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Phonak DECT II Phone Hearing Aid Accessory


The Phonak DECT II cordless home phone is the ultimate gadget around the home for any hearing aid wearer. Aside the EasyCall device the DECT II phone is very powerful and can transmit sounds to both hearing aids at the same time. The device provides clarity to speech, helping to remove unwanted noise and maximising sounds that are more easily understood. Additional to the hearing aid connectivity features, the phone’s technology supports a “booster mode” that increases the phones usability when the user is not wearing their hearing aids. Due to the phones, wireless technology the DECT phone is used as a regular household phone also proving other family members the ability to utilise its fundamental purpose; taking and receiving calls. Ideal for the home or office the device can be connected simultaneously to a further six handsets each with one of the twelve available ring tones. The device provides the user dedicated volume buttons, hands-free capabilities and vibrate function.  The address book feature supports caller identity and is simple and easy to use. When a phone call is received the user simply takes the phone and holds it within 25cm  from the phone and the signal will automatically connect and wirelessly stream to the users hearing aids.


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