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Phonak Roger Pen


    When Phonak designed the Roger Pen, it was clear what they had in mind, a discrete alternative to improve the listening experience of those hard of hearing in challenging environments. The design is cutting edge, sleek and comes in three unique colours – Ruby, Light Sterling, Petrol. “Roger,” a name derived from a term used in radio communications can distinguish and cleanse speech-in-noise over short or long distances. The device itself is universal in its application, capable of directive pickup and resolution if faced on a table in a noisy cafe or long trip car ride. Alternatively, it may be carried throughout the day in a top pocket or hung around the user’s neck as an addition microphone to those within the users hearing aids.  The Roger truly is the perfect match for anyone with Phonak hearing aids wishing to step up their hearing ability is some of life’s most challenging yet rewarding environments.

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    Device Videos

    Phonak Roger Pen - Demo on how to listen to an audio source

    Phonak Roger Pen - How to listen to a multimedia devices

    Phonak Roger Pen - Connecting to Roger receivers

    Phonak Roger Pen - Pairing with bluetooth devices

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