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Our EarDeals Hearing Specialist

At EarDeals we offer a complete service package for the fitting, adjustment and continued support for all your hearing aid needs with a qualified hearing aid specialist.

As an independent Hearing Specialist, we can fit over five brands of global big name hearing aid manufacturers and offer more than one hearing aid for your hearing loss across multiple brands. As the majority of hearing aids sold in Australia are from hearing clinics owned by hearing aid manufacturers who struggle to offer you more than one brand. EarDeals can trial you on many brands and styles not available in other clinics, leaving you with a choice in hearing aid types, hearing aid styles and hearing aid prices. EarDeals stocks the most sold hearing aid brand in Australia and some of the worlds most technically unique devices. This difference provides us with the ability to tackle or support the vast range of hearing loss types found in today’s communities.

Our multiple brand offering also means that when you purchase your hearing aids, you are being offered the latest technologies at Australia’s lowest hearing aid prices. The Ear Deals Hearing Specialist can fit you with the most recent hearing aid technologies which include Bluetooth hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids or both rechargeable and Bluetooth as well as invisible hearing aids and the worlds smallest hearing aids.

When it comes to fitting your hearing aid, the Ear Deals Hearing Specialist cannot only make adjustments across multiple brands and hearing aid types but also provide you with the product that is physically more comfortable to wear and discrete. With various brands, Ear Deals can offer you comfortable hearing aids with multiple fitting options to fit the unique shape to your ear and your ear canal.

What services are supported by the EarDeals Hearing Specialist?

Our hearing aid specialist manages your hearing from start to forever. That’s right we manage you for the life of your hearing aid.

Our Hearing Specialist will firstly like to speak with you on the phone; if possible and greet you at the clinic. You will be invited into our purpose built room with an approved calibrated testing facility, capable of testing with great accuracy your hearing loss. Before testing, our Hearing Specialist will inspect your ear canal with an otoscope (ear torch) to ensure that ear wax or foreign material does not hinder the test you receive. From there many different types of hearing tests will be conducted.

Following your hearing test from our qualified Hearing Specialist, you will enter a hearing consultation that will explain your results and provide you with a lot of detail as the what your hearing loss condition is and how it may be managed. Should a medical indicator be discovered, your will be directed to your doctor for further examination. The consultation by the Ear Deals Hearing Specialist will discuss hearing aids with you, should you be eligible and interested in a rehabilitation solution through the amplification of Australia’s cheapest hearing aids.

The EarDeals specialist will take an extensive analysis of your lifestyle and needs as a wearer. The types of environments that are noisy that you frequent and the places that you will usually struggle with noise. Both topics are critical conversations aimed at ensuring the multiple suggested hearing aid types you are offered are appropriate to your lifestyle and of course your hearing aid price expectation. The EarDeals Hearing Specialist will be caring and understanding of your situation and should you wish to go home and think about your options our Hearing Specialist will happily provide you with a written quote and brochures from the manufacturer for you to read and understand how hearing aids may lead your better hearing.

Free Hearing aid trials with our Hearing Specialist

Following your hearing test, hearing consultation and hearing test results analysis, the Ear Deals specialist will discuss your options. Should a hearing aid be appropriate, you will be offered our standard 60-day free trial on any hearing aid that we stock. Our EarDeals hearing aid trials are non-binding financially and last for 60 days. The trial aims to support your choice in hearing aid type and what you feel is the most comfortable device for your situation. We are not pushy on price and understand that we can’t all reach to the stars and afford the best most expensive product. That’s why the EarDeals Hearing Specialist will take you through all our brands and hearing aid types so you can decide what hearing aid is the best for you and your criteria. At Ear Deals we have many people who trial multiple brands, hearing aid types and hearing aid technology levels. We aim to explain each hearing aid in a way that you understand and you feel most comfortable with the purchase. We hope that by trialling our hearing aids free for 60-days you will be able to make the most informed decision for either you or a loved one.

How to access our services and book an appointment

EarDeals offers many options when it comes to accessing our services with our Hearing Specialist. The first step is booking an appointment by phone or online to first conduct a hearing test to check your hearing levels and determine if a hearing aid is right for you.

When booking an online hearing test appointment, you can access the website at the very top right corner. The website does not take payment for bookings as you’re offered a free comprehensive hearing test. If you want a quick hearing screen you can select the option in the system or if you believe you may need more time you can also book a free one-hour appointment.

Following your booking, you will receive an email and SMS reminder closer to the date of your appointment date, time and location. If you place a mobile phone down in your booking details an SMS will also be sent to you. A map and directions to our clinic are also sent by our Hearing Specialist prior to the day. The EarDeals hearing clinic in Sydney is located on George Street in the CBD. We have centrally located our clinic as on average clients will see our Hearing Specialist 1 to 3 times during the 60 day period and then only a few times a year; should they need any extra help. As we sell hearing aids with full remote adjustment capabilities, our Hearing Specialist just needs to see you once to test and examine your hearing. People who live in remote parts of Australia have long enjoyed the Ear Deals support and remote adjustment options. Please let us know at the time of booking that you are remote and we will ensure that the process runs as smooth as possible with our Hearing Specialist.


How to book an appointment with our Hearing Specialist:

Click here – to book an appointment with our Hearing Specialist online
Call our Hearing Specialist: 1300 010 064  or (02) 9133 7899


Cost of appointments with our Hearing Specialist

There is no cost to book a free hearing test with our Hearing Specialist. All services are free following the Ear Deals free trial of hearing aids for 60 days. Following your purchase, you are offered 60 days free servicing.

How long does an appointment take with our Hearing Specialist?

Most appointments with our Hearing Specialist last between 40 to 60 minutes. Obviously shorter free 15 minute appointments are available. However as everyone is different, we aim to cater for your enquiry and your needs. If you are unsure, feel free to book a free 60-minute hearing consultation with our Hearing Specialist. Hearing aid adjustments take 15 to 20 minutes depending on your additional questions or queries.

We will call you regularly to check on your progress and ensure your hearing aids are working to their highest capabilities.


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