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Unitron Moxi Fit Discover Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover D3Bluetooth

Single Device $1,200.00

$2,400.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover D5Bluetooth

Single Device $1,900.00

$3,800.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover D7Bluetooth

Single Device $2,400.00

$4,800.00 (Pair)

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover D9Bluetooth

Single Device $2,800.00

$5,600.00 (Pair)

Who is Unitron?

Unitron is a Canadian based hearing company that has been in the hearing industry for approximately 50 years. The organisation is part of the Sonova group of companies which also comprises of both Phonak (arguably the world’s largest hearing aid brand) and Hanston a lesser know hearing aid brand with outlets spotted across the globe. Unitron is one of the world leaders in hearing aid technology which places the wearer in the centre of the hearing aid journey. Unitron’s approach to designing hearing aids and the fitting process of their devices is unique to many other of the world leading manufacturers as they focus on a wearer centric model. This approach is achieved via the recording of individual data unique to the wearer’s environment which is easily recorded through a smartphone app that links to their hearing devices. The App matches the wearer’s difficulty in noisy situations to the environments ambient noise and frequency levels. The outcome of this approach provides the clinician with more informative data to achieve a more refined fitting process and a better outcome for wearers of Unitron hearing aids.


Unitron Moxi Fit Discover Features

Unique Features to the Unitron Brand:

  • Direct Phone calls hands-free to your hearing aids for both Android and Apple smartphones with no intermediate connecting device
  • Record and live report real-world activity for your clinician to more accurately target your hearing loss type and lifestyle
  • Free FLEX trial option
  • Upgrade the technology level of the Unitron hearing aid at a later date

Additional Moxi Discover Features

  • Links to your TV for surround sound (Unitron TV Connector required)
  • Button on hearing aids to increase or decrease the volume of calls
  • Ability to adjust the volume of the call also on a smartphone
  • Ability to answer calls or reject calls
  • Switch to swap between programs
  • Disposable battery options take a size 312 battery
  • Refined and re-shaped receiver wire for greater comfort
  • Easily worn with thick-framed glasses
  • IP68 Highest dust and water resistance
  • Connects to almost all modern smartphones for hands-free calls
  • Voice to text feature that types words as your caller speaks (available soon)
  • Streams audio into both ears (new feature)
  • Uses the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up users voice for hands-free calls
  • Connects to Apple’s Siri and Android’s Elixir
  • Streams phone calls audio, podcasts, music, audeo book or YouTube video direct to hearing aids without a third party device
  • Connects automatically to your TV with a beep indication via TV Connector accessory for  Tv streaming and audio in stereo sound
  • Telehealth / remote adjustments and connectivity to your clinician from home
  • Works with Apple live listen for an alternative microphone source

Technology Levels

Processing Features Unitron Discover Technology Platform

Every hearing aid of the top six hearing aid manufacturers globally is part of a device range. For example, you are currently on the Unitron Moxi Fit Discover page. Within this page, you will see reference to technology levels throughout. This reference is directed towards the hearing aids four technology levels listed below. Each technology level has a range of technology features found on the processing chip of the device. The higher up the range you choose to go within the Moxi Fit Discover hearing aid range the greater the access to more of these features. If you decide at a later date that you require further hearing assistance you can always choose to upgrade in technology level a feature only available with Unitron hearing aids globally.

The technological features of the hearing aid in simple terms is a number of preset automatic sound filters which are designed for a variety of situations as a means of increasing the ability to hear sound and voices when required. For instance and echo blocking feature will reduce or eliminate the repetitive sound of an echo to limit hearing distractions in places where an echo may present in the environment that the wearer wishes to hear. This is one example of how a technological feature may work to assist a wearer.

The technology levels include:

  • Unitron Discover 3 (D3) – Economy
  • Unitron Discover 5 (D5) – Standard
  • Unitron Discover 7 (D7) – Advanced
  • Unitron Discover 9 (D9) – Platinum

SoundCore Discover 9Discover 7Discover 5Discover 3
Environmental classificationSoundNav 3.0
Total listening environments7642
Conversation in a crowd
Conversation in a small group
Conversation in quiet
Conversation in noise
Total streaming environments2222
MediaNav speech
MediaNav music
Sound optimisationSound Conductor
Speech enhancement
Noise reduction
Microphone features
LocalisationSpatial Awareness
Pinna Effect
Performance in
challenging environments
Speech Locator
Speech Focus
Spatial Speech
SpeechZone 2
Fine-tuning channels2016128

Connectivity Like no other!


  • Music
  • TV
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Audiobooks


  • Ratings
  • Virtual assistants ( Siri and Alexa)


  • Phone calls
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • WhatsApp

Connect Your TV To Your Hearing Aids!

The Unitron TV Connector enables the Moxi Discover Fit hearing aid to seamlessly link to your TV for a surround sound listening experience.  The accessory automatically switches the Moxi Fit Discover hearing aids to the TV,  providing the hearing aid wearer with the best high-quality stereo sound possible and wirelessly through their hearing instruments. Volume is also independent and allows others in the room to listen to the TV at their prefered volume level.  Additionally, the TV Connector also works with laptops, tablets and stereos. If a phone call is received through the hearing aids the TV connector will automatically reduce the volume for the call.

Take control of your own hearing success?

Well now you can! Unitron hearing aids through the power of the Remote Plus app allows you as the wearer to easily record the times when your hearing aids could be working a little better. This feedback allows our clinicians to analise your feedback and adjust your hearing devices to your desired levels. That’s right, you can now provide your clinician with solid evidence and justification for your hearing aid adjustments at the tap of a button! The outcome is a more refined fitting of your hearing devices to your lifestyle and frequented environments in which you demand the most from your hearing aids.

– Customisation to your hearing loss like no other hearing aid on the planet!

Remote Plus app

  • Change your preset programs
  • Control your hearing aid volume
  • Mute and unmute
  • Submit your ratings in difficult to hear situations
  • Watch videos on how to get the best from your hearing aids
  • Adjust the balance between your streaming of media and the environment in which you are currently struggling to hear
* Data is only available to clinic employees. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover Hearing Aid Size

Moxi Fit Discover Height: 13.3 mm

Moxi Fit Discover Colour Choices

Hair & Skin Tones For Greater Discreetness 

(P2 – colour code)

(P6 – colour code)

Pewter Shine
(S5 – colour code)

(P7 – colour code)

(01 – colour code)

(P8 – colour code)

Espresso Boost
(S3 – colour code)

(P4 – colour code)

Amber Suede
( S2 – colour code)

Compatible Hearing Aid Accessories: Unitron Moxi Fit Discover

TV Connector

  • Stereo sound quality direct to your hearing aids
  • Independent volume for wearer
  • Automatic volume control during calls
  • Automatic connection once TV is turned on

Remote Control 2

  • Discrete adjustments
  • Big buttons /easy use
  • Change volume
  • Change your own custom programs for typically hard to hear locations you visit

uDirect 3

  • Remote control adjustments
  • Multi connectivity


  • External microphone that links to your hearing Moxi Fit Discover to focus on a direct sound source in very difficult to hear environments. Can be clipped on the pocket of a companion or placed on the table over dinner.


  • Discrete connectivity device which links to a range of additional entertainment sources.

uTV 3

  • TV Connectivity for specific Unitron hearing aids

Smart Phone App Compatibility

Remote Plus App Features:

Adjust the volume and change your preset programs to aid your hearing in specific hard to hear environments that you frequent at the tap of a button. The Remote Plus App also provides wearers the ability to watch how-to-videos. The Remote Plus App latest features include the ability to share hearing data with your Ear Deals clinician. The remote Plus App provides your reviews in real time of situations where you are struggling to hear.

Feature Overview

    • Change programs
    • Control volume
    • Mute and unmute sounds
    • Ratings and reviews on the hearing instrument performance
    • Watch how-to videos
    • Adjust the balance of sound between the TV Connector accessory and the environment

uControl Plus App Features

The uControl™ provides a discreet and convenient hearing experience with control over many aspects of your hearing devices.

Feature Overview

• Guided setup
• Left and right hearing aid volume controls
• Selection of hearing aid programs for your specific environments
• Audio sources selection and connectivity for streaming music etc
• Link testing between streaming devices and the hearing aids

* Not compatible with uDirect or uDirect 2 devices
*Android phone running version 4 or higher

Unitron Moxi Fit Discover Hearing Device Brochure

Download Unitron Moxi Fit Discover Brochure

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