Dear Clients,

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a severe concern for our staff and our clients. Please be advised that Ear Deals Pty Ltd is taking the highest level of cautions as advised by the Australian Government at this time. Should you have any questions about our current hygiene measures to ensure your health and safety, please don’t hesitate to make contact. Below is a list of standard procedures we have conducted alongside the Australian Government requirements, which ensures the safety of our staff and clients in context to our unique business practices daily.

Standard Procedures: 

  • Screening questions by phone before the appointment
  • Screening clients upon arrival
  • Clients must clean hands before starting their appointment
  • Limit of clients waiting before the appointment
  • Testing equipment cleaned throughout the day and after each use
  • Regular cleaning of the office and clinic room

Staff Requirments

  • No touching between clients and staff during consultations
  • Consistent hand cleaning through the day
  • Staff health reviewed daily for symptoms of the virus
  • No direct handling of hearing aids by our clinicians

If staff become unwell we will ensure that they are isolated as per the government requirements. You will be notified prior to the appointment of a staff member has been sick in the past as to ensure you are well informed. All staff have been reminded daily of their requirement to practice as a safe working environment for our clients. Management has instructed staff as per the government’s recommendations to avoid social settings and unnecessary contact outside work.

Appointment Screening

As per the recommendations of health authorities, a number of questions will be asked prior to your appointment to ensure the health of Ear Deals staff and our clients. These questions will be:

  1. Have you travelled overseas in the last month?
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has travelled overseas in the last month?
  3. Have you been sick in the last month?
  4. Have you been in contact with anyone who has been noticeably sick the last month?

Should any of these questions return a fail further questions will be asked to determine the level of risk.
If we believe you are at risk we will offer you an appointment at a later date and conduct the same screening on you prior to your appointment to ensure the risk has been reduced or removed.

Hearing Aid Batteries & Hearing Aid Accessories:

Yes, we can send you new batteries with payment via the phone or the internet. This will allow you to stay at home.
Please call 1300 010 064 should you require hearing aid batteries.

We thank our current and new clients for their understanding during this time.

Stay safe and remember to clean your hands often and don’t touch your face!


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