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Signia Pure Charge and Go 5NX Hearing Aid


The Signia Pure Charge&Go 5 NX hearing aid is the newly released hearing aid, from one of the big global manufacturers of hearing aids. Combining rechargeable capabilities and Bluetooth, this device combines sophisticated technology in a small hearing aid. Step back into your environment and hear life as nature intended at a fraction of the usual hearing aid price!

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Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Software

Signia Nx Hearing Aid Replicating Nature Technology

Product Description

Hearing Aid Lifestyle Guide: Signia Pure Charge and Go 5Nx

Large Groups & Background Noise
One-on-one Conversations In Noise
Small Group Settings
Outdoor Capabilities
Quiet Conversations
Hear with clarity in the most challenging listening situations, including conferences and social gatherings where there is background noise. Carry better one-on-one conversations in environments where background noise makes it typically challenging. This includes public venues like restaurants, cafés and pubs. Improved conversations in small group settings and discussions, such as Family BBQ’s or picnics in your local park. Relax and enjoy outdoor sounds. Great for wind reduction on golf courses or afternoon walks along the beach. Clarity in one-on-one conversations at home, in quiet, or at work during meetings.
Warnings & Notifications
Bluetooth Connected Calls
Rechargeable Device
Music Listening
Hearing In The Car
Hear warning sounds such as emergency alarms, doorbells and even kitchen appliances, including microwaves. Answer or reject calls that ring in your hearing aids with the press of a button. Always on the go? Go all day with rechargeable devices. Short and long charges available. Hear music in improved clarity and in more natural processing. Improved hearing in the car with a reduction of road noise and directionality with passenger voices.

Disclaimer: Information above is indicative only. Please request a trial should you wish to determine the effectiveness in context to your personal requirements.

About The Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Range

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Pure Charge&Go 5NX is the mid-level hearing aid in the Signia Pure Charge&Go suite of products. A great device for busy professionals and active social people.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids
  • Wireless connectivity Bluetooth connected hearing aids
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • 19 hours of streaming,
  • 17 hours of use with 5 hours Bluetooth direct streaming
  • Own voice processing (OVP) technology – reduces your voice
  • Music streamed directly to the hearing aids
  • Speech understanding in a noisy situation, together with own voice reduction (OVP)
  • Phone calls streamed directly to the hearing aids
  • Push button on hearing aid to accept and reject incoming calls
  • Sleek and compact designed
  • Eleven hearing aid colours with natural skin and hair tones
  • Automatic charging
  • Automatic power up
  • Three technology levels
  • Three prices levels

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Price Range

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is the mid-level technology for the newly released (April 2018) receiver in the canal  RIC range from Signia. The device sits on the companies most current software platform Natural Experience (Nx). The most notable software feature from the previous Primax platform is the inclusion of Own Voice Processing (OVP), a technology type exclusive to the Signia brand. Available in all technology levels for the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 3Nx, 5Nx and 7Nx; Own Voice Processing reduces the feedback of the wearer’s voice. Another key difference is Signia’s approach to the adjustments of your hearing aid to ensure the best fitting and consistent monitoring of your hearing aids. The technology works through the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go compatibility with the Signia Smart Phone App. The App provides your hearing specialist with real-time data of your hearing aids performance and how the hearing aid is working in certain noisy environments. By logging the hearing aids performance via the App, the program provides your hearing specialist with the reviews needed to ensure the most accurate fitting to your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has four key processing areas; which include HD Spatial Algorithms, Extended Dynamic Range, Feedback Cancellation and Acoustic Motion Voice Detection. With the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity, your hearing aids will help with all communication types, both face-to-face or on the phone.

Unrivalled Spatial Awareness: HD Spatial Algorithms

Hear the difference with the new breakthrough technology from Signia on the NX platform. The HD Spatial Algorithms provides the wearer with a natural localisation of sound. Applicable to any listening environment and sound type. The user will find comfort in the most challenging and noisy environments.

Clear Sound Distortion: Extended Dynamic range

Now available across all Signia programs the feature provides a filtering solution to loud sound by converting the sound waves into more natural digital signals.

Advanced Feedback Cancellation: Feedback Cancellation

Feedback has long been considered one of a hearing aids most challenging environmental impacts. However, with the dynamic feature from Signia, the feedback canceller provides the wearer with optimal sound quality with no artificial sounds that result in an unnatural sound experience or whistling.

Unique Classification: Acoustic, motion and voice detection

No matter the environment or your demands on hearing clearly in noise, the Signia unique classification feature is the next step in environmental sound control. The feature works in motion with the wearer and when stationary. Either when listening or speaking the feature dynamically adjusts to the behavioural patterns of the wearer to enhance the hearing clarity in a more natural experience.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Directionality Features

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has directional microphones with automatic focus. Used to identify the sound most notably voices. The new microphones provide the wearer with a binaural (both ears) link for dynamic sound detection.Used as the fundamental feature in the Own Voice Processing technology, the directional microphones very powerful instantly identify, focus and process sound with an uncompromised quality creating a more natural hearing experience.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Amplification Features

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The  Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx links to three of Signia’s hearing aid support smartphone apps; in addition to the hearing aid adjustments performed by your hearing specialist. The Signia hearing aid apps are available on both the Apple and Android platforms. The apps perform a variety of tasks aimed at assisting a quality fitting hearing aid. The wearer can adjust programs (pre-set by the clinician) as well as volume, bass and treble. The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx also has automatic functionality which utilises the Natural Experience platforms noise filtering and directionality adjustment feature; providing a more natural sound.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Connectivity Features And Bluetooth

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity and is a powerful contender on the Bluetooth hearing aid market. The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx provides iPhone users with streaming directly from the hearing aid for the use of phone calls, music and TV watching. The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is a great device for busy professionals or people with very active lifestyles seeking greater continuity between the mobile device and the hearing aids. Features like a push-button answer and reject on the back of the hearing aid supports a better user experience. Connectivity feature is great while on the run or driving with handsfree Bluetooth connected phone calls. The hearing aid Bluetooth feature effectively turns your hearing aids into a handsfree headset customised to your hearing loss that is virtually invisible.

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is also capable of playing your favourite music tracks with high-quality stereo surround sound from your smartphone. Additionally, Android owners are provided with the option of an additional accessory called the streamline Mic which offers greater continuity between the  Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx hearing aid and the wishes to connect with entertainment or communication devices.

When watching TV, the support of the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx hearing aid comes in handy. Too often we meet clients who struggle with the limitations of hearing loss and watching the favourite shows. Common complaints from family and friends are that the TV is always too loud. With the introduction of the StreamLine TV, the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx wearer can watch the TV in the comfort of hearing aid adjustments while family and friends are not impacted by an inflated TV volume due to a member of the family having a hearing loss.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Telehealth And Remote Service

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

One significant technology supported by the Signia hearing aid brand is the link between the wearer and the clinician. The Signia hearing aid brand has for many years considered the relationship the wearer has with the hearing specialist as the key to a more accurate hearing aid fitting.  Signia’s TeleCare 3.0 app allows for remote hearing aid adjustments and notifications, bridging the physical gap between the hearing specialist and the client when an appointment face-to-face is not possible. By linking the free myHearing App downloaded from the Android and Apple app stores provides the wearer with the opportunity to rate and review the listening experience in live time to the hearing specialist, providing a more customised and refined individual fitting for the hearing aid wearer.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Program Control

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has the highest level of dust and moister resistance rating possible (IP 68).  The hearing aid is adaptable to all environments and is comfortably worn without the concern of malfunction from external environmental pressures. The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has eWindScreen. A technological feature which helps prevent the discomfort of sound processing as a result of wind interference outside.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Charging And Hearing Aid Batteries

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has a rechargeable lithium-ion and built-in battery which has inductive charging. The hearing aid is very easy to charge and use particularly for people who have difficulty with small hearing aid batteries. The rechargeable capabilities of the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is not just environmentally friendly but also a large cost saver when buying batteries for traditional battery-operated hearing aid devices.

  • Full hearing aid charge in 3 hours
  • 30 minute charging period equals 6 hours of use
  • One full charge provides 19 hours without streaming and 17 hours with 5 hours direct streaming via Bluetooth for calls

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Accessories, Apps and Remote Controls

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has four additional accessory options aimed at both better entertainment options as well as personal hearing aid adjustments.

Mobile Phone: Bluetooth or StreamLine Mic

The Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx streams phone calls directly from your iPhone to your Bluetooth hearing aids, and with the additional assistance of the Streamline Mic, you will be connected to all your other entertainment devices if you’re an Android smartphone owner.

Music: StreamLineMic

The Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx links and streams via Bluetooth to your MP3 music player or iPhone. If you are an Android smartphone user. The StreamlineMic will link you wirelessly to your TV, music player and your smartphone.

TV: StreamLine TV

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is compatible with the StreamLine TV for direct TV sound transmission. Don’t be hassled by family and friends to turn the TV down anymore! Simply plug in the Streamline TV, and you are off watching your favourite shows in the comfort of your own wireless audio headset, tailored to your hearing needs. Family and friends can still watch at the prefered volume!

Remote Adjustments: MiniPocket

The MiniPocket is the Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx discrete remote for easy adjustments placed either in your pocket, clipped to your keys or just in a bag. The device will control your program adjustments, volume and other key settings removing the need to download the smartphone app in most instances!

Remote Adjustments: myControlApp

Now if your a big smartphone user having the myControl App is great news! The new Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has some apps which allow for a vast selection of hearing aid adjustment options. You will be happy to know they are all 100% free. The myControl App simply links your smartphone to your hearing aids, providing volume, program and directionality support options. Furthermore, the app assists your hearing specialist with an additional TeleCare option. Used to rate and review your experiences in challenging and noisy environments, your hearing specialist may refine and personalise your hearing aid adjustments. The process significantly enhances your listening experience in scenarios that are important to you and in noisy environments where most hearing losses typically struggle!

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Colour Choices

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is available in eleven colours. Colours are mostly in skin and hair tones, designed to reduce the noticeability of the hearing aid when hidden discreetly behind your ear or amongst your hair.The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx colours include: Beige, Granite, Grey, Black, Silver, Pearl White, Golden Blonde, Sandy Brown, Dark Champagne, Dark Granite and Deep Brown.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Fitting

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has eight-plus different hearing aid fitting options. The hearing aid has two options of super-soft silicone ear canal domes with open or closed vent types available.

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Apps And Connectivity

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx is controlled by three optional and free smartphone Apps. These include:

myControl App
  • Volume control
  • Program adjustments
  • Hearing performance tracking
  • Personal optimised hearing settings and adjustments
myHearing App
  • Remote hearing care programming
  • Communication and reporting back to your hearing specialist
touchControl App
  • Discrete changes between hearing programs
  • Volume adjustment
  • Base and treble adjustment

Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx Hearing Aid

The Signia Siemens Pure Charge&Go 5Nx has a selection of tinnitus options. Once you have had a detailed discussion and analysis of your results, your EarDeals Hearing specialist will provide you with the advice of what options will be right for you.



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