Who Is Oticon Globally?

Oticon is a world leading hearing aid and hearing loss solutions manufacturer. The devices the company produces range across all hearing loss types and demographics. The Oticon company is situated in Copenhagen, Demark and was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant who’s drive to succeed was focused on his wife and her hearing loss. Oticon is part of the “big 6” hearing aid manufacturers globally. Oticon devices may be found across the globe alongside many of their sister brands.

Owned by the parent company William Demant Group the company has grown to over 3,000 employees globally. In 2016 the William Demant Group announced the opening of its purpose-built research and development division located in Warsaw, Poland. The company has undergone considerable change globally. Oticon in recent history has moved the production of its Oticon devices in Demark and the United States to Poland. Additionally, the company has in recent times, shifted its research and development arms from Switzerland to Denmark and Poland.

Oticon in Australia?

Oticon’s retailing company in Australia

Oticon in Australia has both a wholesale and retail division and a large one at that! These divisions focus on two key aspects of the Australian hearing aid retailing market. These divisions sell Oticon devices both through the parent company-owned clinics and independent suppliers or “mum and dad clinics”.

This type of business model is not uncommon in Australia, with many of the large manufacturers owning or managing their hearing clinic networks. In fact it has been estimated that 3/4 of the Australian market is manufacture linked.

Independent suppliers of Oticon in Australia

Oticon Hearing devices are also sold throughout Australia by a large number of Independent retailers both large and small. An “Independent retailer”, is a terminology given in the hearing industry of Australia to those companies with whom stock a brand of hearing devices under a manufacturer agreement.

These audiology clinics are not owned or managed by the hearing aid manufacturers; in fact, most independent hearing clinics stock many competing brands of hearing aids. The sale proposition from many independent hearing aid clinics is to provide a wider range in choice and hearing aid features available on the global market across many manufacturers.

EarDeals is proudly an independent supplier of the Oticon hearing aid brand.

How is EarDeals linked to the Oticon hearing aid brand?

As stated above EarDeals is an independent supplier of Oticon Hearing devices in Australia. Under this agreement, our business stocks the Oticon brand and its supporting accessories. EarDeals has chosen the Oticon brand due to its unique approach to assessing and fitting a range of hearing loss types. EarDeals clinicians have worked directly with the Oticon brand for many years and have continued to achieve outstanding patient outcomes with Oticon devices. EarDeals believes that to be the best in the market at fitting hearing devices and making the best results for our clients we need to be associated with the best hearing aid manufacturers globally.

At EarDeals we are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to trial Oticon devices as part of our service agreement to you.

Oticon Hearing Devices

Oticon currently has a large range of hearing devices and hearing aid styles. These hearing aid styles are available across three technology levels. Hearing aid technology levels refer to the hearing aids manufactured performance levels on the processing chip of every hearing aid. A list of the latest technology levels and their links are available below:

Oticon OPN S

The latest technology platform now available in the Oticon hearing aid brand is the OPN S range. Like all new technology platforms, the prices on the OPN S and the previous OPN models differ due to the inclusion of additional features and improved functionality. If you are seeking the best hearing aid available from the Oticon brand than the OPN S range is the best place to start your trial. If however, you are seeking a great hearing aid at a more affordable price, a list of the OPN devices levels and links to the devices and the hearing aid prices is below:

    • Oticon OPN S 1 – (Advanced feature level) – Click here
    • Oticon OPN S 2 – (Standard feature level) – Click here
    • Oticon OPN S 3 – (Economy feature level) – Click here

Oticon OPN

    • Oticon OPN  1 – (Advanced feature level) – Click here
    • Oticon OPN  2 – (Standard feature level) – Click here
    • Oticon OPN  3 – (Economy feature level) – Click here

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