Audeara Headphones – Assistive Listening Device


Hearing Services Provider (HSP) Program Device

The Audeara Headphones

The Audeara A-01 is an over-the-ear headphone device that comes with state-of-the-art sound technology which can measure your hearing and can enhance your music, entertainment and communication experiences tailored to a healthy acoustic habit and leisure. The device can determine your type of hearing profile by testing the sensitivity of your sound frequency threshold from the standard test, the high-detail structure, and the ultimate precision level to cover the full spectrum of sounds. The headphone unit has active noise cancelling feature which produces frequency that goes against the unwanted noises and counteracts the signal. The Audeara-01 is powered by directly sourcing electricity into the power socket via a cable cord. The device can provide a minimum of 35-hours of use and up to 65 hours of wearing depending on the type of active features. To connect with several media devices and electronics, the headphone pairs with Bluetooth through a streamer box BT-01 Transceiver accessory.

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Please send to : The term invisible hearing aid refers to the devices where the body of the hearing aid is completely in the canal of the ear. Excluding a small clear tube for retention that protrudes from the ear canal.

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Audeara Headphones

Best Feature

Measure Hearing, Tailor Sound


Launch Date

Mid 2018

Tinnitus Therapy



Battery Size

High Power

Smart Phone App


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Very Easy


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