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Hearing Aid Finance

Public Announcement | 22/2/20

Please be advised that hearing aid finance at EarDeals is currently under our yearly review. The reason for this is to ensure that our finance provider is equally as competitive on your finance as we are on Australia’s hearing aid prices. Please be advised that for the time being our finance option is paused. To all of our clients who currently hold finance with MiFund, your circumstances of your finance will not change with EarDeals. If you have any questions please direct them to MiFund you finance provider.

You can now get hearing aid finance on Australia’s cheapest big brand hearing aids!

About EarDeals hearing aid Finance and hearing aid payment plans

EarDeals offers hearing aid finance options for all our hearing aids for sale on our website. Our hearing aid finance is supplied at competitive rates for amounts between $500 and $10,000. Although we don’t sell even the top end hearing aid pairs for that much money! Hearing aid finance is available up to 26 months and is interest-free. EarDeals offers hearing aid finance through a third party approved provider who specialises in medical, dental and allied health finance and of course hearing aid finance options. Hearing aid finance is also offered in either 100% of the hearing aid price or as a part hearing aid price finance option if you simply wish to “bridge a gap”. Providing you with the opportunity to access quality hearing aid devices at great hearing aid prices with hearing aid finance. You may like the opportunity to upgrade the hearing aid type you are thinking of selecting, hearing aid finance may provide you with this opportunity.

How is the hearing aid finance calculated and how do I find out the terms of the hearing aid finance for my hearing aid purchase?

At EarDeals we can assist you with basic repayment and hearing aid finance product information. At EarDeals we can offer you an online link to our hearing aid finance provider whose terms of finance will be provided in greater detail during the online hearing aid finance application process. Our third-party hearing aid finance provider has imparted Ear Deals with access to an online website portal housing an online finance calculator which allows EarDeals to provide you with as much detail possible before seeking the next step in the application process with the hearing aid finance provider. Approval of your hearing aid finance is managed by our financier MiFund and all financial transactions for your hearing aid finance through the course of your finance period is conducted between you and the financier. EarDeals employees do not provide you with financial advice; we simply provide the necessary basic information to make the next step in the application process using the systems provided to us by our hearing aid financer. Alternatively, should you wish to simply take the process of applying for hearing aid finance alone a brochure is available for download below.

Please be advised a key component of the finance process is the price of the hearing aids. To determine the price of a hearing aid that is most suited to you please visit our services pages to find out more about our consultations and the process from hearing aid testing to fittings.

How do I access hearing aid finance?

All hearing aid finance applications may be completed over the phone or internet with our hearing aid finance provider. Additionally, our hearing aid finance provider also has a direct helpline. Please be advised that the hearing aid financier does not provide advice on hearing aids or hearing services. Mifund the Hearing aid financer will be the primary manager of all your finance questions about their finance packages.

EarDeals only provides basic hearing aid finance information necessary to support contact with our finance provider for hearing aids who will provide greater detail. EarDeals is not a credit representative of Mifund and as such all decisions and applications status which take approximately 24 hours rests with MiFund and their financial support team. EarDeals is merely a referral source to MiFund and only provides basic hearing aid finance information.

Application for hearing aid finance:

EarDeals clinicians with the supply of basic hearing aid finance information will provide you with a link to the online application process through the financier. Phone support is also available directly through the financier, and the EarDeals clinician will also supply this documentation.

Can I go directly to get my hearing aid finance to the EarDeals financier?

Yes, The details to MiFund are listed below and a download brochure link is available on this page. Please be advised that part of the application process for hearing aid finance requires a hearing aid quote. As such utilising the hearing aid finance calculator in the EarDeals hearing clinic will help clarify the basic financial information should you be choosing between two or more hearing aid options and prices. EarDeals is not a credit representative of MiFund and EarDeals does not provide financial advice. Greater clarity in finance will be provided by the financier following your decision on hearing aids and your application for hearing aid finance.

MiFund our hearing aid finance provider will work with you through the term of your loan directly. Ear Deals simply provides you with a referral to the financial provider. All financial obligations for the purchase of the hearing aids are managed between you and Mifund. Below are two typical scenarios of people looking to finance their hearing aids.

Person A:

I already have a hearing aid quote: Person A) already has a hearing aid quote from EarDeals. Simply request in your appointment to look at the finance calculator created by the finance provider for a brief understanding of your opportunity to finance hearing aids. The EarDeals clinician can provide you with the basic information and brochures. Or you may wish to request a link if you are not in the clinic to the finance providers online application portal to begin the hearing aid finance application with our financier.

Person B:

I have gone on the EarDeals website and have seen hearing aid prices. I would like to know more about the hearing aid finance option.

Hearing aid finance – Option One:

Call and make a free hearing test appointment and begin your journey as usual to being fitted with the hearing aids of your choice with our assistance. Then request the basic information of the financer and the link to be directed to the online application page for the hearing aid finance to find out more.

Hearing aid finance – Option Two:

Contact EarDeals and request the link and phone number of MiFund the EarDeals finance provider and begin the application process online or over the phone with the Mifund Support Team. Can I trial hearing aids to see if they are right for me before apply for hearing aid finance?

This is a brief overview of our service offering aimed at outlining the main points of service as a means of providing context to when a trial and hearing aid finance may meet in the full-service process. In reality, each component of this process is thorough and detailed.

Yes, simply access our hearing aid services as usual and book an appointment with our hearing specialist. Following your hearing test and analysis of your results with the hearing specialist, you will then enter the consultation step of your appointment. The consultation is aimed at first determining the outcome of your results. If you are found to be a candidate for hearing aids following analysis of your results your hearing specialist will discuss your hearing aid options in detail with examples and explanations. Our hearing specialist will then outline the latest hearing technologies such as Bluetooth hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, invisible hearing aids and small hearing aids as well as the benefits and the advantages of different hearing aid types and what would be the best options to start trialling.

Finally, after your desired free number of appointments following a trial within your free 60 days, you will have reached a point where you are able of receiving a quote. A quote may be provided upon request from the start to the finish of this process depending upon your personal preference and how fast you feel comfortable in your purchase decision. You will be offered the standard 60-day free trial for hearing aids by your EarDeals clinician. During this period you will be advised of the cost of your hearing aids and offered a quote. At this point, merely inform the EarDeals clinician that you would like to know more about your hearing aid finance opportunity. The EarDeals clinician will supply you with the basic information, and if appropriate take you through the hearing aid finance providers finance indicator calculator. Finally, a link to the online application process will be provided along with brochures and a phone number for you to make contact with our hearing aid finance provider MiFund.

How long does hearing aid finance take?

Approvals typically take 24 hours to process.

Why do people Finance Hearing aids?

Like many of the large financial decisions, we make during our lives many directly impact the quality of our lives or the direction in which we would like our lives to travel. The purchase of hearing aids is no different. However, unlike many products, we may purchase day to day from a cup of coffee to that ticket to a football game a hearing aid directly focuses on a humans beings ability to hear, a vital communication touch point. At EarDeals we celebrate this technology and constantly look to the future of hearing aid development. The research and development of hearing aids across many of the worlds big brands have moved forwards in leaps and bounds over the last five to ten years. However, we do all come from different walks of life and financially we are all different. Ultimately the decision to finance a hearing aid comes down to a matter of personal priority and how much the individual values the difference a hearing aid can make to their life. At EarDeals we know most people probably haven’t heard of a lot of the big brand hearing aids we stock. This is common across the hearing aid industry. as a result, we provide you as much information to make the most informed purchase decision and encourage each and every hearing aid candidate to challenge and trial a variety of hearing aid options. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car over the internet if you could test drive it first just down the street; would you? Well, we believe a hearing aid is no different! Trials will provide you comfort that you have made the right decision to purchase hearing aids or not, by wearing them in environments that you typically struggle to hear in.

*Finance conditions apply

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