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The Oticon Opn S2 hearing aid range sits on the right side of a dark rock-textured surface with content details about the device on the left

Oticon Opn S2 Hearing Aid Range

OPN S2 miniRITESpeech in Noise Master

Single Device Price $3,195.00

$6,390.00 (Pair)

OPN S2 miniRITE RRechargeable

Single Device Price $3,195.00

$6,390.00 (Pair)

OPN S2 miniRITE-TTelecoil and Best in Speech

Single Device Price $3,195.00

$6,390.00 (Pair)

OPN S2 BTE PPLarge Hearing Loss Types

Single Device Price $3,195.00

$6,390.00 (Pair)

Launch Date: Early 2019

Oticon Opn S2 Hearing Aid Range Features

  • Quick processing of the environmental sounds
  • Access to all sounds and clears the important signals of the surroundings
  • Feedback Whistling Removing technology
  • Best speech quality in noise for reduced listening effort
  • Additional gain for speech clarity via open fitting
  • Directly connects with Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad for music streaming
  • Links to the internet of things and smart devices
  • Hands-free phone call using iPhone or Android device via ConnectClip streamer
  • Stream audio from TV, laptop and more using the TV adapter
  • Easy program, volume and mute mode access with the rocker button on the device
  • Mobile app comes with a boosting function and the traditional program adjustments
  • Lower button switch used to access flight mode
  • Battery status indicator via LED
  • minirite R (Rechargeable) model uses lithium-ion batteries
  • Charging time:
  • 3 hours = fully charged
  • 1 hour = 50% charged
  • 1/2 hour = 25 % charged
  • Tight dust and highly protected from water – IP68
  • Compact and elegant looking perfect for discreet wearing
  • Comes in 7 colours with hair shades and skin tones match
  • Telecoil feature (except miniRite model) connectivity with loop system in public places
  • Removes ringing in the ear problems with Tinnitus SoundSupport

Please note that some features within this list are subject to the style of hearing aid you choose.

Oticon OPN S2 Hearing Aid Colours

44 | Silver

91 | Silver Grey

90| Chroma Beige

94 | Terracotta

92 | Steel  Grey

93 | Chestnut Brown

63 | Diamond Black

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