Signia Insio IIC 5Nx Hearing Aid


$4,134.00 (Price of Pair)

Introducing the Signia Insio 5Nx IIC. The entry-level Insio IIC – The world’s smallest ready to wear Invisible In The Canal (IIC) hearing aid! This hearing aid is practically invisible and perfect for anyone seeking a discrete, no-visible hearing aid for an active and social lifestyle. Boasting eight comfortable silicon size options in two different varieties (open and close vented) this hearing aid takes the new Signia Nx technology platform and applies it to a class-leading device. Call to book a 100% free fully comprehensive hearing test on a free 60-day hearing aid trial today.
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The New Signia Insio 5Nx IIC

Invisible In-the-Canal Hearing Aid – High Performing IIC device!

The Signia Insio 5Nx IIC is an advanced level custom-made product from Signia Nx invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid range. The Signia Siemens manufactured tinier internal components for Insio devices, have an even smaller and compact design. The device belongs to the platform that has the technological capability to create a natural-sounding hearing experience for the wearer. The device’s custom mould provides greater comfort and sturdy fit in the ear canal and a higher level of discretion.

The Ultra HD e2e technology of the device helps the wearer binaurally process sound simultaneously to provide a complete acoustic environment perception. The Insio device has a binaural oneMic directionality feature which allows the device to communicate with the other device to improve signal audibility and increase clarity in noisy situations by focusing on the front direction. The hearing aid IIC Nx uses the programs Sound Clarity and Speech Quality to create natural-sounding results by emphasising important sounds and speech signals through the advanced mic technology and noise suppression feature.

The device can be associated with the Signia App free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The Signia Insio Nx IIC hearing aid can be integrated with the tinnitus therapy program to help wearers with tinnitus to reduce the effects of ringing in the ear.  The therapy adds background noise to the device which helps the patient to defocus from the tinnitus signals.


Signia Insio 5Nx IIC Hearing Aid: Key features

  • Most natural sounding hearing experiences
  • Speech understanding and sound quality in a class-leading natural sound results
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Binaural oneMic Directionality
  • An improvement on the EarDeals’ most requested trial hearing aid
  • Comes in three tech levels and prices

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