Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid


$6,718.00 (Price of Pair)

Immersive sound and Speech clarity from Signia AX compact hearing aid

The premium device Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aid introduced in the range of Augmented Xperience platform that brings clarity of speech combined with a rich and immersive surrounding sound. The hearing aid is fully featured that allows the wearer to connect to a wide scope of media devices and listening accessories via Bluetooth technology, as well as the ability to access professional guidance and digital hearing assistant for quick and easy comfort even in noise.
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About The Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Range

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The small and compact Signia Pure 312 7AX is the premium range receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid from Signia’s AX (Augmented Xperience) platform that brings out the best quality of speaking voice signals and the environmental sounds of any listening situation. The device is integrated with sound processing technology that improves speech details while separately enriching the surrounding background to maintain the natural and immersive sense of the listening experience.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Range

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Pure 312 hearing aid of the Signia’s AX (Augmented Xperience) platform is available in different technology range that comes with varying level of performance in processing sounds.

  1. Signia Pure 312 3AX (Essential)
  2. Signia Pure 312 5AX (Standard / Advanced)
  3. Signia Pure 312 7AX (Premium)

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Technology

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aid is run by the Augmented Xperience technology, which integrates two processors to focus on targeted speech and enrich the surroundings sounds for greater contrast on both signals. The hearing aid improves the speaking voice details to create clarity in speech and naturalises the environmental sounds. Combining the results of separate processes, the device can deliver an immersive hearing experience even in noisy situations that is clear to understand yet natural with its delivery.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Pure 312 7AX hearing aid from Signia has a speech and noise management system that helps reduce the wearer’s effort in picking out the important sounds away from the noises within the listening environment. The hearing system identifies the significance of the acoustic signals to effectively defocus from the sounds categorised as noises and unimportant audio within the surroundings.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Directionality Features

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aids use the integrated microphones within the device, which has the directional capability to map out the sound environment and locate the speech and important sound within the listening scenario. The device processor automatically steers the beam of the hearing aid microphone to where the speaking voice and important sounds come from either the side, front, or back. The device directionality feature using the microphone beam can be manually controlled to better personalise the hearing experience through the Signia mobile app when the wearer is still for example a cafe where the speaker is seated directly in front of the wearer.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Amplification  Features

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aid comes with 20 gain adjustment controls and hearing channels that maintain the clarity of sounds when amplified and enhanced for better recognition of important sound details. The premium device can identify and process the span of soft sounds up to loud audio signals and emphasise the speaking voices through the extended dynamic range feature and the speech enhancement program within the hearing aid.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Connectivity Features and Bluetooth

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aids can link and function with greater efficiency by connecting with various listening accessories such as remote control, tv connector, and discreet mic through the signal pairing technology. The hearing aid can also take advantage of the mobile phone connectivity that follows the Bluetooth protocol system to stream phone calls and audio content files as well as share sound data and listening feedback.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Batteries and Power Source

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aid is powered by a zinc-air replaceable battery in size 312 (Standard size). The battery can support the device to work and function for several days before replacing it with a new one. The Signia AX hearing aids are especially efficient in power consumption because of the quick processing technology, which uses the least amount of energy to initiate sound improvement and create better-listening results.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Accessories

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aid works and connects to various listening accessories such as a TV audio transmitter, remote controls, and discrete microphones. The hearing aid features and program capability can be managed remotely using the accessories to improve the listening situation even in the most inconvenient setup.

The hearing aid connects to a TV sound transmitter, wireless mic, and a remote-control device.

Signia StreamLine TV – television audio signal streamer device that transmits the sounds from tv directly to the hearing aids with discreet setting access via mobile app

Signia StreamLine Mic – remote mic accessory that links the non-compatible Bluetooth mobile phones to allow streaming audio and an extension for collecting sounds from the environment

miniPocket – a remote-control accessory that comes with accessible buttons that manage the hearing aid settings and features

Cros device – single-sided hearing loss solution device that partners with the proper hearing aid to help improve listening experiences

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Colour Choices

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 7AX hearing aid casing can be ordered and personalised according to the choice of colour that better matches the patient’s hair colour or skin tone.

The colour selections of the device are as follows:

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Dark Champagne
  • Silver
  • Pearl White
  • Fine Gold
  • Deep Brown
  • Sandy Brown
  • Rose Gold
  • Beige

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Fitting

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aid attaches the new standard silicone dome that is easier to fit and is designed for ergonomic use to allow the wearer to maintain the hearing aid in good condition with good fit and of course comfort.

Pure 312 AX Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Signia Pure 312 7AX Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aid can be set up with the Tinnitus solution program to eliminate the over intrusive effect of ringing or buzzing in the ear struggles. The Signia brand tinnitus solution uses a masking approach and targeting signal to cancel the unwanted sound perception.

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