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Australian Governments Hearing Services Program

Below you will find a list of questions our customers frequently ask us about the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program for eligible pensioners and DVA cardholders. If you have a question that is not answered below, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call one of our friendly brokers on 1300 010 064. We will add your question to this page to help more people in the future.

The Hearing Services Program is a program designed to assist people with hearing loss. The program is designed for people with hearing loss to be able to have subsidised hearing tests and acquire hearing aids through the Government program.

Hearing loss can impact people with their day-to-day living. The Australian Government Hearing Services Program aims to assist eligible people with hearing loss, find hearing services and obtain assistance where needed.

 You may be eligible if:

  • You are an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident and aged 21 years or older.
  • You hold a Pension Concession card, a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card, or a White Card.
  • You are a member of the Australian Defense Force or referred by the Disability Employment Services.

An application can be made online. You can apply by visiting a Hearing Services provider. Or you could download the paper application form. 

If you are having issues with any of these options, call 1800 500 726 and the application form can be emailed or posted to you.

Once your application form has been received, a welcome pack in the form of a booklet will be forwarded to you, either by post or email. This booklet will provide you with information on what services are available.  

If you live in a remote area, you can log onto the HSP website for information about service providers, hearing assessments, advice and support about hearing loss.

If you are not eligible, you may be able to have a hearing test and aid fitted at a Hearing Bank. Hearing Aid Banks are run by volunteers in most States and Territories. The hearing aids are donated to the hearing aid bank and the hearing aid bank reconditions the hearing aid and distributes the hearing aids according to their eligibility criteria.

Whilst on the HSP program, the costs are fully funded for eligible pensioners and DVA cardholders. There is a yearly cost for the annual battery and maintenance fee which is paid for batteries and repairs for your devices. If you choose this option, payment will be made once a year to cover these costs. 

If you hold a DVA Gold Card or a White card for hearing loss, there will be no cost to you for the battery and maintenance, as DVA covers this cost. If your fully subsidised hearing device is damaged or lost there will be a replacement fee of $30.00 to be paid by you.

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive range of fully funded hearing services to eligible clients. The service that you will receive will be tailored to your hearing needs.

The Australian Government Hearing Service Program provides a network of service providers throughout Australia. It is preferable to stay with the original provider who fitted you with your devices, but sometimes not always suitable.  

After your fitting, you will require annual reviews, check-ups and adjustments to your hearing devices. You will need to contact your provider for batteries and any ongoing maintenance to your devices. Where possible, it is best to stay with the original provider as stronger relationships are built between yourself and the practitioner to overcome any issues or difficulties that may occur with your hearing devices. 

There could be times when you need to change your provider, due to not being satisfied with the service provided, or if you change location and you need to find a more convenient service provider. Changing providers is simple. The transfer can be done through the Hearing Services Program. 

You can choose which hearing service provider you would like to go to. Have a chat with the new provider to discuss what hearing devices you have in your ears to ensure they are familiar with the hearing devices.

Make your appointment with the provider of your choice. If you require an interpreter, make the request through your service provider. Having a second person attend the appointment can be an advantage to you as they may ask relevant questions that you may not think of. Have questions ready to ask your hearing provider so you are fully informed when you leave the appointment.

Your hearing provider will ask you a series of questions in relation to your lifestyle and your hearing health.  It is important for your hearing provider to establish where the issues and difficulties are occurring with your hearing.  Numerous tests will be performed at this appointment, mainly to establish whether, or not a hearing device will assist with your hearing needs.

There are so many different types of hearing devices. There are so many factors taken into consideration for the hearing aid that is best suited to your hearing loss. Lifestyle, goals, expectations, health concerns, styles, brands, comfort – all these facets depend on the choice of the hearing device decided upon by yourself and your hearing services provider.

As an eligible client of the program, you will be offered a fully subsidised digital hearing device by your hearing practitioner. All devices have a range of beneficial features and styles. You may choose to purchase a partially subsidised hearing device, which will have the access to additional features that you may prefer. If you wish to be fitted with a 100% fully funded hearing aid there are many options. If you wish to be fitted with a more advanced hearing aid and use your voucher to reduce the cost you are also able to achieve this outcome across all the hearing aid brands.

Hearing aids come in different ranges, sizes, styles and shapes- depending on your personal preference. Here are some of the styles and different types of hearing devices that you may like, including behind-the-ear, in-the-canal, or completely-in-the-canal hearing devices.

No, unless you are an Australian pensioner, or you are an eligible DVA cardholder for hearing services you cannot access the program. To find out if you are eligible please call 1300 010 064.

Any person who holds a valid Australian Government pension concession card, or a Gold or White DVA cardholder.

The government-funded hearing aids can range from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 for two hearing devices.

The first appointment is booked for the duration of an hour. Within this hour the audiologist will have a chat with you to determine the reason for the hearing test. Then a full diagnostic hearing test will be conducted. This test will check all the facets of your hearing, including air, bone and speech audiometry and immittance testing.

You are entitled to as many hearing tests as you require and fully funded hearing aids if they are required.

You can have as many appointments as you like on the Hearing Services Program (HSP).

By providing your CRN number on your Pension concession card, eligibility can be checked either on the Hearing Services Program page, or by any one of our clinics, or by calling 1300 010 064.

There is a wide variety of hearing aids that can be fitted through the program. You are best off having a detailed chat with your Audiologist to advise what hearing aid would be best for your hearing loss.

No, you will not be stuck with the provider that signs you up. It is your choice as to which provider you wish to go through and stay with for your hearing services.

The first appointment is booked for the duration of an hour. Within this hour the audiologist will have a chat with you to determine the reason for the hearing test. Then a full diagnostic hearing test will be conducted. This test will check all the facets of your hearing, including air, bone and speech audiometry and immittance testing.

Depending on the child’s needs, they can be placed on the program. The Australian Government-owned Hearing Australia previously Australian Hearing is the only provider who can manage children and young adults under 26 years of age on the Hearing Services Program. Although some medical audiology clinics can conduct hearing tests for children with a medicare rebate. Your doctor if they believe this is the best option for your child can provide you with a medical referral for a paediatric hearing test.

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