Signia Motion 13 P BT 1Nx Hearing Aid

Fully Funded Hearing Aids

This hearing aid is fully funded by the Australian Government Hearing Services Program for eligible Pensioners and DVA cardholders.

This hearing aid is fully funded under the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program (HSP). EarDeals will guide you to access the Hearing Services Program through one of our affiliated partners, who are a registered provider of the Hearing Services Program. To determine if you are eligible call 1300 010 064 and our helpful hearing aid brokers will conduct an on phone eligibility check (5 minutes) and provide you with your options moving forward.

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The Signia Motion 13 P BT 1Nx Hearing Aids

The Motion 13P Nx essential level hearing aids from the Signia NX platform is a versatile device solution for people with severe hearing loss up to the profound type of auditory impairment. The sound technology that runs within the device, balances the surrounding sounds to create the most natural-sounding listening experiences. The hearing aid has accessibility in several forms including the capability to connect with different media devices and electronics via the Bluetooth protocol system as well as the mobile audiological services for convenient aftercare programs. The device can be ordered from a wide range of colour selections with shades that match skin tones and hair colours for discreet handling and wearing.

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Please send to : The term invisible hearing aid refers to the devices where the body of the hearing aid is completely in the canal of the ear. Excluding a small clear tube for retention that protrudes from the ear canal.

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Motion 13 P BT

Tech Name


Tech Level


Best Feature

Beautiful Sound, High Power


Launch Date

Mid 2017

Technology Level


Tinnitus Therapy



Water/Dust Proof

Battery Size

High Power





Smart Phone App




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Colour Range

, , , , , , , , , ,

Hearing Loss Severity

, ,

Accessories (Sold Separately)


Product Style

When can I be fitted?



Directional Microphones

360 degrees microphone steering

Fully Funded Aids (Pensioner)



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