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Phonak Audeo Belong 10 (70 Advanced) Hearing Aid


Great with music and understanding speech in noise!

Are you missing those classic tracks? At EarDeals, we celebrate our love for music daily in the office, so we think you should too! This hearing aid is perfect for music lovers seeking clarity in their favourite songs.  The device is programmed for clarity in noise – perfect for a night out even with the background noise!
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How to clean your receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid

Product Description

Product Name

Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70

Types of hearing aid:

  • About the Brand
The advanced technology of the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 receiver in the canal hearing instrument is packed with the enhanced specifications for better listening experiences. The product level has the improved AutoSense Operating System and added manual programs for greater adaptability in different situations. The Audeo Belong 10 B70 can be connected to the variety of hearing accessories and devices for discretion and convenience.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Upgrades
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 has three other levels of technology.

1) Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B30
2) Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B50
3) Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70
4) Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B90

Types of hearing aid:

  • Your Environment
For all your conversational settings, the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 listening technology assures you optimal comfort and the best hearing experience. Your changing environment is immediately served by the advanced preference tuning which allows your Audeo Belong 10 B70 to apply the same listening features to common circumstances you are in. Additionally, the enhanced noise block program reduces unwanted sounds and gives you comfort in busy environments.  To hear your conversation partner better regardless of the clutter and directions, the Speech in 360° and the Speech in Loud Noise can be manually activated and adjusted.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Technology Level
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B30 is the entry level in the range with the essential solution for hearing losses whilst the Audeo Belong 10 B50 is the standard level of technology for average listening needs. The advanced technology in the range is the Audeo Belong 10 B70 which aims to serve difficult hearing demands and the premium technology within the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B90 is intended for the most complicated listening needs.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Noise Reduction
The Noise Block features which includes Comfort in Noise and Speech in Noise is automatic in the AutoSense operating system of the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument it applies the advanced auto-modification to the listening settings. For improved speech understanding and comfort in listening, the Audeo Belong 10 B70 highlights speaking voice features that are manually managed for greater audibility benefits like the Speech in Loud Noise.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Directionality
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 is packed with the advanced directional technology which concentrates on the location of the sound source you want to hear.  The AutoZoom feature automatically locates the dominant speakers or sound signals to clarify and result in best listening experiences. For manually manageable directionality, the UltraZoom covers about 90 degrees on your pose and the StereoZoom locks into a single person conversation for more precise hearing.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Amplification
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instruments have the FlexControl program which amplifies the sound signals you are focused on. The FlexControl is automatic and can also be managed manually to increase the volume (FlexVolume) of the targeted sounds for improvement in listening and understanding.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Connectivity
The seamless Bluetooth connectivity optimises the functionalities of your Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument with the help of various audio streaming accessories. Whilst the frequency link perception uses the microphone in the device to connect to the DECT II cordless phone. In the same manner, the Roger microphone products use adjusted algorithms to link to the Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Remote Hearing Care
The EasyGuide interactive tool is a software which your clinician can use to assess your assistive preferences and suggest the best accessories and devices for your Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument. With the right choice of accessories, you can optimise the functionalities and programs of your Audeo Belong 10 B70.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Environmental
To efficiently adapt to the environment, you are in the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70’s advanced AutoSense OS automatically adjust the listening settings of the device for improved speech understanding. The features like the Noise Block program, the Zoom technology and the FlexControl may also be managed manually to provide you with the best listening experiences.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Charging
The power cell that supplies the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 is Zinc Air size 10 batteries from Phonak which can be bought from the Eardeals.com.au for a nominal cost. Plus, these batteries can be delivered straight to your home within 24 hours in major cities and a few days more in other parts of Australia.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Accessories
The Phonak audio streaming products like the EasyCall II, the TV Link II, RemoteMic and the level two ComPilot devices can be connected to the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument via Bluetooth. The DECT II cordless phone and the Roger Microphone products are link-ready through frequency perception technology whilst your smartphones can function as a remote controller with the RemoteControl App usage.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Colours
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 housing comes in 9 different colours for various skin tone and hair shades.

Dark Shades: Chestnut, Graphite Grey, Sandalwood and Velvet Black
Light Shades: Alpine White, Beige, Champagne, Sand Beige and Silver Grey

Types of hearing aid:

  • How to Use
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument sits behind the ear and is attached through a wired cord receiver in the ear canals. The product is rated IP68 for full resistance from water and dust to secure reliability of the instrument. The Audeo Belong 10 B70 can be linked to different accessories like mobile phones, audio streamer and microphones for control and listening benefits. The push button on the device is helpful in hand reach adjustments of the programs. You can immediately use the product once your clinician has adjusted the instruments according to your hearing loss and fitted with universal ear canal domes.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Fit Domes
The open-vent domes, closed-vent domes and power domes are fitted to the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instruments receiver. Domes come in small, medium and large sizes to serve different kinds of ear canal anatomy and secure the attachment of the device.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Smartphone App
The Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument and the listening settings of the device can be discreetly managed through your Android smartphones or iPhones with the use of the Phonak RemoteControl App. To help you control the personal settings of your Tinnitus management program, the Tinnitus Balance App is downloadable and readily available once setup.

Types of hearing aid:

  • Tinnitus Therapy
The Tinnitus Balance Portfolio is the complete therapy feature which can integrate the Phonak Audeo Belong 10 B70 hearing instrument to relieve your frustration with tinnitus. The portfolio includes a noise generator which adds background sounds to your hearing instrument. The Tinnitus Balance Application is used to manually adjust the settings of the therapy and add background sounds that you prefer.
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