Phonak EasyCall II Hearing Aid Accessory


The EasyCall II by Phonak is a simple to use wirelessly connected interface for your hearing aids. Supported by Bluetooth technology the device binaurally streams your phone calls directly to your hearing aids, providing a universal listening experience while taking important phone calls. The device boasts superior sound quality, greater compatibility with smart phones and non-smart phone users. The EasyCall II technology means it’s continually connected to your phone, ready for live streaming the ringing tone when a call comes through. The device can be connected wirelessly or directly using Phonak EasyCall hard cases. The cases are designed to fit many cell phone brands. The device maintains your connectivity while protecting your phone at the same time. The EasyCall II supports up to 10 hours of talk time and can maintain standby mode for up to 10 days, providing you greater flexibility and less dependency. The EasyCall is compatible with all Phonak Hearing aids stocked by EarDeals and is a must for anyone who lives a phone dependent lifestyle.


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