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Signia / Siemens Carat Px Aid Range

Technology Levels

Signia Carat 3 Px – Click Here

Signia Carat 5 Px – Click Here

Signia Carat 7 Px – Click Here

Launch Date: Early 2016

Signia Carat Px Features

  • Long lasting power
  • Has option for rechargeable hearing aid batteries
  • Front direction emphasis during conversations
  • Five levels of technology at varying prices
  • Rocker Switch for immediate-reach volume control and program changes
  • Connect to a remote control for hearing settings and volume adjustments
  • Capable of Bluetooth and music streaming via a streaming device
  • Connect with a free mobile phone app to control programs and volume levels
  • Background noise reduction and target sound amplification
  • This hearing aid can be set with a tinnitus masking program
  • IP 67 product rating means protection from dust, moist and water
  • Battery options: Size 13 disposable battery or rechargeable battery
  • Easy handling even to those with dexterity issues
  • Multiple dome sizes for instant fitting
  • 13 colour options that match hair colour and skin tone

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