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Free Hearing Test

We offer a service unlike anyone else!

Welcome to EarDeals – Supporting hearing aid users like no other

Welcome to EarDeals, we are a discount hearing aid clinic located in Sydney CBD opposite Town Hall Station; with the primary focus of supporting people with hearing loss that would otherwise struggle to afford hearing aids and the services found in our industry. We offer 100% free hearing tests for adults wishing to understand their hearing levels in an environment that doesn’t push you to buy hearing aids. We pride ourselves on supporting the well-being of our clients as they transition into a world of better hearing.

About our free hearing test process

EarDeals offers a free hearing test with a qualified clinician. We use calibrated equipment, and our consultations offer a large range of testing types that place you, our client in safe hands.

Should our hearing tests indicate a hearing loss we will first take the necessary measures to ensure no medical issue is present (referral to doctor issued if required) and you are then offered a no push conversation and question time about hearing aids and your lifestyle. We allow free hearing test appointments with one hour appointment times, should you wish to take your time to ask all the questions you need. These long appointment times also accommodate people wishing to trial a hearing aid free for 60 days on the day of your test. EarDeals offers cheap hearing aids on the worlds largest brands including Bluetooth hearing aids, invisible hearing aids and rechargeable hearing aids.EarDeals offers hearing aids from some of the world’s largest brands including but not limited to Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Unitron and Hansaton.

Should you decide that one of our cheap hearing aids is the direction you would like to take following your free comprehensive hearing examination. EarDeals will offer you a free 60 day trial of any hearing aid we offer. This approach provides you with peace of mind that the money you decide to spend on hearing aids will return a great value hearing solution for you needs and lifestyle. Additionally, should you already have a quote from another retailer we will beat your hearing aid quote by 10%!

Finally,EarDeals offers a number of additional free services that support the purchase of your new hearing aids. These services are designed to assist you for the life of your hearing aids. All hearing aid purchases have access to this same service arrangement. A table of these services is found below:

EarDeals does not support the sale of hearing aids for the sake of making a profit and will not jeopardise a clinical outcome for the sale of a hearing aid. If a medical condition is indicated EarDeals will refer you to your doctor. For more information on medical conditions please visit our services page.

About our free hearing tests

Our free hearing tests and free hearing services are offered in our purpose built hearing clinic in calibrated sound proof conditions. Unlike many of competitors, we are not a “random” visiting site offering free hearing tests every second week or a few days a month in a standard office without sound proof conditions. Rather we support our clients daily and don’t wait to fill our appointment book before we visit our location. Our free hearing tests are available 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can book an online hearing test appointment 24/7 on our website (top right – red button) or call (02) 9133 7899 should you have any questions about our comprehensive free hearing tests. Our Free hearing tests typically take between 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the discussion you wish to have with our clinician following your results and if you decide on trialling hearing aids free for 60 days.

About our Free hearing test appointments

EarDeals starts your appointment with a free screening / free hearing test in a calibrated soundproof environment with a qualified clinician. This will commence the first stage of your free hearing test appointment. The free hearing screening test will first determine if a hearing loss exists and to what extent. Subsequent tests will result thereafter to further clarify your hearing health further. This is a standard practice in many large medial audiology clinics in Australia.

EarDeals does not pay performance incentives, commissions or bonuses to our clinicians related to our cheap hearing aids and their sale. We expect and encourage our clinicians to display the highest respect to our clients and provide old fashioned Australian service we all love to receive!

The truth about Free Hearing Tests in Australia

The 90%+ of hearing aid clinics found in Australia are owned and managed by big name hearing aid manufactures from overseas and or overseas distributors of these manufacturers.

What does this have to do with Free Hearing Tests? Well, it’s no secret the hearing aids are expensive that’s why you have found EarDeals right,? Well these types of hearing clinics rely heavily on hearing aid sales as their primary revenue stream. Thus their focus is to get you through the door first and foremost.

So, If you ask anyone with a hearing loss the question – “If you had the choice, would you wear hearing aids?” no doubt if they did have the choice of having perfect hearing again, no doubt, the answer would be yes. However for many people hearing aids are a part of life due to hearing loss being irreversible. So, when it comes to selling hearing aids to people with hearing loss the biggest marketing hook has long been considered the free hearing test reducing the barrier for adoption to a sale! However, like a car purchase, you would always drive the car before you purchased it and hearing aids should be no different. After all, how will you know your money is well spent? That’s why we offer a no financial obligation free 60-day hearing aid trial on our cheap hearing aids from big brands.

Due to the varying types of people with hearing loss from all walks of life, many free hearing tests are advertised in large media campaigns targeted to large groups of people. The key difference in these free hearing tests is the bases on three components.

The three key components to a quality hearing test and hearing screen:

As indicated above, a free hearing test is very subjective and the quality of the test depends on four key factors:

  1. The qualification of the person conducting the free hearing test and their experience testing hearing
  2. The calibration and standard of equipment the free hearing test is conducted on
  3. The comprehensive nature of the hearing tests being conducted
  4. The tests are conducted in a calibrated soundproof environment

EarDeals follows all of the above four processes strictly to ensure the accuracy of our testing is a process we can stand behind and ensure our clients receive the best quality hearing care service available despite their budget or financial limitations.

Is there a “bad” Free Hearing Test?

Well that depends on the hearing clinic and the hearing company. Take the Australian medical audiology clinics for instance. A comprehensive hearing test appointment or full diagnostic hearing test will take between 40 to 60 minutes and test the patient using a number of different hearing test varieties. These tests focus on the root cause of the hearing loss and determining for General Practitioners and Ear Nose and Throat Specialist what the cause of the hearing loss or the type of hearing loss could be; much like an MRI scan or more commonly known X-Ray. These hearing tests attract a Medicare rebate and are not typically advertised as a free hearing test due to the out of pocket expenses to the patient. These hearing tests are conducted by university qualified audiologists who seek to cover a number of audiological points on behalf of the medical doctor. An audiologist then ultimately determines the tests being conducted, level of investigation and write a report to the doctor. These types of hearing tests attract a rebate through Medicare, however the patient is still out of pocket a rather large amount due to the type of test.

However, when fitting a hearing aid in a retail environment many clinicians choose to simply screen the client first. This seeks to initially determine if a hearing loss is present. By screening patients it saves the clinic time and of course resources that could be used elsewhere if the patient is found to not have a hearing loss. Thus resources may be concentrated on clients who may have a hearing loss resulting in a hearing aid sale, hence why age limits are usually advertised along with the term “free adult hearing test”. Whilst a screen is conducted the quality of this screen is also very subjective and carries the same three components of a quality hearing test as stated above.

So are free hearing tests or free hearing screens poor quality? Well it depends, as discussed in three points above you can run into the same issues. As long as the free hearing screen is conducted in the soundproof environment, on a calibrated machine and the clinician is adequately trained then the test result will be of a greater standard. However, the free hearing test has been adopted by many retailers to be conducted quicker and simpler to save costs. So many retailers opt to simply test only a few select frequencies just to determine if a loss is present. Whilst this is logical in theory, one can question if enough data has been collected to make an informed decision. If it only takes a few more minutes in this important step in the comprehensive hearing assessment why not test all the frequencies?

The reality is, time equals money for the big retailers. At EarDeals, our free hearing test includes a comprehensive hearing screen along with a number of other comprehensive testing types to ensure that the hearing loss we are investigating is not a medical condition that needs a referral. Furthermore, Ear Deals only test on calibrated equipment with qualified health professionals in a proven calibrated soundproof environment. Whilst we can’t speak for many retailers this part is paramount to a quality test. So when you take your free hearing test away with you, it is a mark in time that depicts the current state of your hearing loss. Additionally, all applicants are checked in the ears with an otoscope (ear torch) to ensure that the sound pathway is clear and is delivering the most accurate result for every patient possible.

Additional hearing screening types include makeshift free hearing tests on a smart tablet or smartphone device that’s not calibrated or cleared as producing a tone that is Australian regulatory approved. To further clarify no hearing test in Australia on a smart tablet, smartphone App or internet is approved against the standards and carries an ISO approval. Thus you can only assume the accuracy of these free hearing tests or any hearing test of this nature.

The real question is why would you go for a free hearing test on a device that is not proven as being accurate when there is calibrated free hearing tests with a qualified hearing professional in sound proof calibrated conditions available at EarDeals?

This is the same for online free hearing tests. Furthermore, all calibrated hearing tests in Australia need to be calibrated at least once a year for accuracy. These calibrations on equipment are done in most cases locally. Those who calibrate audiological equipment must adhere to standards within their businesses and have their equipment calibrated annually against a NATA standard (National Association of Testing Authorities Australia) which is then calibrated offshore. Hearing clinics which calibrate their equipment regularly are ensuring your test is as accurate as possible. Basically, for equipment to be accurate, it must be calibrated yearly by a qualified professional with who’s equipment must meet regulative clinical standards. All calibrations of equipment should come with a certificate of calibration as proof of the calibration of the hearing testing equipment being up to date.

To further justify the quality of some free hearing tests, many would not pass the same high standards required for hearing screens in workplaces in Australia that reach 85 decibels or more over an eight hour period. The Australian Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at work Code of Practice used to monitor hearing loss in workplaces would not determine these tests as accurate and as such these testing types would not be used and or pass their requirements of the workplace health and safety protocols in every state of Australia.

The accuracy of hearing testing in workplaces is managed by workplace health and safety personal amongst other allied health professions and management. Read below about workplace hearing tests to know more. As such free hearing tests on tablets are considered inaccurate and simply form a marketing gimmick to drive hearing loss enquiries when conducted on a tablet, smartphone or internet. To further clarify there is no Australian certified free hearing test capable of conducting an approved hearing test on a smartphone or tablet at this point in time.

Free hearing tests at work:

Well, there are actually free hearing tests that can be conducted in a short period that accurately indicate a hearing loss. In fact if you are a worker in a noisy environment over 85 decibels, according to the Australian Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at work Code of Practice this type of test is recommended every one or two years. The test requirement depends on the decibel volume in the workplace to help both workers and companies manage their noise risk; these free hearing tests are paid for by the company. The tests take approximately 10- 15 minutes depending on the delivery method of the safety messages also required by the code. These tests are referred to as Air Conduction Hearing Tests and the testing equipment, conditions and personal conducting the tests are regulated. They are performed by qualified people for the purpose of workplaces, adhering to strict testing regulations set out clearly in the Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at work Code of Practice. Finally, they are then governed by each Australian state through workplace health and safety officers. Please note that if you are a health and safety professional the outcome of “what to do” with the hearing tests results differs slightly per state. However, the testing remains the same across Australia. Ear Deals does not conduct free hearing testing on behalf of companies we only concentrate on the “residential market”. This type of work is commonly preformed by both contracted medical style audiology companies and occupational health companies on behalf of the company that required workers to work in noisy environments over 85 decibels for 8 hours in a working period.

Key take away points about free hearing tests:

For a free hearing test to be accurate via best case scenario the following points must be covered:

  1. The free hearing test is conducted by a qualified and experienced clinician
  2. The test is conducted on a calibrated device, not a tablet, phone or on the internet
  3. The test is comprehensive in nature and covers many frequencies and test types
  4. The tests are conducted in a calibrated soundproof environment
EarDeals follows all of the above four processes strictly to ensure the accuracy of our testing is a process we can stand behind and ensure our clients receive the best quality hearing care service available despite their budget or financial limitations.

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