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  • $850   $799
    Tech Name:1PX
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Invisible

    Signia Siemens Silk 1 Primax (1PX) Hearing Aid

    Great for active first-time wearers!

    The Silk 1PX is a great entry-level hearing aid for people wishing to dip their toe into wearing hearing aids. Versatile, easy and invisible to the naked eye, the silk matches perfectly to a busy and active lifestyle wearer who needs help 25% of the time hearing. Pop it in and go play a round of golf!
  • $950
    Device:Moxi Dura
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:High Power
    An image of the Unitron Moxi Dura Tempus 500 hearing aid on a white surface with a label that says Sorry Discontinued by Manufacturer

    Unitron Moxi Dura 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    Perfect for high-level hearing losses on a budget!

    The hearing aid product range that’s more durable and has a longer usage time as it takes a size 13 battery. – Unitron Moxi Dura. Amazingly compact in an award-winning style and technology. Great value receiver in the canal devices.
  • $990   $950
    Device:Moxi Fit–R
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Smallest Rechargeable

    Unitron Moxi Fit Rechargeable 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    Cheap Rechargeable Hearing aids! What more do you want?

    Finally! Rechargeables!
    Do away with pesky batteries. Put your mobile phone its charger every night? Well, now you can do the same with the Unitron Moxi Fit R. Simple!
  • $955
    Device:Moxi Fit
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Telecoil

    Unitron Moxi Fit 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    Hear now with great technology in a small and affordable device!

    A gorgeous looking hearing device, with an award-winning design and technology, Moxi Fit is compact and discreet. Regain your control with the push button and accessories connectivity. The telecoil feature allows you to connect to public places at all times.
  • $960
    Device:Moxi Kiss
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Fully automatic
    An image of the Unitron Moxi Kiss Tempus 500 hearing aid on a white surface with a label that says Sorry Discontinued by Manufacturer

    Unitron Moxi Kiss 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    Smart Hearing aids at Australia’s best economy prices

    Unitron Moxi Kiss is fully automatic, discreet with beautiful sound quality. The device does what it’s told, as it can learn your preferences and adapt accordingly. The small case aid takes a 312 battery for a compact design.
  • $1,100
    Device:Moxi All
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Hands Free Phone Calls
    An image of the Unitron Moxi All Tempus 500 hearing aid on a white surface with a label that says Sorry Discontinued by Manufacturer

    Unitron Moxi All 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    Say hello to hands-free phone calls!

    • Bluetooth hearing aid
    • Hands-free mobile phone calls on any smartphone
    • Hear calls ringing directly through your hearing aids
    • Click-button “accept & reject call” (hands-free)
    • Make personal adjustments through the app
    • 12 colours with hair and skin tones
    • High IP 68 rated, water and dust resistance
    • Long lasting battery power
  • $1,250   $1,200
    Tech Name:1PX
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Many features

    Signia (Siemens) Pure 1 Primax (1PX) Hearing Aid

    Long battery life, compact and discreet!

    Outstanding comfort, natural sound and battery life, the Signia Pure has long been considered the go-to hearing aid for the majority of hearing losses. Now available in the lowest technology level available. Its features are available to those seeking a proven in the field hearing aid at a competitive price. Perfect for the first-time wearer with limited demands. A dehumidifier is available at an additional cost. Call today for a Free 60-day trial!
  • $1,350   $1,250
    Tech Name:2PX
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Invisible

    Signia (Siemens) Silk 2 Primax (2PX) Hearing Aid

    A first-timer hearing aid for the active lifestyle

    The Silk 2PX offers a great first-time option. Although considered an entry level aid, the Silk PX really is a versatile,  ‘place in the canal and forget’ product. We love the Silk at EarDeals because the product caters perfectly for the busy office worker or mum on the go.
  • $1,300
    Device:Belong 312
    Tech Name:B30
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Beautiful Sound

    Phonak Audeo Belong 312 (30 Essential) Hearing Aid

    Beautiful sound, great battery life and Tinnitus therapy

    The Phonak has long been considered the measuring brand for many of the world’s largest manufactures of hearing aids. The Belong 312 hearing aid is no different. The product is a great entry-level for many wearers and one that will certainly change your quality of life!
  • $1,300
    Device:Moxi All-R
    Tech Name:500
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Bluetooth + Rechargeable

    Unitron Moxi All-R 500 Tempus Hearing Aid

    World First Bluetooth + Rechargeable Hearing aid!

    • Hands-free mobile calls on any smartphone
    • Direct Bluetooth connection to smartphones
    • Hear calls ringing in your hearing aids
    • Click-button “accept/reject call” (Hands-Free)
    • No extra streamers required
    • 16 hours use including 2 hours of calls + 5 hours TV use
    • 7 hours to full charge (overnight) + part charge option
    • Flexible upgrades
    • 6 colours + hair and skin tones
  • $1,305
    Device:Belong 312–T
    Tech Name:B30
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Telecoil

    Phonak Audeo Belong 312T Telecoil (30 Essential) Hearing Aid

    Telecoil Connectivity Hearing Device

    A telecoil is a tiny coil of wire inside a hearing aid that picks up the transmissions of sound to help improve the wearer’s ability to hear both by phone and within public places with loop systems. These places often include churches, airports, theatres and government-owned or mass traffic locations.
  • $1,310
    Device:Belong 10
    Tech Name:B30
    Tech Level:
    Best Feature:Very Small

    Phonak Audeo Belong 10 (30 Essential) Hearing Aid

    Phonak’s smallest aid – Great value!

    The Belong 10 is the smallest hearing aid by the world leading brand Phonak. This aid is designed to handle speech in noise with ease and focused capabilities in noise or quiet situation. Great for those who just need a little help and live an active lifestyle!
    Technological Features
    • Whistle Block
    • User Preference Tuning
    • 8 Fine tuning Channels
    • QuickSync
    • Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator
    • Auto Acclimatization

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