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Changing the game in the audiology device industry and the hearable market with the introduction of the Earbud-style hearing aid –  the Signia Active Pro hearing aids! An entirely new class of innovation that brings top-level sound processing technology within a premium consumer electronics form of device.  The most modern type of hearing solution today is made even more brilliant with Bluetooth connectivity features, rechargeable power source and automatic programs to help you personalise and blend in every listening situation.
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The Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

The Signia Active Pro hearing aid is a premium device within the range of earbud-style devices. Suitable for mild to severe types of hearing loss, the hearing aid comes with sound optimising technology and an intelligent acoustic sensor to identify listening situations and variables of sounds in constantly changing listening environments.

The hearing aid naturally adjusts the processing features of the device to enhance the surrounding sounds. It improves the quality of targeted speaking voices in every hearing situation – even when the wearer moves or engages in a moving soundscape. Connectivity and ease of accessibility are two popular attributes amongst modern electronics. And the Signia Active Pro hearing aid delivers: Compact in design and structure, the sleek and smooth form eliminates any type of control buttons on-board.

The brand invested in the internal processor’s ability to link with several electronic devices and accessories, including smartphones, remote control and wireless streamers. Bluetooth connectivity allows direct audio streaming to iOS Apple devices with the “made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aid” standard. A transmitter accessory called the StreamLine Mic also allows users to connect to further electronic media, including Android smartphones, laptops, computers and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Active Pro hearing aids receive TV audio output through a StreamLine TV accessory for Dolby Digital sound quality transmission. Dedicated settings enable the user to control the volume via their smartphone. For easy handling simply access hearing aid program settings and volume levels. The device can also take advantage of the miniPocket remote control technology which is small enough to look like a key chain.

The Active Pro’s chip processor links the device to Signia’s latest version of the mobile app that introduces the Signia Assistant program for easy-to-follow, self-help features, tips and guides as well as hearing aid information to familiarise the user in handling and wearing hearing aids. The program is an intelligent sound processing companion and an intuitive digital assistant that recognises the wearer’s preferences, acoustic habits and conversation encounter to support the patient in every listening situation.

The mobile application also offers access to the TeleCare system platform – a flexible and present-time remote audiology solution. The hearing care professional’s portal syncs the TeleCare system from the wearer’s smartphone to allow remote finetuning, statistics sharing and virtual support in real-time.

To keep up with the significant hearing features and processes that run within the Signia Active Pro devices, the hearing aid uses the integrated Lithium-ion power cell technology to continuously work and support the wearer in difficult hearing situations.

The hearing aid takes only a three-hour-stay in the intuitive charging accessory to achieve full battery status and bring up to 26 hours of hearing or 23 hours with 5 hours dedicated streaming. The device regenerates energy and power via the Active Pro Charger accessory.

The hearing aid charger is a pocket-sized compartment and charging base unit that comes with a protective lid that covers the top for increased protection from external elements. The Active Pro charger can store power inside and provides up to 3 times full charging-on-the-go without any direct power supply suitable for weekend getaways and long travels.

The charging base uses either the type C cord to restore energy from a direct source or take advantage of the Qi wireless charging process that does not require any sort of cord to power up the accessory.

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Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid : Key Features

  • Premium level hearing aid in earbud state-of-the-art device
  • Connectivity with iPhone and distinct Apple devices via Direct Bluetooth protocol
  • Bluetooth connectivity features with Android mobile phones through hearing accessory
  • Streams connected device’s sound content such as music, phone calls, audio files and more
  • Sound processor that optimises quality of speech in difficult hearing situations
  • Has adaptive sound programs that adjust to match the shifting acoustic scenarios
  • Works with streamer device and remotee mic to gather sounds from the TV, over distance and more
  • Rechargeable power capability of the integrated lithium-ion battery
  • Pocket-sized compartment charger with protective lid capable of Qi wireless charging process
  • Assisted by intuitive digital assistant for self-help, support and accessible hearing information
  • Links to the mobile application to enhance wearing experiences and personalise settings
  • Prompt fitting using the soft Click Sleeves 2.0 ear canal cover
  • Available in three colours of modern rim plated finish

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