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Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Moxi Jump R T 3Rechargeable & Telecoil

Single Device $1,700.00

$3,400.00 (Pair)

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Moxi Jump R T 5Rechargeable& Telecoil

Single Device $2,250.00

$4,500.00 (Pair)

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Moxi Jump R T 7Rechargeable& Telecoil

Single Device $2,900.00

$5,800.00 (Pair)

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Moxi Jump R T 9Rechargeable& Telecoil

Single Device $3,490.00

$6,980.00 (Pair)

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Who is Unitron?

Unitron is a Canadian based hearing aid company which has been producing quality hearing aids for over 50 years. The organisation is owned by the Sonova Group of companies. The Sonova Group also owns Phonak, one of the world’s largest hearing aid brands as well as many other smaller brands found across the world.

Unitron is one of the world leaders in hearing aid technology; the company has a strong focus that centralises the wearer at the heart of the hearing aid fitting. As a result, Unitron’s approach to designing hearing aids, and the process of fitting their devices is unique compared to many world-leading manufacturers. The Unitron unique approach is achieved via the collection of a wearers hearing data; recorded from the individuals listening experience against a matrix to achieve the best outcome for the hearing loss. A key area of Unitron’s development is their approach to cross-pollinating multiple technology types, for example, the introduction of smartphone apps as a key pillar for improved hearing. The use of smartphone apps provides the wearer with greater control and adjustments to better achieve a timely adjustment that is personally desired without the requirement of visiting a clinic. This approach reduces the strain for new wearers as they adjust to life with new hearing devices.

Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R T Hearing Aid Features

  • Telecoil loop – stream public audio announcements direct to your hearing aids
  • Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Hearing aids turn on when taken out of the charging cradle
  • A full day of hearing charge with streaming
  • Additional power pack option for wireless charging
  • Hands-free phone call for both Android and Apple smartphones
  • Free FLEX trial option – Allows wearers to jump between technology levels on the same device
  • Stream high-quality stereo sound from your TV using the Phonak TV Connector
  • Onboard button used to control volume level, change program or answer calls
  • Easy low profile housing and recievers to fit with glasses
  • Highest dust and water resistence – Rated IP 68
  • Direct Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Links with other audio content devices such as computers, laptops and audiobooks
  • Phone calls to both ears hands free
  • Leave your smart phone in your bag or pocket and simply accept and reject calls using the device buttons

Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R T Colours

Unitron Discover Moxi Jump Rechargeable Telecoil Hearing Device Brochure

Download Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R T Brochure

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Download Unitron Discover Moxi Brochure

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