Phonak Marvel 312 M70 Hearing Aid


$4,980.00 (Price of Pair)

Phone Calls Direct To Your Hearing Aid For Both iPhone & Android!

The Marvel Audeo 312 M70 is one of the most commonly requested FREE hearing aid trials. Superior sound quality, clarity in noise as well as the Bluetooth functionality to listen to music or take phone calls hands-free sets the M70 apart from the competition.
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Hearing Aid Lifestyle Guide: Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 M70

Large Groups & Background Noise
One-on-one Conversations In Noise
Small Group Settings
Outdoor Capabilities
Quiet Conversations
Hear with clarity in the most challenging listening situations, including conferences and social gatherings where there is background noise. Carry better one-on-one conversations in environments where background noise makes it typically challenging. This includes public venues like restaurants, cafés and pubs. Improved conversations in small group settings and discussions, such as Family BBQ’s or picnics in your local park. Relax and enjoy outdoor sounds. Great for wind reduction on golf courses or afternoon walks along the beach. The clarity in one-on-one conversations at home, in quiet, or at work during meetings.
Warnings & Notifications
Bluetooth Connected Calls
Rechargeable Device
Music Listening
Hearing In The Car
Hear warning sounds such as emergency alarms, doorbells and even kitchen appliances, including microwaves. Answer or reject calls that ring in your hearing aids with the press of a button. Always on the go? Go all day with rechargeable devices. Short and long charges available. Hear music in improved clarity and more natural processing. Improved hearing in the car with a reduction of road noise and directionality with passenger voices.

Disclaimer: The information above is indicative only. Please request a trial should you wish to determine the effectiveness in context to your personal requirements.

About The Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Range

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Marvel 312 M70 has the latest connectivity available on the market to any mobile phone including Apple iPhones, Android smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The hearing aid runs the advanced environmental adaptive system that adjusts the listening setup automatically for the wearer in typically hard to hear environments. The Audeo Marvel 312 M70 also has  Phonak e-solutions, a program that allows the hearing aid users to communicate with the clinicians for remote consultation and adjustments.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Price Range

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Marvel 312 hearing aid range from Phonak is available in three upgrades:

1. Phonak Marvel 312 M30
2. Phonak Marvel 312 M50
3. Phonak Marvel 312 M70
4. Phonak Marvel 312 M90

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

Phonak Marvel 312 M70 is the advanced level device of the Marvel hearing aid range. The hearing aid technology features the improved adaptive system called AutoSense 3.0 that automatically adjusts the program in varying listening situations. The internal system of the hearing aid is capable of binaural (both ears) audio streaming in high fidelity stereo. The advanced features and programs of the Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 M70 hearing platform answer the wearer’s needs for those struggling with mild to severe hearing losses.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Noise Reduction Features

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The primary noise-reducing program of the Phonak Marvel 312 M70 hearing aid is called Noise Block. The technology feature identifies noise signals from speech and non-speech situations, then eliminates the sound from the background. The Marvel 312 M70 hearing aid technology level is capable of improving speech and comfort in noise as well as speech in loud noise. The programs can improve the ease in listening to speech and understanding voices in noisy environments, by reducing the effects of the unwanted signals on the acoustic environment.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Directionality Features

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Marvel 312 M70 hearing aid from Phonak has two directional microphones that automatically focus in the front directions and initiates the UltraZoom feature which serves as the primary directionality program of the device. The advanced localisation technology and the use of the Real Ear Sound system that imitates the outer ear’s natural way of sound perception create reliable clarity and sound localisation.

Phonak Marvel 312  Hearing Aid Amplification Features

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The advanced technology within the Marvel 312 M70 applies signal amplification to all types of audio, including streamed sounds from mobile phones and Bluetooth streaming devices. The ability for the wearer to personally adjust the volume of the hearing aids is possible through the Phonak Free app offering. Ask your EarDeals clinician about the need for self-adjustment for a hands-on demonstration with your smartphone.

Phonak Marvel 312  Hearing Aid Connectivity Features And Bluetooth

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

With the use of Bluetooth connectivity, the Phonak Marvel 312 M70 can connect directly to either an iOS (Apple device), Android or other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream sound in both ears including phone calls. The hearing aid is capable of hands-free phone calls and phone notifications heard in high fidelity stereo which allows quality streaming for audio videos, music, podcasts e-books and more. The Marvel 312 M70 also connects wirelessly to the Phonak TV Connector which allows TV sound streaming to the hearing aids independently to a partner “watcher” and at a sound level unique to the wearer.

Phonak Marvel 312  Hearing Aid Telehealth And Remote Services

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 M70 is introduced with revolutionary e-solutions for better aftercare services. The hearing aid can be linked with the myPhonak App which houses the Phonak Hearing Diary for listening experience logging and the Phonak Remote Support for real-time virtual consultation and settings adjustments.

Phonak Marvel 312  Hearing Aids And Hearing Aid Batteries

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 M70 hearing aids use the size 312 regular size (most popular) batteries to power up and function. The batteries can be purchased at EarDeals or through the website with delivery to your doorstep for your convenience. EarDeals offers FREE batteries with all new hearing aid purchases. Please ask in the clinic during your appointment for more details.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Accessories, Apps, TV Connectors and Remote Controls

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Phonak TV Connector is a sound streaming device used for TV sets, laptops and other compatible listening accessories that link to the Phonak Marvel 312 M70 hearing aids. The hearing technology allows stereo quality sound transmission from one device to the hearing aids.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Colour Choices

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Marvel 312 M70 hearing aids from Phonak are made available to match a variety of skin and hair colours.

Colours include:

  • Beige
  • Sand Beige
  • Sandalwood
  • Chestnut
  • Champagne
  • Silver Grey
  • Graphite Grey
  • Velvet Black
  • Alpine White

Note: The most appropriate time to choose your colour is when you visit the Ear Deals clinic as our clinicians have swatch booklets with exact colour matching to choose from.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Fitting

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

Phonak has redesigned the fitting dome solution to be more comfortable and easy to use. Available in 3 sizes; small, medium and large the fit dome options include:

  • Open dome
  • Vented dome
  • Power dome

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Apps And Connectivity

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The myPhonak App is a smartphone app program introduced by Phonak which links the Marvel 312 M70 hearing aids to features and interfaces for extended aftercare services. The system allows listening data exchanged between the wearers and the hearing aid clinicians through the Hearing Diary program. The remote support feature permits virtual consultations and real-time remote adjustments via chat or video call.

Phonak Marvel 312 Hearing Aid Tinnitus Solutions

Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 Hearing Aid

The Tinnitus Balance program assists those living with the annoyance of Tinnitus.  The Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 M70 hearing aids can be linked with the Phonak Tinnitus app which incorporates a subtle noise to the hearing aid background. The masking sound is aimed to distract the wearers from focusing on the ringing/ buzzing signals that Tinnitus typically presents.

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Audeo M-312

Tech Name


Tech Level


Best Feature



Launch Date

Late 2018

Technology Level


Tinnitus Therapy



Water/Dust Proof


Battery Size

High Power





Smart Phone App



, , ,

Colour Range

, , , , , , , ,

Hearing Loss Severity

, , ,

Multiple Fitting Options

Accessories (Sold Separately)

Product Style

When can I be fitted?



Loss or Damage

12 months

Manufacturer Warranty

3 years

Extended Warranty

4 years


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