Phonak Roger Select


Introducing brand new Phonak Roger Select™ hearing aid accessory (July 2018). The Roger Select is a versatile microphone device which ideal for listening in stationary situations where the background noise is present and loud making it difficult to hear. Simply place the roger Select on the table in a meeting,  and the device will discreetly and automatically select the right person who is currently talking. If a new voice enters the situation and the conversation changes angle, the device will seamlessly switch between the talkers. If multiple conversations are happening in the same environment, the wearer may manually select the voice they want to listen to. There is a light indicator on the top of the device that with a gentle tap will change the directional microphones to ensure that the listening experience is the most comfortable and in the best clarity. Charging is also easy with a simple micro usb connection that can simply plug into a power socket or computer port.

But wait there is more! The Phonak Roger Select can also send the sound from multimedia devices like your TV and even has wideband Bluetooth for phone calls.

Product Videos

Introducing the brand new Phonak Roger Select hearing aid accessory! (July 2018)

Phonak Roger Select Features:

  • Direction lights to indicate the focus of voice

  • Automatic focus of a voice source

  • Noise reduction style technology

  • Manual selection of direction by tapping on top of the device

  • Will stream multimedia devices like your TV

  • Stream through wideband Bluetooth for phone calls

  • Standard micro USB charger connection

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