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The latest innovation in the hearing industry that combines beautiful modern design and sound processing technology in one – the Signia Active hearing aid earbuds style device! Prescription audio solution that works in every listening situation powered by Signia Xperience’s signal speech enhancement program and automatic features that personalises the settings to match the acoustic situations. Call us now to know about the device’s features including, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable power and more.
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The Signia Active Hearing Aid

The Signia Active hearing aid is an essential level earbud-style device from Signia’s latest technology platform that resolves mild to moderate hearing losses with intelligent sound processing features and hearing programs.

The device has an acoustic sensor that recognises and learns the important audio signals and speech sound details within the surroundings. A dynamic system runs in the hearing background to adapt the settings of the hearing aid into an advantageous approach and maintain the natural sense of sounds, even when the wearer is in motion.

Despite the hearing aid’s compact structure and form, the device has powerful connectivity and accessibility features to bring comfort and ease of handling to the users. Signia hearing technology enhanced the capability of the hearing aid to connect with different mobile devices, wireless streamers and remote-control units.

The device chip processor permits the hearing aid for Bluetooth streaming of music, phone calls and audio content files directly from iOS Apple devices with “made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aid” standard and via streaming, accessory StreamLine Mic from several electronic units like Android smartphones, computers and other Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

To further receive audio output from TV and compatible media, the device functions with the StreamLine TV box transmitter to feed the sounds into the hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality. The Signia Active hearing aid essential programs and volume levels can be managed using either a mobile app or via the miniPocket remote control.

The device’s internal processor allows the hearing aid to integrate within the Signia App mobile application system for wireless management of the listening settings and seamless sharing of the acoustic experiences. The app introduces the Signia Assistant program which serves as a digital hearing companion that familiarises the user’s preferences and sound personalisation for intuitive support in all types of hearing situations.

In situations where the guidance and the expertise of the hearing care professional are needed, the mobile application also has the remote hearing service called the TeleCare feature to allow virtual consultation and real-time remote hearing aid adjustments.

The Signia Active hearing aid is powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable technology to continuously restore energy to function and support the wearer in difficult listening environments. The device is fully charged in 3 hours sitting in the Signia Active Charge, which also serves as a compact storage compartment for the hearing aids.

The hearing aid functions up to 26 hours of wearing or 23 hours of hearing with 5 hours of dedicated streaming activity. The charging case for the device can give 3 charging-on-the-go cycles in case of no direct electricity source is available. The charger restores energy inside directly from a power socket using the type C USB cord and adaptor or takes advantage of the Qi wireless charging pad to inductively regain energy.

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Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid : Key Features

  • Premium level hearing aid in earbud state-of-the-art device
  • Connectivity with iPhone and distinct Apple devices via Direct Bluetooth protocol
  • Bluetooth connectivity features with Android mobile phones through hearing accessory
  • Streams connected device’s sound content such as music, phone calls, audio files and more
  • Sound processor that optimises quality of speech in difficult hearing situations
  • Has adaptive sound programs that adjust to match the shifting acoustic scenarios
  • Works with streamer device and remotee mic to gather sounds from the TV, over distance and more
  • Rechargeable power capability of the integrated lithium-ion battery
  • Pocket-sized compartment charger with protective lid capable of Qi wireless charging process
  • Assisted by intuitive digital assistant for self-help, support and accessible hearing information
  • Links to the mobile application to enhance wearing experiences and personalise settings
  • Prompt fitting using the soft Click Sleeves 2.0 ear canal cover
  • Available in three colours of modern rim plated finish

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