Travelling to EarDeals could save you $100’s or even $1000’s!

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Australia’s home of affordable big brand hearing aids!

At EarDeals we pride ourselves on the highest level of clinical services with an approach to fitting hearing aids that is neither rushed or pressured. We offer FREE 60 day trials of the latest hearing aids and a 10% price beat guarantee if you find the same product at a lesser price in Australia! For these reasons, our clinic has serviced many interstates and rural hearing aid wearers who seek a more affordable, high-level hearing service.

Remote Tele-Care & hearing aid management

Did you know we can adjust and monitor your hearing aid performance remotely? Some of the big brand hearing aids offer a variety of remote help options aimed at servicing our remote, busy or immobile hearing aid wearers. For interstate hearing aid wearers seeking a great price on their hearing aids, this means hassle-free hearing healthcare from the comfort of home or office!

How to get to the EarDeals clinic from the Sydney Airport

The most accessible and affordable way is to travel by train. Follow the internal airport signs to the Airport train platform. Then catch that train all the way to Town Hall Station. From Town Hall Station, the EarDeals front door is less than 70m depending on your station exit. The EarDeals office entry is located next to the Hilton Hotel at level 3, 478 George Street Sydney (See Map)

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To determine the next step, we need to establish what stage on the hearing journey you are on. Please pick from the below points:

I’m 100% new to hearing aids

Easy – Simply browse our website and familiarise yourself with our hearing aids and their features. Then simply send us an email to

We require the following by email:

  1. The name of the devices or brand you like
  2. The features that are important to you if you have any such as Bluetooth, small or rechargeable.

Our EarDeals clinician will then be in contact to arrange a free comprehensive hearing test and appointment.If you still have no idea where to start simply call our clinician on (02) 9133 7899 to discuss your options before you make any big decisions. Once we can determine which product is most likely to assist you, we will provide you with a quote. You may then consider your travel expenses against your hearing aid price to make your own final decisions. Please be advised that a comprehensive hearing test is required as one of the critical points of a hearing aid fitting. A free comprehensive hearing test will be conducted on the same day and a range of devices will be available prior to your appointment. If you have a hearing test at another hearing clinic, you will automatically receive a 10% Price Beat Guarantee if you decide on purchasing hearing aids with EarDeals. This simple process could save you hundreds or even thousands on your hearing aid purchase.

I’m a second-time wearer seeking a new hearing aid

You are our most common wearer at EarDeals did you know that!

You may already have a different brand of devices that are not stocked at EarDeals. Don’t worry – EarDeals stocks many of the world’s big hearing aid brands and one of the most awarded brands in Australia. When you have finished browsing our website, send EarDeals an email by using the contact form at the bottom of any EarDeals page. Alternatively, call our clinician on (02) 9133 7899 for a discussion. When you have made your decisions. EarDeals will be able to provide you with a hearing aid quote over the internet for you to consider. You will receive a free comprehensive hearing test before your hearing aid fitting.

I have a quote already and would like an EarDeals price beat offer!

Simple – At the bottom of this page is an enquiry form. Fill in your details and if available upload your quote. Our clinician will be in contact via email soon after with a quoted Price Beat Guarantee in your email (please check your junk mail). Alternatively, call EarDeals on 02 9133 7899 if you have any questions! If you’re still not sure what product would suit your needs or simply need a little help to get you started, please call our friendly clinician on (02) 9133 7899. Our clinician will help answer any questions you may have!

Page Note: EarDeals does not supply financial advice to our clients. Any potential hearing aid wearers choosing to travel to the EarDeals clinic must consider their circumstances. EarDeals will happily provide a quote on any hearing aids we stock to assist potential wearers with the most transparency on a price before they travel.

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Ron from Queensland describes his interstate day trip to EarDeals

After searching through several local hearing specialists who all seemed to be rip off merchants I was ready to give up when I discovered Ear Deals who turned out to be a no fuss, helpful company, and fortunately for me they were doing an end of financial year promotion on hearing aids. It was indeed less costly for me to fly to Sydney to be fit with my hearing aids by Ear Deals!

The initial contact is through Annie their very proficient and friendly Audiologist, and after accepting her quote I was required to attend at least one visit to Annie’s Clinic, which is in the heart of Sydney – where I am not familiar, but with help from Annie I was able to find my way with ease, especially as she sent a text photo of the front entrance to her clinic and she mentioned the Air Port To City Train link with Town Hall Station only 5 minutes’ walk to the Clinic.

I was amazed that I could achieve a 9:30am appointment in Sydney from the Sunshine Coast and be back at home by 8:30pm the same day, after two visits to Annie and some sightseeing, showing that if one wishes to purchase from Ear Deals distance need not deter us as the ease of travel, service, courtesy and pricing is worth it, just ask Annie for directions and Google Earth and of course, City Link.

The meeting with Audiologist Annie was very nice as we sat with a cup of tea and discussed my hearing problems more like old friends, instead of a practitioner with a patient, and being tested in a soundproof booth was much better than by laptop computer in a standard room as is more often the case.

After the test and fitting Annie set me loose on Sydney to try the aids out, I had fun asking directions from Sydneyites as an excuse to talk, after which I returned to the clinic for further checking, when finished Annie walked with me down the corridor to the lift, just as you would with a house guest, I thought that was a very lovely and polite touch.

Since then at home, I have had some questions in relation to the blue tooth connections but with help from Annie, we have worked through this and she says she can do adjustments to the aids remotely if require. I now am out of the 60 day trial period now but Annie has promised and has delivered ongoing help.

Annie’s manager lives in Brisbane and although he is not an Audiologist he was even willing to travel to my home which is over 90 minutes’ drive each way, to assist me! This was another very kind gesture by Ear Deals.

All in all the experience dealing with Ear Deals and Annie was very pleasant and the long distance purchase, an enjoyable adventure for this 82 year oldie, thank you Ear Deals.

Ron Yates[/fancy-ul]


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