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About Fully Funded Hearing Aids and Hearing Services from the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

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Hearing Services Program (HSP) Application Process

How to apply to the program

The Australian Governments Hearing Services Program provides fully funded hearing services and hearing aids to eligible pensioners and DVA cardholders through approval providers. The following steps outline the application process.

  1. Call 1300 010 064 to check your eligibility.
  2. Have your Pensioner card ready
  3. Provide your consent to proceed
  4. Book appointment

Eligible Pensioner and DVA cardholder fully funded and subsidised hearing services

The below list is a brief overview of the services you can access under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program commonly referred to as HSP .

A comprehensive full diagnostic hearing test Fully Funded
A selection from multiple hearing aid brands Fully Funded
Hearing aid fitting appointment Fully Funded
Hearing aid adjustment appointments Fully Funded
Ongoing repairs, services and support Fully Funded


Batteries and Maintenance
If you choose a hearing device with a replaceable battery, instead of a rechargeable hearing aid, there is an annual fee to cover the cost of the hearing aid batteries. This fee is $47.25 until July 2021. This fee is cheaper than purchasing a box of batteries when you require them as a box of batteries on average retails for $30.00+.

hearing services program HSP

Fully Funded Australian Government Hearing Aids

The following hearing aid brands and their selected hearing aids are available on the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program (HSP). The program for eligible Pensioners and DVA cardholders offers both fully funded hearing services; which includes hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and ongoing assistance amongst other helpful options. EarDeals is independent/ not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. This provides us with the ability to offer you many brands and devices with many features and options. EarDeals brokers are free to use and can help you navigate the Hearing Services Program with ease.

Power of Attorney: If the client is incapable of providing consent, a person with the client’s power of attorney (POA) or equivalent[1] is able to sign on their behalf.

About Resound Hearing Aids

Resound since 1943, has improved the quality of life for people with hearing loss, their families and friends.  People with hearing loss are at the heart of what Resound is all about. Resound hearing aids allow you to focus on what you want or need to hear. From 1988 to 2020, Resound has created a third microphone inside the ear canal of their Resound One hearing aid.  It collects sounds like nature intended. Resound’s goal is to balance science with nature in harmony. Resound have quite a choice when it comes to their hearing aids.  You could have Behind-the-ear, Inside-the-ear or Receiver-in-the-ear.  GN Resound have quite a selection of hearing on the market.  Resound Key, Enzo Q, LiNX Quattro and Resound One, Ligo, LiNX 9IIC.  Brands, products, colours, sizes these are all the fundamentals in choosing the correct hearing aid that would be suitable for your hearing loss.
  • Resound Key Range – Click Here

Resound has recently compleated a full update (April 2021) of their hearing aid range for FREE to client hearing aids. These are the hearing aids for those accessing hearing aid technology through the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program (HSP) These options include a full family of hearing aid styles such as receiver-in-the-ear, Customs made hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids. The new range replaces the older pre-existing devices the Ligo and the Enya. The new upgrade has not only added more hearing aid style options but also the option of Bluetooth connectivity for listening to all types of audio like music, audiobooks, youtube channels and even wireless phone calls directly into your ears! In addition to this upgrade in the New Resound Key Range is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery option. These upgrades to the Resound HSP hearing aids is a big leap forward for Resound and should be a strong contender for anyone seeking FREE hearing aids through the Hearing Services Program for eligable pensioners and DVA cardholders.

Browse the full range of Resound Hearing aid options below for pensioners and DVA card Holders – Click here

About Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak was established in 1947 in Switzerland by French – Belgian investors.  As the years move on Phonak and their hearing aids were established all over the world.  Wireless communication, new technological hearing aids and accessories continued as Phonak become a global hearing aid manufacturer pushing the boundaries of new and innovative technology.  Wireless Bluetooth mobile phones connectivity for hearing aids were introduced in 2003 with the Phonak B Direct hearing aid. Since then Phonak has continued with three further generations of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids.  Phonak manufactures all styles of hearing aids for the international market. The style names are  Claro, Naida, Audeo, Lyric, Bolero, Virto, Cros, Vitus, Sky B, Marvel and Paradise, just to name a few.The Phonak Audeo Marvel released in August 2018 was the most popular hearing aid ever produced by Phonak.

In Australia, the device was often on backorder or sold out. Since the Phonak Audeo Marvel release Phonak has upgraded the Marvel with the release of the Phonak Audeo Paradise which has continued with similar success. Audeo is the hearing aid style by Phonak which has the body of the hearing aid behind the ear with the receiver wire travelling over the ear and into the ear canal. This style is called a reciever-in-the-canal and is the most popular style globally due to the performance the style offers.

  • Phonak Vitus Micro – Read More
  • Phonak Vitus P – Read More
  • Phonak Vitus UP – Read More

Browse the full range of Phonak Hearing aid options below or click here.

About Signia / Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens was built on 140 years of experience. The Signia brand was launched globally in 2016 following a transition of sale from Siemens hearing aids. Siemens hearing aids continue to be a name recognised in Australia and arguably more than Signia however the two brands are 100% separate now with Siemens completely exited from the hearing industry. Since the sale and rebrand, Signia has grown to global dominance and is now among the top three largest hearing aid manufacturers globally. One new aspect of Signia’s hearing aids is the feature of Own Voice Processing, The new technology IS called Own Voice Processing (OVP); the wearer’s own voice is detected and processed separately, while external sounds remain unaffected. The current hearing aids that are on the Australian Hearing market for Signia are, Signia Active, Styletto X, Styletto Connect, Silk X, Pure Charge&Go X, Pure 312 X. Pure 10 Nx. Pure 13 Nx, Motion X, Motion Nx, Insio Nx (ITE/ITC) Bluetooth. Insio Nx (IIC/CIC) Intuis 3. CROS X. Signia Xperience, Signia Nx. Signia within these brands provides free hearing aids via the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program for eligible pensioners and DVA cardholders.
  • Insio 1Px ITC omni – Read More
  • Insio 1Px ITE – Read More
  • Motion 1Px SP – Read More
  • Signia Motion 13 P BT 1Nx – Read More
  • Signia Pure 312 – Read More
  • Signia Silk – Read More
  • Signia Pure Charge & Go – Read More

Browse the full range of Signia Hearing aid options below or click here.

About Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron’s story began in the early 1960’s in Newfoundland, Canada when friends and business partners Fred Stork, Rolf. Strothmann and Rolf Dohmer, combined their talents to combine their first enterprise, a business offering television, radio sales and repairs. They were alerted that Canada was an untapped market for hearing aid technology. Unitron Industries Limited was launched in 1964. Unitron began its expansion into the international market in 1969, opening an office in Germany, then opening a US office in Michigan in 1974. Unitron has been both a leader in hearing aid technology as well as an assistive technology that is designed to further advance their hearing aids functionality through the use of Smartphone Apps. The Unitron Remote Plus app is a remote control for your hearing aids and provides timely notifications to help you learn how to use and care for your hearing aids. The App allows you can send feedback directly to your hearing care professional, so they can personalize your devices at the next visit. Some of the hearing aids that are available from Unitron are, Unitron Discover Next Stride, Unitron Discover Next Moxi Fit, Unitron Discover Next Moxi Move R, Unitron Discover Next Moxi Jump RT, Unitron Discover Next Moxi Fit, Unitron DX Stride, just to name a few.
  • Unitron DX Insera 312 OMNI 3 – Read More
  • Unitron T Insera 500 W 312 DIR – Read More
  • Unitron Max SP – Read More
  • Unitron Max UP – Read More
  • Unitron Stride Dura – Read More
  • Unitron Stride M – Read More
  • Unitron Stride P – Read More

Browse the full range of Unitron Hearing aid options below or click here.

How our hearing aid brokers help you with the Hearing Services Program.

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program provides eligible people who are an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older, or who hold a valid Pension Concession card, Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Gold or White cardholder, or if you are a member of the Defense Force. You will be provided with subsidised hearing services and hearing aids through our accredited hearing services brokers.  To check your eligibility, call one of our independent Hearing Aid Brokers on 1300 010 372.

Your independent hearing aid broker will require from you your personal details, your full name, address, phone number, date of birth and the Customer Reference Number, (CRN) number on your Pension card, or the Government Funding identifier, which is the  (DVA) file number on your DVA gold or white card. The broker is also responsible for reading to you the HSP Consent Declaration to ensure to receive your consent. By giving your permission, you are consenting to and authorizing the Department of Health to collect, store and disclose your information, including your personal information.

Once all the above information has been given and confirmed, the eligibility process takes five minutes to check from the information provided, on the HSP portal.

Eligible seniors, pensioners and veterans can obtain a range of products and services to meet their needs, many of which are entirely free.  Your hearing is assessed by a qualified audiologist, at no cost to you.  If the assessment indicates that a hearing aid or assistive listening device would help assist you, we will help you select a model from a range of quality hearing aid manufacturers.  If not, the federal government will subsidise part of the cost, so pensioners and veterans have full access to more advanced hearing aid solutions.  We will assist and counsel you in ways to obtain the maximum benefit from your hearing devices, at no cost.  You can obtain a maintenance contract for your hearing aids, which covers the cost for any maintenance required on your hearing aids, or any hearing aid batteries required.  This maintenance contract is valid every 12 months.  The maintenance contract is heavily subsidised by the federal government so that your annual contribution is minimal.  ($43.75 until the 1st of July,2021.)

hearing aid buyers guide

Free Hearing Aids Guide

See the latest hearing aids from hearing aid manufacturers such as Phonak, Signia (Siemens), Gn Resound and Unitron!

The link below allows you to download a hearing aid guide that details some information about specific hearing aids we offer that are free for eligible Pensioners and DVA cardholders on the Hearing Services Program.

Click here to download

Hearing Service Program

Simple and easy access to the program

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I've dealt with Annie at Ear Deals a couple of times now, she's been really helpful and seemed genuinely interested in making sure my mum was doing OK with her hearing aids without trying to sell her unnecessary extra stuff. Also, their pricing is really competitive.
Harold Bryant
Harold Bryant
08:21 23 Sep 18
Annie at EarDeals Sydney has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She has helped my Mom to find the perfect Hearing Aids and adjusted them regularly until they were perfect for her. A genuinely kind, thoughtful and caring service with your best interest in mind, made my Mom feel at ease not like the other two companies we visited beforehand. Highly recommend for anyone that wants a trust worthy opinion and service. Big thank you to Annie!
Simone McHugh
Simone McHugh
04:45 09 Aug 18
I went to EarDeals through a recommendation of a friend. I was very careful at the start of the appointment, having visited many other retailers in Sydney who were pushy and some even rude. The other companies just wanted to push a hearing aid sale on me. One didn't even provide a clear quote or my results. EarDeals is very different, you can tell from the start they are about people not profits. I was very impressed by their service and genuine nature. Their clinician is knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. I was left with the option of having a hearing aid discussion which I accepted. At the end of the appointment, I was encouraged to take the quote which was $1500.00 cheaper with my results to think about what was right for me. I called and returned a few days later. Im now happily trialling great hearing aids for free. Thanks
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez
23:58 28 Jun 18
I found Jenelle to be a very competent and friendly audiologist who was extremely helpful even though I did not eventually buy any hearing aids from her as she was able to fit new receivers to my daughter's old hearing aids to suit my hearing loss (for $300) thereby saving me paying close to $5,000 on a new pair of hearing aids she had originally quoted and which another (large) company had quoted $5,450.00. This large company held a contract with the Australian Government and had supplied hearing aids to my daughter since she was 3 years old until she recently turned 26 years getting paid by the government. Thank you Jenelle - I will recommend you to my family and friends.
George loupos
George loupos
11:18 26 Jun 18
EarDeals is amazing. They went to such great lengths to locate a replacement for my lost hearing aid at a cost that was well within my budget. Nothing was too much trouble for my audiologist, Annie, test, fit and adjust the new device There were also subsequent follow up calls to ensure everything was working optimally. Huge thank you to EarDeals.
Tim Brandis
Tim Brandis
10:08 13 May 18
I dropped by Eardeals unannounced and with no booking. Annie was able to see me straight away. There was no sales pressure like all the other hearing aid places I had been to (trying to push you to a particular brand of hearing aid). Just genuine care to solve my hearing problem.The after sales support has been amazing! Annie just wanted to make sure my new hearing aid was right for me and i was going well with it. As well she made sure I recieved any additional items I needed and were sent to me asap. I wouldn't hessitate to recommend them to anyone!
Steve Bleakley
Steve Bleakley
02:27 26 Oct 17
Ear Deals have been very easy for me to deal with. I found the clinician to be warm and helpful. The Ear Deals clinician tested my hearing and recommended some hearing aids which have made a big difference in situations where I was having difficulty hearing. I can now hear my children when they speak to me!
Phil Herscovics
Phil Herscovics
02:47 24 Oct 17

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