the clinic the success of your Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing aids in providing you better hearing experiences.


The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px essential hearing device has the SpeechMaster system that serves as the automatic environmental adjustment program to help you adapt to your listening environment. The feature simultaneously modifies the hearing settings of your assistive instrument such noise reduction, amplification and directionality processes.


The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px essential hearing product regenerates functionality through the inductive charger which supplies power to the lithium-ion battery inside the hearing device. The accessory can be sold from the Eardeals online shop at an affordable price which can also be delivered in major cities within a day or 2 or 3 days in other areas of Australia.


The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing aid can be connected and managed remotely via different accessories like remote controlling gadgets (easyPocket, miniPocket), audio streaming devices and Bluetooth enabled accessories including the easyTek technology products.

These devices are sold from Eardeals online shop at an affordable price. Your clinician will help you determine and familiarise you with your chosen accessories for your hearing aids.


The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing device has 12 different colour choices:

Deep Red, Grey, Silver, Dark Champagne, Beige, Golden Blonde, Brown, Sandy Brown, Black, Granite, Dark Granite and Pearl White

How to Use

The Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing device is discreetly placed at the upper back of the ear and a thin wire comes down to the ear canal for the receiver chip which can be fitted with soft silicone dome for instant use. The device will be digitally adjusted according to your listening needs and your clinicians will assist you further in utilising the device and with any accessories, you may choose.

Fit Domes

The Click Sleeves are soft silicone dome which can be used to fit the variety of ear canal structure to the Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing device. The silicone cover comes with two vent options; open and closed options with small, medium and large sizes.

Smartphone App

The Touch Control App is a software application which links your Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing device to your smartphone for major controlling capacities.  The easyTek App is used to manage the sound streaming devices and Bluetooth enabled instruments for your hearing aid.

Tinnitus Therapy

The Notch Tinnitus therapy is the program that can be integrated into your Signia Siemens Cellion 2px hearing device to help decrease the annoying sounds caused by ringing in the ear. To help you further, your clinician will set up and adjust the program according to your tinnitus problem.


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Please note that every effort has been made to provide the highest level of accuracy on content within this website. Should you believe that a fact is misleading in any way our team would happily update our information to further improve the support of those living with hearing loss. Please send to: admin@eardeals.com.au. The term invisible hearing aid refers to the Signia Silk where the body of the hearing aid is completely in the canal of the ear. Excluding a small clear tube for retention that protrudes from the ear canal.

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3 years warranty

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12 months warranty

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