Free Hearing Aid Trials

Free 60 Day Hearing Aid Trials

Compare the big brands and their technology levels!

EarDeals offers risk-free hearing aid trials of the largest brands and latest devices. Before you commit financially, you are provided with the opportunity to test our comprehensive hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, follow up services and range of devices.

EarDeals is an independent hearing aid clinic. EarDeals is NOT owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. This provides EarDeals with the ability to offer multiple trials across multiple brands within our FREE trial period. If you are trying to decide on a hearing aid technology level within a particular hearing aid range, EarDeals is happy for you to trial between hearing aid technology levels to determine the benefits of a higher or lower technology level for your hearing needs. This means you will know prior to purchasing, that you have chosen the right hearing aid for your hearing loss and your budget.

How To Organise A FREE Hearing Aid Trial:

Step One:
Book a FREE comprehensive hearing test and consultation:

  1. Online through the EarDeals booking system Click Here
  2. By phone 02 9133 7899
  3. Or by email at admin@

Note: Please notify EarDeals during this process, that you wish to trial a specific device should you have already chosen one.

Step Two:
Visit our clinic and have your FREE comprehensive hearing test, consultation and hearing aid fitting.

Step Three:
Book another appointment with the EarDeals clinician for a follow-up hearing aid adjustment or switch to a new device of your choice.

Note: Please notify EarDeals if you plan to switch to a new device.

Step Four:
Accept the device and enter the EarDeals Free lifetime hearing aid support program as stated on the EarDeals services page Click Here

Terms & Conditions of Hearing Aid Trials

  1. Only one set of hearing aids or individual hearing aid (single-sided deafness) may be taken from our clinics at any time.
  2. Full payment of the device is taken at the start of the trial. A full refund is provided within 24 hours upon return of the trialled devices in perfect order.
  3. Return of devices may be done by registered post. The person undergoing the trial is responsible for the security and condition of the device until the point of delivery. EarDeals encourages personal delivery where possible to remove freight risk and damage.
  4. Shorter trial periods may apply for custom made hearing devices that require a unique impression of the ear canal.
  5. One hearing aid trial period per person every 24 months. Extension of a hearing aid trial period is at the discretion of the EarDeals clinician.
  6. Hearing aid trial period starts at the first hearing aid fitting day.

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