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Unitron Moxi Tempus Kiss Hearing Aid Range

Unitron Moxi Kiss 500Fully Automatic

Single Device Price $960.00

$1,920.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Kiss 600Fully Automatic

Single Device Price $1,435.00

$2,870.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Kiss 700Fully Automatic

Single Device Price $2,160.00

$4,320.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Kiss 800Fully Automatic

Single Device Price $2,710.00

$5,420.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Kiss ProFully Automatic

Single Device Price $3,710.00

$7,420.00 (Pair)

Launch Date: Early 2017

Unitron Moxi Tempus Kiss Features

  • Award-winning beautiful design
  • Programs automatically adjust to your hearing needs
  • Enhances speaking voice in noisy situations
  • Five technology levels and prices
  • Links to a smartphone app for channel, volume and settings adjustments
  • Links to a remote control for volume and program adjustments
  • Links to audio streamers for music and TV sounds
  • Reduce background noise and enhance targeted sounds
  • Tinnitus therapy option
  • IP 57 – moist and dust resistant
  • Size 312 hearing aid batteries
  • Easy to use for those with dexterity issues
  • Multiple dome sizes for a comfortable fit
  • Comes in 12 colour options with skin and hair colours

Unitron Moxi Kiss Hearing Device Brochure

Download Unitron Tempus Moxi Kiss Brochure

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